If the major invasion of Rafah happens, Biden will stop sending bombs to Israel

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And his acknowledgement that American bombs had been used to kill civilians in Gaza was a stark recognition of the United States’ role in the war.
Yet a looming invasion of Rafah, the city in southern Gaza where more than a million Palestinian civilians have been sheltering, appears to have shifted the president’s calculus.
We’re walking away from Israel’s ability to wage war in those areas,” Biden said.
Biden said while the US would continue to provide defensive weapons to Israel, including for its Iron Dome air defense system, other shipments would end should a major ground invasion of Rafah begin.
That conversation came as Israel ordered the evacuation of tens of thousands of civilians from Rafah and launched strikes near border areas of the city.
Biden said Israel’s actions in Rafah had not yet crossed a red line of entering heavily populated zones, even if their actions had caused tensions in the region.
Later, Biden described warning Netanyahu about the risks of becoming bogged down in Gaza, drawing parallels to the American experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Think about it.” Looking ahead to November Biden voiced little concern about his reelection prospects in the interview.


For the first time, President Joe Biden declared on Wednesday that in the event that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders a significant invasion of the city of Rafah, he would stop some American weapons shipments to Israel, which he acknowledged have been used to kill civilians in Gaza.

In an exclusive interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Biden said, “Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a consequence of those bombs and other ways in which they go after population centers.” Biden was referring to the 2,000-pound bombs whose shipments he halted last week.

“I made it clear that I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities – that deal with that problem,” Biden said, adding that they haven’t entered Rafah yet.

The seven-month battle between Israel and Hamas has reached a turning point with the president’s declaration that he was willing to tie American weaponry to Israel’s actions. Furthermore, his admission that US bombs had been used to murder civilians in Gaza was a clear admission of the US’s involvement in the conflict.

Amidst a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the president is facing intense pressure to restrict arms shipments, even from members of his own party.

The president had up until now ignored those requests and firmly backed Israel’s pursuit of Hamas. However, it seems that the president’s calculations have changed in light of the impending invasion of Rafah, the southern Gazan city where over a million Palestinian civilians have sought refuge.

“We will not abandon Israel’s security.”. We’re giving up on Israel’s capacity to carry out warfare in those regions, Biden declared.

While the US will keep supplying Israel with defensive weapons, such as those for its Iron Dome air defense system, Biden stated that other shipments would stop should a significant ground invasion of Rafah start.

In terms of Iron Dome and their capacity to counterattacks that have lately emerged from the Middle East, we will continue to ensure Israel’s security, the speaker declared. However, it’s just incorrect. We never will—we will not provide the guns and artillery shells. “.

The Pentagon claimed that although a final decision had not been made, the US had already halted a shipment of “high-payload munitions” in response to Israel’s potential operations in Rafah without a plan for the civilians there. According to the administration, it is looking into the possible transfer or sale of additional munitions.

According to a person briefed on the situation, Israeli officials privately expressed to US officials their “deep frustration” over the halt in shipments and the US media briefings on the decision.

A possible rift.

After speaking over the phone with Netanyahu on Monday, Biden’s public association between US weapons shipments and Israel’s actions may become more strained. Israel was ordering the tens of thousands of civilians out of Rafah at the time, and it was also conducting airstrikes close to the city’s borders.

Even though Israel’s actions in Rafah had raised tensions in the area, Biden claimed that the country had not yet crossed the line into densely populated areas.

They have avoided entering the populated areas. They crossed the line with what they did. And I’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that we have a relationship and that we can help, but right now it’s creating issues with Egypt,” he said.

He claimed to have told Netanyahu and other Israeli officials that there was little American backing for operations in densely populated areas.

He remarked, “I’ve told Bibi and the war cabinet that if they really go on these population centers, they won’t get our support.”.

Subsequently, Biden compared the US experience in Afghanistan and Iraq to caution Netanyahu about the dangers of getting mired in Gaza.

“My advice to Bibi was to avoid repeating our American mistakes. We desired to capture bin Laden. He mentioned Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, and said, “We’ll help you get him.”. “Getting bin Laden made sense; trying to unite Afghanistan didn’t make sense. I didn’t think it made sense to believe that Iraq had nuclear weapons. “.

Despite his efforts to tout his domestic record to American voters, Biden has been spending a significant amount of his time in recent months attending to the Middle East conflict. At his events and on college campuses, where signs calling him “Genocide Joe” have been posted, his staunch support for Israel has sparked demonstrations and outrage. “.

When asked on Wednesday about the protests, Biden responded, “Yes, I understand the message.”. “.

However, he issued a warning against antisemitic or hateful protests.

“Freedom of expression and protest are legal rights. He asserted that they had the right to do so and that doing so was legitimate. However, using hate speech is not permitted. It is not acceptable to intimidate Jewish students. Banning someone from attending class is not a justifiable right. You can’t do that legally. “.

Biden challenges attitudes about the economy.

Speaking on Wednesday in Racine, Wisconsin, Biden had just pushed for fresh financial initiatives that might create thousands of new jobs.

He attempted to recast public perceptions of the US economy in the CNN interview, praising robust job creation and initiatives to rein in corporate greed while challenging polls that indicated voters remained gloomy about the nation’s future.

When asked whether he was running out of time, less than six months before Election Day, to boost his reputation among Americans for his handling of the economy, Biden responded, “We’ve already turned it around.”.

Biden cited polls that indicate a large number of Americans have a positive outlook on their personal financial circumstances while having a pessimistic view of the national economy.

“The polling data has been incorrect all along,” he declared, casting doubt on the reliability of phone surveys.

He added that the fact that he had created as many jobs as possible after the Covid-19 pandemic was as strong evidence as any that working conditions in the United States had significantly improved.

The notion that conditions are so dire that people have, in fact, created more jobs. People can currently find well-paying employment,” he stated.

Nevertheless, he conceded that the cost of housing and other goods was one of the legitimate concerns facing Americans.

He remarked, “The last I saw, people are really worried about the combination of inflation, the cost of inflation, and all those things, and with good reason.”.

“That is the reason I am putting in a lot of effort to lower the cost of rentals and raise the quantity of available homes,” he continued. Let me put it this way: when I took office, many predicted that the economy would implode. Our economy is the most robust globally. Again, in the world, let me say this. “.

Over the past year, Biden has dedicated a significant portion of his time to showcasing his economic achievements, which include new investments made possible by manufacturing and infrastructure legislation.

This extends to Wisconsin, where he gave a speech on Wednesday at the location where his predecessor, Donald Trump, once endorsed a Foxconn investment that ultimately failed.

“I have never failed, and he has never succeeded in creating jobs,” Biden stated in the interview, going on to say later, “I’m not being facetious; when has he even done anything he said?”. Contemplate this. “.

anticipating November.

During the interview, Biden expressed minimal worry about his chances of winning reelection. However, he cautioned that if Trump loses, it is unlikely that he will accept the election’s results.

It is risky, but I assure you that he won’t, stated Biden. “.

When asked what guidance his former boss, President Barack Obama, had given him regarding the race, Biden replied that it was to “keep doing what I’m doing.”. “.

“I think the campaign’s trajectory is going well,” he remarked. “Most people don’t really focus and make up their minds until the fall, as you and I both know.”. Many things are happening, and we’ll have to wait and see. “.

However, polls indicate that voters are not very impressed with Biden’s economic track record.

As voters say that economic concerns are more important to them when choosing a candidate than they were in each of the previous two presidential contests, Biden’s approval ratings for the economy (34 percent) and inflation (29 percent) in CNN’s most recent poll remain glaringly negative.

No president has had the run we’ve had in terms of generating jobs and lowering inflation, according to Biden’s statement on Wednesday. “.

“When I arrived at work, it was nine percent. nine percent. However, folks have every right to be worried. common people. “.

When it came to inflation, June 2022 was actually the peak at 9.1%. It stood at 14% in January 2021, the month of Biden’s inauguration.

He highlighted his efforts to oppose fees, which the White House claims will reduce American bills, including those associated with bank accounts and credit cards.

“I changed it so you can’t charge more than eight dollars for bouncing a check—the idea that you get charged $30 for doing so has been abandoned. or your credit card. The payment you made after the deadline. $35. Indeed, he remarked, “We need to address the issue of corporate greed that exists today.”.

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