Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Jr. criticized Noem for killing her dog

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Kristi Noem faced swift backlash after she revealed in a new book that she killed her 14-month-old dog Cricket.
A pair of top figures in former President Donald Trump’s orbit – Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Jr. – questioned Noem’s judgement Monday on Donald Trump Jr.’s show “Triggered.” Bannon called Noem “a little too based,” using a slang term popular on the right to describe someone who, among other qualities, speaks and acts without fear of being politically correct, and Trump Jr. said shooting the dog “was not ideal.” Trump Jr. brought up the vice presidential selection process at the end of his show.
Noem has long been considered a potential running mate for Donald Trump.
“Shooting the puppy in the gravel.” “That was not ideal,” Trump Jr. responded, as both men laughed.
Then, on the way home, the dog killed a local family’s chickens and tried to bite Noem when she intervened.
“I hated that dog,” Noem wrote.
Bannon and Trump Jr. are particularly influential in Trump’s MAGA movement.
Their concerns about Noem killing Cricket could be a bad sign for her vice presidential prospects.


South Dakota Governor. After disclosing in a recent book that she had killed her 14-month-old dog Cricket, Kristi Noem encountered immediate criticism. And not just from her detractors in the Democratic Party.

Two prominent individuals within the sphere of former President Donald Trump – Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Jr. – questioned Noem’s assessment of Donald Trump Jr. on Monday. ‘s program “Triggered.”. “.

Bannon referred to Noem as “a little too based,” using a conservative slang term for someone who, among other things, speaks and behaves without worrying about appearing politically correct, along with Trump Jr. declared it “was not ideal” to shoot the dog. “.

Trump Jr. mentioned, at the conclusion of his show, the vice presidential selection procedure. Noem has long been thought of as Donald Trump’s possible running mate. The son of the former president stated that he wants to choose a candidate as soon as possible so that they can represent Trump in the media while he faces charges related to payments of hush money.

Before stating that he would prefer to see a female running mate, Bannon interjected, saying that Trump had no shortage of qualified vice presidential candidates.

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Even so, Bannon said, “I believe Kristi Noem to be a bit too grounded.”. “Puppy shooting in the gravel. “.

“That wasn’t the best situation,” said Trump Jr. replied, causing both men to laugh. “It is not perfect. When I read that, my first thought was, “Who put that in the book?” Your ghost writer must not be very fond of you if they would put that in. That was difficult. “.”.

According to the Guardian, which was given an advance copy of Noem’s book “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,” Noem claims that she killed Cricket following a pheasant hunt.

According to Noem, Cricket was having the time of her life when she went “out of her mind with excitement, chasing all those birds and disrupting the hunt.”. Afterwards, as they were returning home, the dog attacked and killed some chickens belonging to a nearby family, attempting to bite Noem.

Noem wrote, “I detested that dog.”.

Before killing the dog, she led Cricket to a gravel pit. Noem also put an end to a “nasty and mean” goat that day. “.”.

Conservatives and members of the MAGA community have expressed strong opposition to Noem as a result of the story of Cricket’s passing.

“Gosh. There’s no turning back from this. Extremist Laura Loomer posted on X, saying, “This is so callous.”.

Noem justified her actions last week, writing on X, saying, “We love animals, but difficult choices like this occur frequently on a farm.”. “.”.

Trump Jr. and Bannon. have a special bearing on Trump’s MAGA movement. Their worries that Noem would murder Cricket could be detrimental to her chances of becoming vice president.

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