Sudan could fall to rebels soon


The United States’ envoy to Sudan has warned that El Fasher, a besieged city in western Darfur, could fall to rebel forces imminently.
El Fasher is the only city still under army control in the western Darfur region.
The armed forces have been fighting the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in a civil war that has lasted for 14 months.
US envoy Tom Perriello told the BBC that some in the RSF think capturing El Fasher will help them establish Darfur as a breakaway state.
“I think if there’s anyone in RSF territory who thinks taking El Fasher means somehow they will have a right to the state of Darfur, they need to disillusion themselves of that myth,” he said.
“And as bad as it is, it could get worse any day if El Fasher falls, not only the horrors that would come from the battle, but as people flee.”
America’s warning about the fall of El Fasher follows weeks of bloody fighting in the city.
El Fasher had been a sanctuary for many who had fled their homes because of the conflict.


Western Darfur’s besieged city of El Fasher may soon fall to rebel forces, according to the US envoy to Sudan.

The only city in the western Darfur region that is still governed by the army is El Fasher.

14 months have passed since the armed forces began their civil war with the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Some RSF members believe that taking El Fasher will help them establish Darfur as a breakaway state, according to US envoy Tom Perriello, who spoke to the BBC about this sentiment.

According to Mr. Perriello, “under any circumstances” the US would not recognize an independent Darfur.

“I believe that anyone in RSF territory who believes that capturing El Fasher will grant them a claim to the state of Darfur ought to debunk that misconception,” he stated. That isn’t what it means.

In the city, which the RSF has been attacking since the middle of April, he also demanded a cease-fire.

“We witness upwards of one million defenseless individuals going hungry due to the RSF’s siege,” he declared. “Inside hospitals, bombings have claimed lives.

We treat 45,000 expectant mothers who not only receive inadequate prenatal care but also eat insufficiently throughout the day to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

The horrors that would accompany the fight as well as the exodus could make the situation even worse than it already is if El Fasher falls. “.”.

After weeks of brutal fighting in the city, America issued a warning about El Fasher’s impending collapse.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of civilians who are stranded inside the town are suffering from hunger and thirst due to a lack of food and water.

Many who had fled their homes due to the conflict had found refuge in El Fasher. But now it’s become just another front in the conflict.

Residents have reported being hit by bullets and shelling in their homes and even in the hospital.

This health center, Sayyid Shuada, is among the few remaining medical establishments.

Five family members were injured when shelling struck her home, as seen in footage shot in the hospital for the BBC, leaving the distraught mother too shocked to talk.

While her husband and other children were receiving emergency care, she held her toddler.

The mother claimed she was unable to identify if the blood on her toddler’s face belonged to him, his father, or his siblings.

The growing number of casualties is too much for Sayyid Shuada to handle.

“We are receiving a fresh influx of injured patients every day. roughly 50 a day on average, which is already what we would consider mass casualties “Marc Nicolet, the emergency response coordinator for the nonprofit organization MSF in Sudan, said.

The facility only has one surgeon on staff, and he or she is compelled by circumstances to work “round the clock.”.

“It’s pretty dramatic because most of the patients need surgery,” Ms. Nicolet remarks.

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