Everyone knew I was talking about cars


Former President Donald Trump on Monday rebuked the media and Democrats for their alarm at his use of the word “bloodbath” at an Ohio rally over the weekend, saying he was talking about the economic impact of President Biden‘s automobile policy.
The Biden campaign had scolded Mr. Trump for using the term, saying it augured more political violence.
Mr. Trump spoke of a bloodbath during a portion of his speech in Ohio that focused on his tariff policy and auto manufacturing.
He said China was setting up auto factories in Mexico to use cheap labor before selling those cars in the U.S.Mr. Trump said he wouldn’t allow that to happen.
They’re building massive factories,” Mr. Trump said.
The Biden campaign swiftly accused Mr. Trump of usually coded language to stir up his supporters.
Mr. Trump faces criminal charges over his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, which culminated in a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost to Mr. Trump in the 2016 presidential election, remarked on his rhetoric on Monday.
“‘A bloodbath.’ What would you say if you saw this in another country?” Mrs. Clinton posted on X.Mr. Trump said auto workers knew he was talking about cars.
“The United Auto Workers, but not their leadership, fully understand what I mean,” he posted.

On Monday, former president Donald Trump chastised Democrats and the media for being alarmed by his use of the word “bloodbath” during a rally in Ohio over the weekend, claiming he was referring to the financial effects of President Biden’s auto policy.

Trump’s use of the term was criticized by the Biden campaign, which claimed it portended further political unrest. The former president claimed that those who were critical of him were deceiving the public.

“The Democrats and the Fake News Media, who are actively destroying our country, are acting as though they were surprised when I used the term BLOODBATH to describe the car industry-killing imports that Crooked Joe Biden has approved,” Mr. Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Mr. During the part of his speech in Ohio that was devoted to discussing his tariff policy and auto manufacturing, Trump talked about a carnage. He claimed that before selling the cars in the United States, China was establishing auto factories in Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor. S.

Dear Mr. Trump vowed to prevent that from occurring. He predicted that it would “be a bloodbath for the country” if he is not elected. “.

“That will be the least of the problems. However, they won’t sell those vehicles. They’re erecting enormous factories,” Mr. Trump stated.

The Biden campaign quickly charged that Mr. Trump frequently used coded language to inflame his supporters.

Alright, Mr. Trump is charged with a crime in connection with his efforts to void the results of the 2020 election, which led to a violent attack on the U.S. s. Capitol day is January. 6, 2021.

Biden campaign spokesman James Singer stated, “This is who Donald Trump is: a loser who gets beat by over 7 million votes and then doubles down on his threats of political violence instead of appealing to a wider mainstream audience.”.

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential contest, commented on his remarks on Monday.

A massacre. “If you saw this in another country, what would you say?” Mrs. Clinton asked on X.

Dear Mr. Auto workers were aware that Trump was referring to automobiles.

He wrote, “The leadership of the United Auto Workers does not fully understand what I mean.”. “Cars manufactured in the USA will soon be extinct due to Biden’s push for the Electric Car Mandate. “.

Dear Mr. In an attempt to capitalize on the controversy, Trump’s team made a fundraising pitch on Monday, claiming that his opponents were misrepresenting his remarks.

It stated, “To maintain control, they will promote hoaxes, fictitious headlines, and outright LIES.”. “I need YOUR SUPPORT to retake the White House because of this.”.

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