Rescue efforts continue after an earthquake

New photos reveal the bridge’s remnants at the Patapsco River’s bottom, as cleanup and debris removal operations continue for the fallen Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.
The department said that the photos were acquired using CODA Octopus, a primary sonar tool.
Watch: Following the collapse of the Baltimore bridge, pieces of the Francis Scott Key Bridge were removed from the port in Baltimore.
On March 26, a huge cargo ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse into the Patapsco River. Six workers who were repairing potholes were killed in the incident.
The Port of Baltimore, a crucial shipping port, was also inaccessible due to the accident.
Restoring the Port of Baltimore: On Sunday night, the first significant portion of the debris field that was obstructing entry into the Port of Baltimore was cleared away.
Remaining in the river and above the ship, according to Wes Moore, are thousands of tons of debris.
Baltimore was “rebuilt” by Hispanic neighborhoods. Currently, they are grieving the victims of the bridge collapse. “It’s not just about Maryland,” the governor said.


two hours before.

In Taipei and Singapore, by Kelly Ng and Rupert Wingfield-Hayes.

Watch as Taiwan is struck by an earthquake of magnitude 7:04.

Taiwan’s eastern coast was struck by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.44, which resulted in at least nine fatalities and over 900 injuries. Rescue operations are currently underway.

Along the craggy coastline, some 127 people are stuck in collapsed tunnels and on steep roads.

Strong earthquakes could be felt over 100 kilometers away in Taipei, the nation’s capital, even though the epicentre was located 18 kilometers (11 miles) south of Hualien city.

The most powerful earthquake to strike Taiwan in 25 years is this one.

It also caused nearby Japanese and Philippine islands to receive tsunami alerts earlier in the day, which were later cancelled. Buildings collapsed, roads were blocked, and train lines were disrupted in Hualien, causing the most damage and further isolating the isolated area from the rest of Taiwan.

JPEG images.

The largest earthquake to strike Taiwan in 25 years caused damage to buildings.

Hualien native Ocean Tsai told BBC Chinese, “I was just getting out of bed when a clothes rack and a low cabinet fell over.”. The stronger it became, the more concerned I became for our possessions back home. Luckily, the damage was only minor—the motorcycle didn’t topple over. “.

Maternity workers in Taiwan save babies during an earthquake.

However, astounding videos of landslides along the coast quickly took over social media. As they crashed into the sea, they toppled over the mountains, sending enormous clouds pouring upward.

Dozens have been stranded along this coastline because of its narrow, winding roads and tunnels carved out of the rock. Well-known for its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean across the mountains, the route is a favorite among travelers. However, because landslides could occur, it is also known to be dangerous.

Rescue efforts to free the 77 individuals stranded in the Hualien road’s Jinwen and Qingshui tunnels were going on late into the night. Images depict how the road outside the Qingshui tunnel has just collapsed.

The duration of the trapped individuals’ confinement, their access to food and water, and their ability to interact with the external environment are all unknown.

Video footage from Taipei, which is located further to the north, shows people being evacuated from their homes and schools as well as residential buildings collapsing. Local TV stations showed footage of broken-down cars and messed-up stores. All around the island, people were reporting internet and power outages.

This is a shallow earthquake that is near land. It is pervasive throughout Taiwan and the surrounding islands. “Wu Chien Fu, the director of Taipei’s Seismology Center, stated that it is the strongest in 25 years.”.

JPEG images.

As the earthquake in Hualien City severely damaged residential buildings, falling debris crashed into cars.

Hualien is located in the mostly mountainous eastern region of Taiwan, which is home to 23 million people. There are native tribes living in this sparsely populated area. Due to its towering mountains, the region has been totally isolated from the rest of Taiwan for the majority of its history.

The area is still regarded as being difficult to reach, which will make rescue efforts more difficult. Nevertheless, since the 1930s, the government has cut roads out of the rockface and constructed tunnels connecting it to the rest of the island.

These breathtaking routes transport residents and visitors to the Taroko National Park, which is named after a famous gorge outside of Hualien and is regarded as one of Asia’s natural wonders. A popular hotel’s staff was being transferred to it in advance of a four-day long weekend, and three of the dead were hikers on the nearby trail. There are currently fifty people trapped.

The earthquake on Wednesday struck at 07:58 local time (23:58 GMT) at a depth of 15 points five kilometers, causing at least nine aftershocks of magnitude four or higher.

President Tsai Ing-wen declared, “In order for people to feel at ease and safe, the government must ensure the accuracy of information and provide timely assistance to people in need.”.

Thanks for the offers of assistance from “allies and friends” like Japan and Paraguay, Taiwan’s foreign office released a statement on X.

The Mainland Affairs Council, Taiwan’s liaison office with China, acknowledged China’s concern but stated that no request for assistance would come from that end. Beijing asserts its sovereignty over the autonomous island, which distinguishes itself from China.

Despite Taiwan’s long history of earthquakes, residents and visitors from abroad who have lived in Taipei for a long time agree that this one was the strongest in decades.

Peter Hoskins provided more reporting from Singapore.

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