Rudy Giuliani and other Trump allies plead not guilty

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Nearly a dozen other allies of the former president also pleaded not guilty to state charges of conspiracy and fraud on Tuesday.
Mr Giuliani appeared remotely, and without a lawyer, at the hearing, where his trial date was set for October.
Mr Trump was not charged in the case.
The bankrupt Mr Giuliani, who was once Mr Trump’s lawyer, said he was “capable of handling” the Arizona hearing himself and did not want a court-appointed attorney.
Mr Giuliani finally received the court papers on Friday, when they were served to him after his 80th birthday party.
That bond could prove difficult for Mr Giuliani who filed for bankruptcy last year after losing a $148 million defamation lawsuit.
It follows Georgia, Michigan and Nevada, in prosecuting Republican officials for allegedly attempting to thwart Mr Biden’s 2020 victory and illegally keep Mr Trump in office.
While the state has not charged Mr Trump, he is believed to be one of the unindicted co-conspirators listed in the sweeping indictment released last month.


20 hours prior.

Written by Ana Faguy for ABC News in Washington.

In response to nine felony counts that he assisted in executing a “fake elector” plot to erroneously declare Donald Trump the victor of the 2020 Arizona election, Rudy Giuliani has entered a not guilty plea.

On Tuesday, almost a dozen more of the former president’s allies entered not guilty pleas to state accusations of fraud and conspiracy.

At the hearing, where his trial date was set for October, Mr. Giuliani participated virtually and without legal representation.

In this case, Mr. Trump was not prosecuted.

Once representing Mr. Trump, the bankrupt Mr. Giuliani claimed he was “capable of handling” the Arizona hearing on his own and did not want a lawyer assigned by the court.

Prosecutors informed the judge that he had avoided attempts for weeks to serve him with a formal court summons after he entered a not guilty plea. On Friday, following his 80th birthday celebration, Mr. Giuliani was served with the court documents.

As a result, the judge ordered that Mr. Giuliani show up in person in Arizona during the next 30 days to go through booking procedures, which include having his mug shot taken.

A $10,000 secured-appearance bond is another requirement that he must meet. Bonds are frequently needed from defendants who are deemed flight risks—those who might leave the state or nation to evade prosecution.

For Mr. Giuliani, who filed for bankruptcy last year after losing a $148 million defamation lawsuit, that bond might be challenging.

Arizona has filed charges against 18 Republicans in total for allegedly falsely asserting that Mr. Trump won the state in 2020 when, in reality, President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, won it by a margin of over 10,000 votes. Following Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada, it brings charges against Republican officials for allegedly trying to block Joe Biden’s 2020 win and unlawfully maintain President Trump’s position.

The state claims that eleven Republicans who were charged on Tuesday sent a document to Congress purporting to be Arizona’s legitimate electors and pledging to cast the state’s electoral votes for Donald Trump.

Kelli Ward, the former chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, and her spouse Michael Ward were among those who entered not guilty pleas.

Mr. Trump is presumably one of the unindicted co-conspirators named in the massive indictment that was made public last month, even though the state has not filed any charges against him.

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