Police believe a drive-by shooter opened fire at the street party

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AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Police investigating a shooting at a street party in Akron over the weekend think at least one person opened fire on the crowd from a vehicle, killing one person and wounding 24 others.
They also found two handguns at the scene, and believe some partygoers returned fire at the vehicle, the chief said.
Plastic cups, shoes and other debris were scattered along the residential street bounded by empty lots and older homes.
No suspects had been identified as of Sunday night, and the mayor and police chief called on witnesses to come forward.
The 27-year-old man who died was identified as Lateris Cook, of Akron, according to the county medial examiner.
Officers tried to break up the party after getting noise complaints Saturday night, about two hours before shooting, Harding said.
More than 200 people were at the party at that point, including some who were shooting off fireworks.
Many returned to the scene, and police received several calls about shots being fired early Sunday, just after midnight, the chief said.


AKRON, Ohio (AP) — According to police looking into a shooting that occurred over the weekend at a street party in Akron, at least one person opened fire on the crowd from a car, leaving one person dead and 24 others injured.

As over a hundred people gathered to celebrate someone’s birthday early on Sunday, investigators discovered over thirty-five shell casings strewn throughout the block, according to police chief Brian Harding.

According to the chief, they also discovered two handguns at the scene and think some of the partygoers retaliated by firing shots at the car. Surrounding the residential street, which was lined by older homes and vacant lots, were plastic cups, shoes, and other debris.

As of Sunday night, the chief of police and the mayor urged witnesses to come forward, but no suspects had been named. The Summit County Crime Stoppers, U.S. offered rewards totaling $22,500 for information that resulted in an arrest. S. the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives as well as the Marshal’s Service, according to Akron authorities.

It is startling and unsettling how many victims there are. Mayor Shammas Malik stated, “I want to be very clear: Anyone who was involved in the shooting last night will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”.

The county medical examiner identified the deceased man as Lateris Cook, a resident of Akron, who was 27 years old. According to Harding, the age range of the wounded is 19 to 43. Two of them at least were seriously ill.

About two hours before the shooting on Saturday night, according to Harding, officers attempted to disperse the party after receiving noise complaints. At that point, the party had over 200 attendees, some of whom were letting off firecrackers. Nobody was taken into custody.

According to the chief, a lot of people went back to the scene early on Sunday, right after midnight, and police got multiple calls reporting gunfire.

“When someone uses violence, we must hold them responsible. The mayor asserted that this is the only way to maintain community safety.

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