Jonathan Majors was sentenced to domestic violence counseling

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NEW YORK — Actor Jonathan Majors was sentenced to one year of domestic violence counseling after he was found guilty of harassing and assaulting his ex-girlfriend in New York City.
The judge granted a full protective order for Grace Jabbari, Majors’ ex, at Monday’s sentencing.
If Majors violates any terms of the sentencing, he faces a year in jail.
The fallout from Majors’ conviction on misdemeanor assault and harassment has proved to be much greater than any formal sentence.
The jury found he twisted and injured Jabbari’s arm, and that he recklessly, but not intentionally, injured and harassed her during the altercation that led to his arrest.
In February, Majors’ attorney filed a motion asking the judge to set aside the verdict and acquit him of all charges.
She also filed a civil suit against Majors, alleging he committed assault, battery and defamation against her.
CBS New York tried to speak with Majors after the sentence was handed down, but he did not respond to questions.


NEW YORK: Following his conviction for stalking and assaulting his ex-girlfriend in New York City, actor Jonathan Majors was given a one-year domestic violence counseling sentence.

At Majors’s sentencing on Monday, the judge issued a complete protective order for his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. Majors may spend a year behind bars if he disobeys any of the conditions of his sentence.

Majors’ misdemeanor assault and harassment conviction has resulted in far more ramifications than just a formal sentence.

After an acrimonious altercation in March 2023, Majors was seen on camera pushing Jabbari back inside an SUV on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan.

The jury determined that during the altercation that resulted in his arrest, he carelessly, but not intentionally, hurt and harassed Jabbari, twisting and injuring her arm.

Majors, 34, gained notoriety for his parts in the Marvel Studios films “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” and “Creed III.”. Following the decision, Majors was fired by Marvel and Disney and was not allowed to work on any more projects. He was also denied sponsorship offers.

Majors’s lawyer submitted a motion in February requesting that the judge reverse the decision and clear him of all charges. The motion was turned down.

Jabbari pleaded with the court to make Majors answerable. She also accused Majors of assault, battery, and defamation in a civil lawsuit that she filed.

He does not apologize. He won’t take accountability and will act in this manner once more. This is a man who feels that the law doesn’t apply to him. He is still dangerous to people around him as a result,” Jabbari stated on Monday.

After the sentence was announced, CBS New York attempted to get in touch with Majors, but he did not answer queries.

Majors was found not guilty of two charges that required the prosecution to prove he did the acts on purpose. He’s contesting the verdict.

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