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While both parents expressed remorse to the families for the loss of their children at the hands of the Crumbleys’ son, the prosecutor and the victims’ families argued that the Crumbleys did not do one crucial thing: admit they made a mistake.
The meeting ended with the Crumbleys returning to their jobs and promising to get their son help within 48 hours.
James and Jennifer Crumbley are the first parents in America to be held criminally responsible for a school shooting by their child.
‘They come here today and act like they’re victims’ The Crumbleys saw those words, she said, and did nothing.
At the parents’ sentencing hearing, the victims’ families urged the judge to give the Crumbleys the maximum punishment of 15 years, significantly higher than the state’s recommendation of 43-86 months.
Crumbleys address families and judge James and Jennifer Crumbley also spoke at the hearing, and asked the judge to consider giving them time served for their sentences.
As he spoke, some of the victims’ families shook their heads.
“I sit here today to express my deepest sorrows to the victims’ families,” Jennifer Crumbley said, adding that the “gravity and weight that this has taken on my heart and soul” can never be measured and “nothing I can say will ease” the pain and heartache suffered by the victims’ families.


They were ultimately defeated by their defiance.

The parents of the Oxford school shooter, James and Jennifer Crumbley, who have never publicly acknowledged their involvement in the 2021 massacre, were given prison sentences ranging from 10 to 15 years on Tuesday for their roles in the deadly rampage. A judge and two juries concluded that the rampage could have been avoided if the parents had chosen differently.

The prosecutor and the families of the victims contended that the Crumbleys failed to do one vital thing: acknowledge they made a mistake, despite the fact that both parents apologized to the families for the deaths of their children at the hands of the Crumbleys’ son.

“They didn’t even acknowledge that they aren’t the victims in this,” Steve St. said. “I wish I had locked the gun up.”. After a nearly three-hour sentencing hearing filled with tears, heartache, rage, and frustration, Juliana, whose 14-year-old daughter Hana died in the shooting, said.

Before imposing her sentence, the judge gave the Crumbleys a parenting lesson and turned down all of their pleas for mercy, seeming frustrated. A jury found that the parents’ failure to intervene prevented the predictable outcome of their son’s unsettling behavior, leading to their conviction on four counts of involuntary manslaughter. At Oxford High School on November 15, Ethan Crumbley, then 15 years old, killed four of his classmates and injured seven more. March 30, 2021. Four days prior, his father gave the teenager an early Christmas present when he purchased the murder weapon.

Tate Myre, 16, Hana St. Juliana, 14, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, and Justin Shilling, 17.

Circuit Judge Cheryl Matthews of Oakland County said from the bench, “Parenting is a complex job.”. “While it is not expected of parents to be psychic, these beliefs are not the result of subpar parenting. These convictions attest to repeated actions—or lack thereof—that could have prevented an approaching runaway train. They also attest to a pattern of disregarding warning signs that should raise the hairs on the back of a reasonable person’s neck. “.

The judge went on:.

“Opportunity knocked louder and louder, time and time again, and was ignored. Nobody responded. And these two individuals definitely didn’t do what they should have,” Matthews remarked.

In both trials, the prosecution contended that the Crumbleys disregarded a troubled son who was in distress and on a downward spiral, and instead of seeking assistance for him, they purchased a gun for him.

“You elevated the ownership and application of these weapons.”.

“Mr. Crumbley, you allowed someone to have unrestricted access to a gun or guns and ammunition in your house. Matthews cited remarks made by Crumbley toward Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald in several phone conversations with a relative from the jailhouse. “You characterized yourself as a martyr and threatened the well-being of the prosecutor,” Matthews said.

Matthews looked at the mother then. “Mrs. You made owning and using these weapons seem good, Crumbley. You had an indifferent and callous attitude toward your son and his actions. After a 12-minute meeting, you asked the school staff, “Are we done here?”.

When Matthews mentioned the crucial meeting that took place the morning of the school shooting, it was in reference to the Crumbleys’ summons to the counselor’s office over their son’s violent drawing of a gun, a bleeding human body, and the words “The Thoughts won’t stop.”. Aid me. “After the meeting, the Crumbleys promised to get their son help within 48 hours and went back to their jobs.”. The boy was allowed to return to class after school administrators determined he posed no threat to anyone.

He fired his first shot two hours later.

The first parents in America to be prosecuted for their child’s school shooting are James and Jennifer Crumbley. With no chance of release, their son Ethan is incarcerated for life after entering a guilty plea.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald emphasized that her office is not done trying to prevent gun violence in Oakland County after the parents’ sentencing. McDonald had earlier stated that this would be a challenging prosecution but that the facts of this unusual case warranted charges.

She urged him not to avert his eyes. These were terrible and tragic deaths that these families had to endure. Furthermore, it is avoidable. My message is that it is avoidable. “.

She emphasized this point repeatedly during both trials and the sentencing hearing.

Assist me. Blood all over the place. Referring to the gunman’s notes on his math worksheet from the day of the shooting, she declared, “The world is dead.”.

“They act like victims when they come here today.”.

She said that the Crumbleys saw those words and took no action.

McDonald urged a harsh sentence, claiming the Crumbleys have shown “no remorse or accountability.”.

“I don’t sound like I feel awful when I apologize. “I’m sure they do,” McDonald remarked, but he also clarified that the victims aren’t seeking that kind of regret and accountability.

It seems like, ‘We made a mistake.'”. We are sorry; we should have done this and didn’t, and that hasn’t happened. “.

Still, she declared, “They come here today and behave as though they are victims.”. ****.

The victims’ families asked the judge to sentence the Crumbleys to a maximum of 15 years, which is significantly longer than the state’s suggested sentence of 43–86 months, during the parents’ sentencing hearing.

“You have taken away from this world four beautiful children.”.

Madisyn Baldwin’s mother, Nicole Beausoleil, was the first to speak, criticizing the Crumbleys’ parenting choices and actions following the shooting.

The worst act of disrespect “I have ever witnessed,” Beausoleil said, blaming the parents for her beautiful daughter’s passing and the unending suffering. “The lack of compassion you have shown is disgusting… shaking your head during a verdict,” James Crumbley said.

It’s all stuff that you made. Your son was made by you. You are unable to turn away. As parents, you were a fail. You will never receive enough punishment, she declared.

The distraught mother walked the Crumbleys step-by-step through the innumerable agonizing days she had gone through: the day she ran around looking for her daughter in the Meijer parking lot following the shooting; the moment she lost consciousness after finding out the girl had died; the nights she spent listening to her other daughter sob over her sister’s death.

“I made a promise to myself the moment she was born: I would always be there for her, I would never miss anything, and I would always protect her. “.”.

The shooting started after that.

November. 30, 2021..forced me to breach my initial commitment. I did not shield her as her mother. “.”.

Additionally, she asked the mother of the gunman to think about this:.

“I was assisting Madisyn with class selection while your son was hearing voices and requesting assistance.”.

“I was about to get my daughter’s oil changed when you were summoned to the school for his troubling drawing.

“While you were on the phone, attempting to locate the gun, I was attempting to locate her whereabouts with her father.”.

I was messaging Madysin, saying, ‘I love you,’ when you texted, ‘Ethan don’t do it.'”. Kindly give Mom a call.

“I was still waiting for my daughter in the parking lot when you learned about the lives lost that day.”.

The last bus, which never arrived, was what I was waiting for when you had a chance to talk to your son and asked him “why.”.

“I was arranging her funeral while you were hiding.

“The worst thing a parent could do was what I was forced to do. I had to bid my beloved Madisyn farewell. ****.

Ha Na St. Sister Juliana: “You gave him a gun,” not quality time.

Reina Street. Speaking about the death of her 14-year-old sister Hana, Juliana moved many people in the courtroom to tears. She described how her best friend, little sister, and better half would never experience prom, graduation, or even celebrate turning 15, 16, or 17.

“I never got to say farewell,” Reina remarked. “At the age of just 14, Hana breathed her last in a school she hadn’t even attended for three months. “.

“The truth is, Jennifer, you did fail as a parent,” she said, glancing at the Crumbley family. Rather than spending quality time together, you both gave him a gun. “.”.

“Our never-ending nightmare was brought about by your errors. “.”.

Steve St. The Crumbleys also received a stern warning from Hana’s father, Juliana.

He stated, “They made the decision to remain silent and to disregard the warning signs.”. They keep blaming everyone else but themselves. “.

According to him, the effect has been disastrous.

The father remarked, “A big piece of my soul has been destroyed by Hana’s murder.”. I’m still only a shadow of the person I used to be. “.

“If only they had taken him home,” said Justin Shilling’s mother.

The mother of Justin Shilling, Jill Soave, stated that her “trauma and devastation is hard to put into words.”. ” She described Justin’s achievements in school and said their family would have been celebrating his 20th birthday soon.

She is in court instead.

“Josh and Jennifer’s inaction has had devastating ripple effects on all of us,” the woman said. “Your honor, if only they had gotten counseling for their son instead of purchasing a gun.”. I wouldn’t be standing here today if they had checked his backpack and brought him home or to counseling instead of leaving him at that school. “.

“This is not normal,” said Justin’s father, who also begged for justice. That is not the normal way of life. “.

Craig Shilling remarked, “I simply cannot comprehend that this catastrophe was entirely avoidable.”. “This kind of blatant disregard is unacceptable. They failed everywhere.”. “.

Dad of Tate Myre: “We need to take this as a lesson.”.

Tate Myre’s father, Buck Myre, mainly discussed what he thought ought to happen following the Crumbleys’ sentencing.

“This is the easiest fruit to pick,” Myre remarked. It’s time to now concentrate on Oxford Schools, as they were involved in this catastrophe. “.

The government should look into the shooting, the gun’s purchase, and the handling of the massacre, he stated.

Myre stated, “That’s when real change happens.”. “As we examine something, assess it and make use of the knowledge gained. “.

There are no charges against school officials related to the shooting. Various civil suits have been filed alleging, among other things, that the school and various officials put students in danger. However, judges have ruled that the school is immune from lawsuits because of governmental immunity, so the cases are currently on appeal.

Parents and judges are addressed by Crumbleys.

Speakers James and Jennifer Crumbley requested the judge to take into account their time served for their sentences during the hearing. Over two and a half years, each parent has been incarcerated on a $500,000 bond. For a considerable amount of time, the Crumbley family has maintained that they were unaware of their son’s plans to blow up his school and that they never saw any indications that he would harm himself or anyone else. The gun in question, they further claim, was not actually a gift that their son could use at will but was instead hidden in their bedroom armoire, unloaded in a gun case, and the bullets kept in a different drawer.

As he expressed regret to the families of the deceased children, James Crumbley looked on the verge of tears.

He remarked, “My heart is really broken for everyone involved.”. “I am aware that nothing I say will console you. I realize they won’t make any pain go away, and to be honest, I think they probably don’t believe me,” Crumbley remarked. That being said, I genuinely hope the families of Madisyn Baldwin, Hana St. I would like Juliana, Tate Myre, and Justin Shilling to know how very sorry I am and how heartbroken I was to learn of their fate. ****.

More times than I can remember, I have wept for you and the loss of your children. “.”.

Although the father’s lawyer claimed he could not have predicted what might have happened, the father claimed he would have acted differently if he had known what was going on with his son.

Additionally, Crumbley reiterated Buck Myre’s demand for greater openness and an examination of the school district’s and officials’ conduct related to the shooting.

“We should all be aware of the reality by now. Not all of the truth has been revealed; it has been forbidden for us to tell the whole truth. Crumbley said, “I agree with you, Mr. Dot Myre; I want the whole truth.”.

A few of the relatives of the victims shook their heads as he spoke.

When James Crumbley mentioned holding the school accountable, Madisyn’s mother didn’t buy it, saying it was just another victimization tactic.

“After being sentenced, Beausoleil stated that he would have been speaking the truth and feeling regret for the entire time if he had wanted the truth.”. “.

Craig Shilling concurred, stating: “It was too little, too late because they didn’t demonstrate that degree of regret until the very end—that clumsy attempt, anyhow. “.

In her remarks to the families of the victims, Jennifer Crumbley said that she had cried for “countless nights,” prayed for pardon (telling the prosecution, “I have hated you”), and prayed that “all the victims are in God’s mercy and peace.”. “.

The “gravity and weight that this has taken on my heart and soul” cannot be measured, and “nothing I can say will ease” the anguish and heartache endured by the victims’ families, Jennifer Crumbley said. “I sit here today to express my deepest sorrows to the victims’ families,” she continued.

“My spouse and I used to claim that our child was perfect.”.

Additionally, she spoke about her contentious testimony in which she declared, “I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”. The Oxford High families and the jury foreperson in her case both commented that she was callous and showed no regret for her remarks.

She explained that her response was based on what she knew at the time and that she was “horrified to learn that my answer had the effect” that it did.

About the shooting, Jennifer Crumbley remarked, “This was not something I foresaw.”. “Given the benefit of hindsight, I would respond very differently. “.”.

In particular, she continued, “if I believed my son was capable of crimes like these.”. “.”.

“The Ethan I was acquainted with was a decent young man. “My spouse and I used to say that we had a perfect child because that’s who I thought I knew,” the woman remarked.

Jennifer Crumbley also placed responsibility on the school, claiming that it neglected to notify her about her son’s concerning behavior on multiple occasions and that when it did call her in response to an alarming drawing, “we were led to believe that this was an isolated event,” according to both Ethan and school officials. “That day, we weren’t asked to take him home. “.”.

Dismissing the notion that she and James Crumbley were bad parents or that they missed warning signs, Jennifer Crumbley said that what happened to her and her husband could happen to any parent.

She affirmed, “We were good parents.”. “Our family was just like any other. Ensuring that our son had the best life possible was our top priority. I’m confident that we gave it our all. “.

“This could be any parent… your child can make any decision,” she further urged the public to remember. ****.

She added, “Not just with a gun, but with a knife, a car, and the parents could be held accountable.”.

She did, however, add that she has eventually learned to forgive the prosecutors and that she still works on forgiving herself for choices she cannot reverse.

“I’m standing here today to sincerely apologize for the pain that has been caused, not to beg for your forgiveness, but to the victims and their families. ****.

She also mentioned:.

“I mourn alone; I shall spend the rest of my life in an internal cage. ****.

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