Harris went on the offensive over abortion rights in Arizona

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Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday placed the blame squarely on Donald Trump as she went on the offensive over abortion rights in Arizona and across the country.
The vice president has become a go-to voice for the campaign on abortion rights and quickly announced a trip to Tucson after Tuesday’s ruling.
The ruling, she said, marked an “inflection point” in the fight over abortion rights.
Last month, Harris visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota becoming the first sitting vice president or president to visit an abortion provider.
A second Trump term, Harris said, would entail “more bans, more suffering and less freedom.” “Just like he did in Arizona, he basically wants to take America back to the 1800s,” Harris said.
The Harris team has focused on reproductive rights as an issue that it believes the vice president is uniquely positioned to lead on.
The issue has been top-of-mind for the vice president, dating back to 2021, when she held a reproductive rights roundtable.
Both Trump and GOP Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake released statements opposing the Arizona Supreme Court ruling.


Vice President Kamala Harris launched a campaign against abortion rights in Arizona and across the nation on Friday, blaming Donald Trump for everything.

Following this week’s Arizona Supreme Court decision prohibiting abortions in nearly all circumstances, Harris traveled to Arizona to galvanize supporters of the Biden campaign’s central platform, women’s rights, which they view as being up for grabs in November. In the wake of Tuesday’s decision, the vice president—who has emerged as a leading voice in the abortion rights movement—announced an immediate trip to Tucson.

The ruling, which reinstated a 160-year-old statute that forbade abortions except in situations in which “it is necessary to save” the life of a pregnant woman, “demonstrated once and for all that overturning Roe was just the opening act of a larger strategy” to limit access to abortion in the United States, according to Harris. She claimed that the decision represented a “turning point” in the struggle for the right to an abortion.

She continued, “And we all need to know who is at fault.”. This was carried out by former President Donald Trump. “.

Moments prior to the vice president’s statements, Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson had a press conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort where the former president boasted about having “broken Roe v. Wade”) and declared that state-level authority over prohibitions on abortion is “functioning as intended.”. “.

In Tucson, Harris stated succinctly what was at stake in the impending election: “This fight is about freedom.”. “.

As part of her reproductive rights tour, Harris has been traveling the nation since January, claiming that the outcome of the election will determine whether or not abortion rights are protected. Making history as the first vice president or president to visit an abortion provider, Harris visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota last month.

Harris referred to the Arizona ban as “one of the biggest aftershocks,” calling the overturning of Roe in 2022 a “seismic event.”. “.

In anticipation of November, Democrats have seized the opportunity to tie Trump’s abortion restrictions to a political football that they believe will inspire moderate voters, especially women, to cast ballots in large numbers against him.

Biden and Harris have both capitalized on Trump’s boasts during the campaign that he created the conservative supermajority on the US Supreme Court, which overturned Roe v. Wade, which had provided nearly fifty years of federal protection for the right to an abortion, in the 2022 Dobbs v. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization made the choice.

Harris predicted that there would be “more bans, more suffering, and less freedom” during a second term of Trump. “.

He essentially wants to return America to the 1800s, just as he did in Arizona, Harris claimed. “However, we will not allow that to occur,” she continued. “.

“We’re not turning around,” she declared.

Following a ruling on Tuesday, the Biden campaign is looking to capitalize on the momentum in battleground Arizona by launching a seven-figure ad buy on the topic and claiming Republicans are “out of step.”. “.

President Joe Biden accuses his predecessor in a brand-new 30-second commercial titled “Power Back.”. The advertisement, along with another one that was unveiled earlier this week and tells the story of a woman impacted by Texas’ abortion ban, will cost the campaign seven figures.

As a topic on which the vice president is especially qualified to take the lead, the Harris team has concentrated on reproductive rights. Since she hosted a roundtable on reproductive rights in 2021, the vice president has had the issue at the forefront of her mind.

According to a KFF survey, roughly half of American registered voters believe that this year’s elections will have a “major impact” on access to abortion, and about one in eight voters say that abortion is the issue that most influences their vote.

In the midterm elections, the issue galvanized moderate and liberal voters, resulting in Democratic victories throughout the nation.

CNN was informed by a Democratic strategist that “it’s going to be a driving issue,” adding that the party’s case would be strengthened by the Arizona court ruling. It provides a compelling factual point to refute Republican talking points implying that we are the radicals. “.

Trump “is responsible for the state of reproductive freedom in Arizona today,” according to the Biden campaign’s persistent messaging. The campaign will keep linking Trump to the policies as he attempts to navigate the political system around them.

Disagreements with the Arizona Supreme Court decision were issued by Trump and Republican senatorial candidate for Arizona, Kari Lake. Furthermore, despite his long-ambiguous position on abortion, Trump declared on Wednesday that he would not sign a nationwide ban on abortion into law if elected president.

Harris stated on Friday that she didn’t think Trump was sincere when he said at Mar-a-Lago that if reelected in November, he wouldn’t enact a nationwide abortion ban.

“Stop gaslighting me, please,” she uttered.

On Friday, new information was added to the story and headline.

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