NashvillePD body camera footage shows interaction between officer and Riley Strain


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (KY3) – The Metro Nashville Police Department has released new details and an officer body camera of the night missing Springfield native and University of Missouri student Riley Strain went missing.
Police say there are no signs of foul play as authorities continue the search for Strain.
“Riley’s parents met with some of the detective team and received a full briefing on the work being done.
They were also shown available video,” the police department posted on X (formerly known as Twitter.)
The department also shared body camera video that shows an officer on Gay Street on the night of March 8.
The video shows Strain walking on the sidewalk near the officer, and you can hear the two greeting each other.
The officer was there on a car burglary call and was at that scene for 45 minutes.
Shown was Riley’s brief exchange of greetings w/ Officer Reginald Young on Gay St., south of the Woodland St. Bridge, on the night of 3/8.
Riley did not appear distressed.
Officer Young was there on a vehicle burglary call & remained on that portion of Gay St. for 45 min. — Metro Nashville PD (@MNPDNashville) March 18, 2024Police say Riley did not appear distressed.
The department also added that no video has been discovered that shows Riley away from Gay St after the 9:52 p.m. timeframe.
Authorities spent the weekend looking for Strain and on Sunday, his bank card was found on an embankment near the Cumberland River.
Strain’s family confirmed that the card does belong to Strain and that the card did not have any activity on it.
The family says they’re hoping the new lead uncovers more about the disappearance.
“As soon as the information came to me.
I was constantly on the phone texting with TikTokers, relying on family information, and verifying that what we had was a legit lead.
And it just all transpired at once.
The family was down there before the police arrived, which was phenomenal.
I let the TikTokers know who was family and who was not.
This way, they would know who to contact and talk to.
The police are there now and have quarantined off the area,” said family friend Chris Dingman.
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TRENTON, Tenn. (KY3)-New information and a body camera video from the night missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain, a Springfield native, went missing have been made public by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

The search for Strain is still ongoing, but police say there are no indications of foul play.

Riley’s parents were fully briefed on the work in progress during a meeting with a few members of the detective team. On X, formerly known as Twitter, the police department posted, “They were also shown available video.”. ).

Additionally, the department released body camera footage of an officer on Gay Street late on March 8. In the video, you can hear Strain and the officer wishing each other a happy greeting as they stroll side by side on the sidewalk. For forty-five minutes, the officer responded to a report of a car burglary.

Riley’s quick hello with Officer Reginald Young on Gay Street was displayed. southward of Woodland Street. Bridge, on the evening of March 8. Riley did not seem to be in distress. Officer Young stayed on that section of Gay Street while responding to a call about a vehicle burglary. 45 minutes during. pic at — Metro Nashville Police Department (@MNPDNashville) March 18, 2024.

Riley didn’t seem distressed, according to the police. It was also stated by the department that they had not found any video showing Riley leaving Gay Street after 9:52 p.m. m. time interval.

After searching for Strain throughout the course of the weekend, authorities discovered his bank card on an embankment close to the Cumberland River on Sunday.

The card’s attribution to Strain and the absence of any activity on it were both verified by Strain’s family. The family expresses hope that the new lead will reveal more information regarding the disappearance.

“As soon as I received the information. I couldn’t stop talking to TikTokers over the phone, asking for family members’ contact details, and making sure the lead we had was genuine. And everything happened all at once. It was amazing that the family was down there before the cops showed up. I disclosed to the TikTokers who was and wasn’t family. They would then be aware of who to reach out to and have a conversation with. According to family friend Chris Dingman, the police have now arrived and quarantined the area.

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