Noem admitted she shot the pet dog she hated

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Kristi Noem wrote about an incident with the dog, named Cricket, who she called “untrainable” and “less than worthless”.
Ms Noem, the Governor of South Dakota is seen as a leading contender to be Mr Trump’s running mate for the November presidential election.
In the book Ms Noem wrote a check for the damage to the owners of the chickens, who were weeping, and helped them dispose of the dead poultry.
“I hated that dog,” Ms Noem writes, adding that Cricket had proved herself “untrainable”, “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with” and “less than worthless … as a hunting dog”.
Ms Noem then recalls deciding to kill a “nasty and mean” male goat also owned by the family.
Ms Noem seemed unperturbed after the claims were reported in the media – in fact she appeared to double down on Friday, while promoting the book.
She killed a puppy because she was lazy at training bird dogs, not because it was a bad dog.
“You down old dogs, hurt dogs, and sick dogs humanely, not by shooting them and tossing them in a gravel pit.


A contender for the vice presidential slot chosen by Donald Trump has acknowledged that she shot a puppy that she “hated” as a pet.

In a piece, Kristi Noem described the dog, named Cricket, as “untrainable” and “less than worthless” following an incident. She added that because the family’s goat was “nasty and mean,” she had put him down. The goat was not named.

The governor of South Dakota, Ms. Noem, is thought to be a strong candidate to be Mr. Trump’s running mate in the November presidential contest.

Friday’s revelations about her involvement in animal killings provoked fury, with some calling her “sick and twisted” and “trash.”.

Her new book, No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward, will be released in the US the following month and contains her anecdotes. The Guardian has pre-arranged to obtain a copy.

According to the outlet, Ms. Noem—who served as South Dakota’s congressional representative for eight years prior to her election as governor—includes Cricket’s demise story in the book to demonstrate how to handle “difficult, messy, and ugly” situations in both personal and political life.

The governor relates how, in order to teach the puppy manners, she took her on a pheasant hunt with other dogs. But according to her, the animal scared the birds away by going “out of her mind with excitement.”.

Cricket later attacked a group of chickens, “grabb[ing] one chicken at a time, crunching it to death with one bite, then dropping it to attack another,” despite Ms. Noem’s attempts to subdue the animal with an electronic collar. She also reports that Cricket later made an attempt to bite the governor.

The owners of the chickens were in tears when Ms. Noem helped them get rid of the dead chickens and wrote a check for the damage. She says that during the whole thing, the dog was “a picture of joy.”.

Cricket had proven to be “untrainable,” “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with,” and “less than worthless… as a hunting dog,” according to Ms. Noem, who also writes, “I hated that dog.”. In her words, “I realized at that very moment that I had to put her down.”. “.

She continues by saying that she grabbed her gun and led the dog to a gravel pit where it would be put to death. She writes, “It was not a pleasant job, but it had to be done,” the outlet reports.

The family also owned a male goat that Ms. Noem describes as “nasty and mean.” She then remembers choosing to kill him. The uncastrated animal routinely chases her kids and “knocks them down,” according to her, and it smells “disgusting, musky, rancid.”.

She claims she had to go back to her truck to get another round of ammunition because she missed the first time she shot, which prevented her from finishing the job.

She apparently shot both animals in front of a construction crew.

Although we adore animals, farms frequently have to make difficult choices like this one. We had to put down three horses that belonged to our family for 25 years, regrettably, a few weeks ago,” the woman wrote on X.

“Preorder ‘No Going Back’ if you’d like more politically incorrect, honest, and real stories that will make the media gasp. “.

A few others condemned her without delay. “Damn, one of the other vice presidential contenders’ teams found some oppo,” wrote Sarah Matthews, a former deputy press secretary for the White House, in a tweet. However, she later revealed that Kristi Noem had written about the murder of her puppy in her book.

Unless someone is really deranged, I don’t see why they would boast about this. “.

“Kristi Noem is trash,” wrote Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump organization.

“After decades of owning hunting and bird dogs, I have killed exactly zero because they were overly eager to hunt or were chicken-sharp. Puppy exposure to birds and their scent must occur gradually. The puppy wasn’t a bad dog; rather, she killed it because she was inexperienced with training bird dogs.

“While not all dogs are meant for the field, 99.9% of them can be trained or found new homes. I didn’t kill the one we had at the time, but she was never going to the field. On the couch, she is fast asleep.

“Rather than shooting and throwing sick or elderly dogs into a gravel pit, you should kill them humanely. “.

Colleen O’Brien, senior director of PETA, claimed in a statement provided to The Independent that Ms. Noem was unable to comprehend “essential” ideas like “compromise and compassion.”. “.

Ms. O’Brien stated, “We suspect that most Americans who love dogs will consider Gov. Noem a psychotic loony for letting this rambunctious puppy loose on chickens and then punishing her by deciding to personally blow her brains out rather than trying to train her or find a more responsible guardian who would provide her with a proper home.”.

“Gov. It is clear that Noem does not comprehend the importance of cooperation, education, compromise, and compassion in politics. “.

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