The anti-domestic violence program must be attended by Jonathan Majors

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Actor Jonathan Majors was sentenced to a 52-week mandatory in-person domestic violence prevention program for the assault and harassment of his former girlfriend during a domestic dispute, a New York criminal judge ruled Monday.
Majors will have to give DNA as it’s his first conviction, and pay a separate $250 surcharge, Judge Michael J. Gaffey explained.
There were no punishments in connection with the non-criminal violation of harassment in connection with the incident, and the assault misdemeanor was conditionally discharged.
Judge Gaffey ultimately said the probation report indicated jail is not necessary, but Majors could face jail time if he violates the rules of his sentencing.
He was acquitted on another assault charge and one count of aggravated harassment.
Majors was eligible for up to one year in jail based on his conviction.
The charges stemmed from a domestic dispute involving Majors and his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.
The domestic violence program must be approved by the county of Los Angeles probation department in California.


A New York criminal judge decided on Monday that actor Jonathan Majors, who attacked and harassed his ex-girlfriend during a domestic argument, must complete a 52-week mandatory in-person domestic violence prevention program.

Majors will have to pay an additional $250 surcharge and provide DNA since this is his first conviction, according to Judge Michael J. Gaffey gave an explanation.

Regarding the incident, there were no penalties for the non-criminal harassment violation, and the assault misdemeanor was conditionally discharged.

In the end, Judge Gaffey stated that although the probation report suggested jail is not required, Majors may have to serve time in jail should he disobey the terms of his sentence.

Rising star Majors, who has starred in both “Creed III” and Disney’s Marvel movies, was found guilty in December of one count of third-degree reckless assault and one count of harassment as a non-criminal infraction.

He was found not guilty of one count of aggravated harassment and one count of assault.

In light of his conviction, Majors could have spent up to a year behind bars.

Majors’s domestic fight with his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari was the basis for the charges.

In her victim impact statement, Jabbari stated that Majors had put her through “extreme physical and emotional pain.”. “.

She said, “Holding me tightly in his abusive hand, I was small, scared, and vulnerable.”.

Majors didn’t take their eyes off the table during Jabbari’s speech. Before the sentence was handed down, she left the courtroom.

Priya Chaudhry, his lawyer, stated that her client “accepts this painful experience” in order to “emerge stronger, healthier, and with a deeper understanding of himself.” She said that it has “been the most challenging year of Jonathan Majors’ life.”. “.

Citing ongoing litigation between him and Jabbari, Majors remained silent in court.

CNN has contacted his lawyer to request a statement.

In California, the Los Angeles County Probation Department must approve the domestic violence package.

According to a statement he provided to CNN, Jabari’s lawyer, Ross Kramer, accepted the sentence.

Kramer declared, “This was a very serious crime, so this is a serious sentence, which is appropriate.”. Grace showed that in situations such as these, justice can be done. Her actions should encourage other survivors to come out of silence and demand justice from their abusers. “.

Elizabeth Wagmeister of CNN contributed to this report.

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