President Noboa has fulfilled the role of an action man

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Ecuadorians were looking for their action man last election, fed up with widespread corruption and the robberies, kidnappings, extortions and murders fueled by the growing presence of international drug cartels.
Noboa, often sporting bulletproof vests, sunglasses and leather jackets as well as the occasional smart-casual white T-shirt, so far seems to be fulfilling that role.
If stopping lawbreakers in their tracks means breaching an embassy, then so be it, Ecuadorians interviewed over the weekend told The Associated Press.
“President Noboa has given a strong message to the nation,” said Carlos Galecio, a political communications consultant and coordinator of the communications program at Ecuador’s Casa Grande University.
Noboa inherited a country where people no longer leave home unless absolutely necessary, almost everyone knows a crime victim and many consider migrating.
“I am in favor of President Noboa’s actions.
“The priority is to clean, sanitize, continue with a process as important as President Noboa’s to put the house in order.” Ecuadorians will vote for president in February.
“We encourage Ecuador and Mexico to resolve their difference amicably.” ___ Garcia Cano reported from Mexico City.


QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Although world leaders have expressed shock and confusion over Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa’s decision to raid Mexico’s embassy last Friday, Noboa’s relative silence about the incredibly unusual action and its impact on his popularity are unlikely to be felt negatively. Indeed, this is precisely the kind of unrestrained law enforcement they have been expecting and supporting.

After the last election, Ecuadorians were desperate for change, having grown weary of the pervasive corruption and the extortions, kidnappings, robberies, and murders that were being enabled by the expanding influence of global drug cartels. Thus far, Noboa appears to be doing that. He frequently dons leather jackets, sunglasses, bulletproof vests, and smart-casual white T-shirts. Ecuadorians questioned over the weekend told The Associated Press that if stopping criminals in their tracks means breaking into an embassy, then so be it.

Carlos Galecio, a political communications consultant and the coordinator of the communications program at Casa Grande University in Ecuador, stated that President Noboa had sent a “strong message to the nation.”. It’s a potent way to improve one’s image. “.

In August, Noboa, the 36-year-old heir apparent to one of Ecuador’s biggest fortunes, won an unexpected special election and took office as president in November. He defeated the leftist protégé of former President Rafael Correa, who fled to Belgium and obtained asylum there, thereby evading a prison sentence stemming from a corruption conviction.

Noboa came into an inherit a nation where people no longer leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, where nearly everyone has heard of a crime victim, and where many are thinking of leaving. These choices and experiences are supported by statistics: with over 7,600 homicides last year, up from 4,600 the year before, Ecuador had its bloodiest year ever.

Although there are many contributing factors, cocaine is one of the main ones. Gangs with the support of cartels are fighting for control of the streets, jails, and drug routes leading to the Pacific. Budget gaps for social and law enforcement programs were caused by shrinking state coffers, mounting debt, political infighting, and corruption. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic made it easier for criminal organizations to recruit adults without jobs and hungry children.

In retaliation, Noboa pledged to increase the arsenals of police and military hardware as well as to build high-security, maximum-security, and supermax prisons modeled after those constructed by President Nayib Bukele in El Salvador. Together with designating over 20 criminal organizations as terrorist groups, he also issued an order asking people to vote in April on whether to give the military more authority to guard jails and patrol public spaces.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Ecuadorian public opinion firm Cedatos, over two-thirds of participants support Noboa’s decision to call for voter turnout, and over half of them approve of his presidency.

Police stormed the Mexican embassy in the nation’s capital, Quito, to apprehend former vice president Jorge Glas, a wanted man who had been living there since December and was a convicted felon. Noboa made his initial remarks about the operation on Monday, saying he had taken “extraordinary decisions to protect national security, the rule of law, and the dignity of a population that rejects any type of impunity for criminals, corrupt people, or narco-terrorists.”. “.

Noboa stated that this would be against the Vienna Convention and other international agreements. “My obligation is to comply with the rulings of the justice system, and we could not allow sentenced criminals involved in very serious crimes to be given asylum,” he said. Noboa did not specifically name Glas in a statement that was uploaded on the social media site X, but it was implied that he was in “imminent flight risk.”. “.

According to the Vienna Treaties, diplomatic locations are “inviolable” foreign territory, and law enforcement agencies from the host nation are not permitted to enter without the ambassador’s authorization. At the World Court in The Hague, Mexico intends to contest the raid.

Nevertheless, Noboa received acclaim at home right away for his forceful display.

“I support President Noboa’s decisions. I consider it to be a brave deed, dot. Professor Gabriela Sandoval of a college said, “and I think it is going to strengthen him.”. Cleaning, disinfecting, and carrying out President Noboa’s process of putting the house in order come first. “.

The president of Ecuador will be chosen in February. It is possible for Noboa to seek reelection.

Business organizations believe that the raid will not have an impact on trade or the already difficult trade negotiations between Ecuador and Mexico, which are a major obstacle to Ecuador’s desire to join the Pacific Alliance trade bloc in Latin America, because of the high level of confidence in Noboa.

According to Roberto Aspiazu, vice president of the Binational Ecuador-Mexico Chamber, “these political and current issues will somehow pass, and then, relations will go back to normal.”. The trade agreement will also eventually come to pass because the negotiations are ongoing and must eventually be continued. “.

Nevertheless, Will Freeman, a fellow of Latin American studies at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank in New York, suggested that the timing of Ecuador’s diplomatic breakdown with Mexico may be especially unfavorable and detrimental to Noboa’s efforts to combat crime.

Up until the last four years or so, Ecuador was one of the most tranquil countries in Latin America. This changed when cartels from Mexico and Colombia extended their operations into Ecuador, relocating to coastal cities and taking advantage of top-notch ports to transport cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars that was produced in Peru and Colombia.

Although Ecuadorian gangs are powerful criminal organizations in and of themselves, Freeman claimed that they have forged alliances with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Sinaloa cartels in Mexico. In a perfect world, Noboa would enlist the aid of the Mexican government in the fight against gangs and their foreign allies, but it is evident that this is not the case given the rift in diplomatic relations. “.

Certain criticisms may carry more weight than others, even though it’s still unclear if Noboa anticipated the widespread backlash his decision generated.

The USA. S. emphasizes the significance of abiding by international law in the wake of last week’s raid. Under Noboa’s administration, this organization has given Ecuador vital tools and training to fight the drug cartels.

The assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, Brian Nichols, stated, “The United States takes very seriously the obligation of host countries under international law to respect diplomatic missions.”. We urge Ecuador and Mexico to work out their differences peacefully.

. “.

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