Multiple passengers are injured as a Metro train collides with a USC bus

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EXPOSITION PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Two people were seriously injured and dozens of others had minor injuries after a Metro train with more than 150 passengers on board collided with a USC bus in the Exposition Park area Tuesday, authorities said.
The incident was reported just before noon on Exposition Boulevard near Watt Way, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.
Sixteen passengers on the Metro train had injuries that were less severe but required treatment at local hospitals.
Officials say there were more than 150 onboard the Metro train.
“I got thrown from my chair to the other chair,” said Arlene Hayes, a passenger on the Metro train.
According to a statement from Metro, the USC shuttle bus crossed into the path of the southbound Metro E Line train at Watt Way and Exposition Boulevard.
Exposition Boulevard was closed in both directions between Figueroa and Bill Robertson Lane.
A bus bridge was also set up to help Metro passengers get through the area as the damaged train remained on the tracks.


EXPOSITION PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC)—A Metro train carrying over 150 passengers collided with a USC bus in the Exposition Park area on Tuesday, inflicting critical injuries on two people and minor injuries on numerous others, according to authorities.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reports that the incident was reported just before noon on Exposition Boulevard near Watt Way.

According to fire officials, there were two seriously injured individuals on the USC shuttle who were taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. They were regarded as stable because they were talking and awake.

Less serious injuries were sustained by sixteen passengers on the Metro train, but they still needed medical attention at nearby hospitals.

On site, at least 37 patients received care before being released.

Captain of the LAFD said, “This is what we call walking wounded.”. Adam Gerpen. They managed to exit the train on foot. We organized areas for triage so that our EMTs and paramedics could assess patients. “.

On board the Metro train, according to officials, were over 150 people.

Arlene Hayes, a Metro train passenger, said, “I got thrown from my chair to the other chair.”. “The entire left side of me hurts. “.”.

Investigations are still ongoing to determine what caused the crash.

At Watt Way and Exposition Boulevard, the USC shuttle bus veered into the path of a southbound Metro E Line train, as per a statement released by Metro.

The agency issued a statement saying, “Metro offers its sympathies to those injured during this accident.”.

The train’s front windshield was cracked, and the bus’s front section looked to have sustained significant damage.

Between Figueroa and Bill Robertson Lane on Exposition Boulevard, all lanes were closed. According to Metro, there is only one tracking between 23rd St. Station and Vermont Station in the interim.

While the damaged train remained on the tracks, a bus bridge was also erected to facilitate Metro passengers’ passage through the area.

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