State media in Lebanon says an Israeli strike has killed 4 people

The Associated Press

BEIRUT (AP) — An Israeli airstrike Sunday in the town of Mays al Jabal in south Lebanon killed four civilians and wounded several others, Lebanese state media and the town’s municipality reported.
The Israeli military said its jet targeted military infrastructure in the southern Lebanese town belonging to Hezbollah, which has clashed with Israeli troops since Oct. 8.
Hezbollah on Sunday said it conducted at least 10 attacks targeting Israeli military positions and surveillance gear near the tense Lebanon-Israel border, while the Israeli military said it identified some 40 missiles that crossed into Israeli territory but did not cause any casualties.
Hezbollah and Israel fought a monthlong war in 2006 that ended in a tense stalemate.
Israel has warned that it could launch a war against Hezbollah across its northern border should the fighting continue.
The Israeli military also reported it targeted what it said was Hezbollah military infrastructure in other parts of southern Lebanon.
Israeli strikes have killed more than 350 people in Lebanon, most of them fighters with Hezbollah and allied groups but also including more than 50 civilians.
In Israel, strikes from Lebanon have killed at least 10 civilians and 12 soldiers.


BEIRUT (AP) — The municipality of Mays al Jabal in south Lebanon and Lebanese state media both reported that an Israeli airstrike on Sunday left four civilians dead and numerous others injured.

“While a number of the town’s residents were inspecting their homes and shops and the damage they sustained” in previous strikes, according to a report by Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency, a strike occurred. In the context of Israel’s conflict with Hezbollah ally Hamas in the Gaza Strip, these attacks followed seven months of almost daily skirmishes between Israeli forces and the militant group.

Hezbollah, which has been at odds with Israeli forces since October, is said to have its military infrastructure targeted by an Israeli military jet in a town in southern Lebanon. 8.

Near the tense border between Lebanon and Israel, Hezbollah claimed to have carried out at least ten attacks on Israeli military positions and surveillance equipment on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Israeli military reported that it had detected about 40 missiles that had entered Israeli territory but had not resulted in any casualties.

In 2006, a tense standoff between Israel and Hezbollah lasted for a month. Israel estimates that Hezbollah possesses about 150,000 rockets and missiles pointed at Israel, making the Iran-backed Shiite militant group its greatest immediate threat.

To date, Western diplomats have tried in vain to mediate a de-escalation in the border region on multiple occasions. Hezbollah has insisted that once the months-long conflict in Gaza comes to an end, it will cease firing rockets towards northern Israel. Should the fighting persist, Israel has threatened to invade Hezbollah across its northern border.

Hezbollah military infrastructure in other parts of southern Lebanon was targeted, according to reports from the Israeli military.

Over 350 people have been killed in Israeli strikes in Lebanon, the majority of whom were fighters with Hezbollah and its allies, but there have also been over 50 civilian casualties. At least ten civilians and twelve soldiers have been killed in Israel by strikes coming from Lebanon.

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