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HUDSON, Wis. — Nicolae Miu is testifying in his defense after the prosecution rested its case in the Apple River stabbing trial Tuesday.
The defense asked Froloff to clarify that “homicide,” in this instance, is not a legal term, to which he agreed.
He also said the other group — Schuman’s group — was “too drunk.”
Miu asked Hart if they found the knives, to which she said she doesn’t know.
The defense asked her to clarify that just because he didn’t mention them doesn’t mean they didn’t happen, to which she agreed.
Nicolae Miu takes the stand in his defense Miu agreed to testify and took the stand late Tuesday morning in his defense.
The defense asked Miu if he was being truthful when he talked about the knife with investigator Hart.
The defense asked if Miu ever told the group that he was looking for girls and Miu responded, “Absolutely not, that’s pathetic.”


Madison, Wisconsin. Nicolae Miu is testifying on his behalf following the prosecution’s Tuesday case-recessing in the stabbing trial held in Apple River.

Isaac Schuman, 17, was killed and four other people were injured when Miu, 54, stabbed five people on the river. The victims were from Wisconsin and Minnesota, and their ages ranged from 17 to 24.

The defense contends Miu stabbed the five individuals in self-defense, while the state tries to show he was the aggressor that day.

In relation to Schuman’s death, Miu is accused of first-degree intentional homicide and of attempting to commit first-degree intentional homicide in relation to Ryhley Mattison, A. A. J. three Carlsons: Tony, Dante, and Martin. In September of 2022, he entered a not guilty plea to every charge.

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A medical examiner provides testimony.

Tuesday marked the first witness to take the stand, Ramsey County Assistant Medical Examiner Victor Froloff.

The prosecution started by going over Froloff’s qualifications, which included his 39 years of total medical experience and his 19 years in his current position.

Froloff conducted Schuman’s autopsy.

During his external examination, Froloff reported observing a sharp force injury to Schuman’s left chest. After doing an internal examination, he classified Schuman’s wound as a stab wound, which indicates that “the depth of the wound exceeds the length of the wound on the skin.”. ****.

According to Froloff, Schuman suffered injuries from the stab wound to his heart, left lung, and ribs.

After that, the prosecution reviewed pictures taken during the autopsy. Paper copies of these images were provided to the jury and witness, but they were not displayed in court.

Upon examining the pictures, Froloff saw that Schuman had two ribs that were “transected” because a “weapon went through his ribcage.”. “.

Schuman had a blood alcohol content of 0 point219, according to a toxicology report that Froloff claimed to have completed. In Schuman’s system, he discovered “no other substances or drugs.”.

Schuman died from a stabbing wound to his left chest, according to Froloff, who also concluded that Schuman was killed.

Froloff agreed to clarify that “homicide” in this context is not a legal term when asked by the defense. Schuman’s blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeded the legal limit in Wisconsin for driving, as stated by Miu’s attorneys.

A series of interrogations aimed at determining Schuman’s movement toward or fall into the weapon, among other possible explanations for the depth of his wound. Froloff agreed that the possibilities presented by the defense were plausible, even though he claimed he “never observed this incident” and that there were “endless possibilities” regarding the causes.

In testimony, Brandie Hart.

Lieutenant Brandie Hart of the St. Louis Spec. Following them was the Croix County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the stabbings, Hart spoke with Nicolae Miu and his then-wife.

An interview she conducted with Miu is being shown on video by the prosecution.

Following his reading of his Miranda rights, Miu started narrating the day to Hart in the video. He stated that he was called a “child molester” by another group and that he was acting in self-defense on several occasions. ****.

Miu claimed, “They got off their tubes, came at me, and they started calling me names.”.

He claimed he “went into self-defense mode” because he was “so fearful.”. ****.

According to Miu, he was stabbed by two people, and he stole one of the knives.

Miu said, “I poked him with his own hand and then I took it from his hand.”. “I grabbed the knife off of a child. ****.

“Drinking beer all day,” he added. “.”.

“Who doesn’t have a lot of alcohol? Of course, I did,” he said. He said that Schuman’s group, the other group, was “too drunk.”. “.

During the interview, Miu gave her permission for Hart to take her DNA sample, which he did at the conclusion.

Hart once revealed to Miu that one person died and four people went to the hospital during the interview.

Oh no, Miu exclaimed. “Is that because they had a fight?”.

“My entire life is falling apart right now,” he subsequently stated. “.

Hart responded that she didn’t know when Miu asked if they had found the knives.

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“I’m relieved that I did indeed steal the child’s knife. He was going to stab me. “His purpose was to hurt me, not to frighten me,” Miu uttered. Well, I’m here at least. However, I apologize for the outcome that occurred. “.

Throughout the defense’s cross-examination, Miu’s attitude was centered on whether or not he was stressed out and whether or not he had a chance to collect himself before the interview. Miu’s self-defense and fearful remarks during the interview were also emphasized by his lawyers.

The defense conceded during cross-examination that Miu’s claims regarding how he obtained the knife were “inaccurate.”. “.

The defense made repeated attempts to obtain Hart’s evaluation of Miu’s assertion that he was surrounded prior to the stabbings, but they were never successful in getting a definitive response in between objections.

Next, the state questioned Miu further about whether she had mentioned being choked or had been told, “You have 10 seconds.”. In the interview, Hart claimed he didn’t bring up those topics.

She agreed to the defense’s request for clarification, saying that just because he didn’t bring them up doesn’t mean they didn’t occur.

Nicolae Miu steps up to defend him.

In support of his defense, Miu agreed to testify and took the stand late on Tuesday morning.

In an attempt to set the scene, the defense first showed a video taken on a cell phone during the altercation. The moment he approached the group that was facing him was captured on camera.

The group was pushing and touching him, Miu claimed, telling him to “go, go away.”. He admitted to having a knife in his right hand and said he felt threatened at that moment.

Miu claimed that he felt threatened and pushed a woman who was nearing his personal area.

The defense recapped the history and displayed images of Miu following heart surgery. When Miu spoke about his dog, whom he referred to as “my baby” and “my angel,” he momentarily became emotional. Due to his weight and the surgery, Miu claimed that on the day of the stabbings, his health was “very poor.”.

Miu was questioned by the defense regarding the knife. Miu claimed that while tubing down the river, he was asked to bring the knife to cut string. As an engineer, he uses it “pretty much anywhere” and claimed to carry it around a lot. He called it his “Swiss army knife.”.

When Miu discussed the knife with investigator Hart, the defense questioned him about his honesty. Miu shot back, saying, “I lied about the knife.”. “He claimed that when he went to search for the phone on the river, he had his knife with him.

Rewinding to the events on the river, Miu claimed that while out in search of the phone, he was approached by the group. When they inquired about his search, he claimed to be looking for a phone. He claimed that after that, they started screaming at him, calling him a “raper” and accusing him of trying to find “little girls.”. “.

Miu said, “Absolutely not, that’s pathetic,” in response to the defense’s question about whether or not he had ever disclosed to the group that he was looking for women. ****.

After noticing someone with a phone in a bag, Miu claimed he went up to the group to check if that person was the one his friend had left. He said that he stumbled and fell into one of the tubers as he hurried up to check the phone.

Miu mentioned that he had to look around the group’s tubes after dropping his snorkel and goggles set. He claimed the group gave him “ten seconds” to get out of there, but he disregarded their instructions. Miu reported that adolescent boys started pursuing him while he was looking for the snorkel and goggles.

He claimed that when some people who seemed to be adults came up to him, he tried to explain what he was looking for to Madison Coen, one of the women. He said that Coen was telling him to get out and wasn’t listening. She was “pulling on him” and attempting to drag him down the river, according to Miu, so he told her not to touch him.

Miu claimed, “She didn’t even attempt to discipline the kids for yelling.”.

Miu testified that as the group drew nearer to him, he grew more terrified and reached for his pocket knife out of concern. He claimed that he pulled it out when they were pushing and assaulting him. To be clear, he removed the knife before taking a punch.

Miu testified that right before he took his knife out of his pocket, his level of fear was between a two and a three on a scale of one to ten.

Miu claimed that because the group was too close to him, he didn’t turn away.

Lunch is served during the court break.

Just before the altercation started on the river, the defense resumed after lunch.

Miu said he didn’t feel safe turning his back on the group, so he shoved Coen out of “his space.”. He reported that he was struck in the face nearly instantaneously after pushing Coen.

“Stunned,” he said, he fell back into the water and hit his head on the rocks in the river. On a 10-point fear scale, Miu claimed that at that moment, he was “right at the top.”. He claimed that he had never before been in a fight or in a situation like this.

He claimed that when he attempted to stand up, he felt objects hitting his head and that people were pushing him down. He reported feeling as though ten people were holding him back.

Miu claimed that he retaliated with his knife out of fear for his life. He gave a negative response when the defense asked if he believed he could escape without reaching for his knife.

“Even getting up was impossible for me. “No,” Miu replied, pointing out that they were shoving me down.

With the knife in hand, he declared that the attacks on him had stopped, and he turned to leave. He explained to the defense that he was merely attempting to protect himself and wasn’t intending to kill anyone.

Miu claimed that the following day, he experienced back, throat, neck, and head pain. After watching the attack on camera, Miu claimed to have realized that his sore throat was caused by being choked.

He gave an account of his physical reaction, stating that his heart rate was elevated and that he felt disoriented. He continued by saying that he felt compelled to throw away his knife because he was afraid.

He claimed to be confused and unable to comprehend what had happened when he got back to his friends. Miu claimed he couldn’t remember being informed that he had been arrested for homicide.

Recap of Day 6.

Witness Owen Peloquin, 19, who claimed to be Schuman’s best friend and was with him on the river that day, began testifying during the second week of the trial. Pelqouin reported that Miu made his group feel “extremely uneasy” and that he overheard Miu mention “little girls.”. According to interview transcripts, the defense claimed Peloquin told police not to tell Miu that he was searching for “little girls.”. However, Peloquin claimed that was what he could still recall.

Dr. Trauma surgeon Brian Myer of Regions Hospital in St. Paul provided testimony regarding the severity of the wounds on the day of the stabbings. Myer said that he had never seen a patient with such a large, deeply piercing wound before, which is why Martin’s injury caught his attention.

Ashley Hoffman, a nurse, described in court how she examined Miu after the stabbings. He claimed to have been struck in the back and the back of his head, but he did not experience any pain there, according to her. She added that she had not found any evidence that he had been struck in the face or choked.

John Shilts, the lead investigator, spoke up about the investigative procedure. Subsequently, the two earlier witnesses took the stand again: St. Croix County Sergeant. detective Carlos de la Cruz and Benjamin Trebian from the New Richmond Police Department. Unaffiliated legal expert Joe Tamburino told WCCO that the prosecution was utilizing these witnesses in an effort to undermine earlier testimony from Miu’s party members.

None of the prosecution’s remaining witnesses were available, so in an unusual move, the defense was permitted to call witnesses on Monday afternoon. s. The defense was represented by Croix County investigator Andrew Dittman, bystander Roberto Baldazo, and Miu’s friend Amanda Torres.

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