Everyone hates him because he was Biden’s pick

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And the Justice Department will not be intimidated,” Garland told Republican members of the House Oversight Committee as he set out to defend himself and the department against Republicans’ attacks.
Garland has defenders beyond Jones, including from within D.C.’s extensive legal circles and among DOJ alumni.
They also attacked him over Trump’s criminal hush money prosecution even though that case was brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and had no connection to the Justice Department.
Garland called it a “conspiracy theory” that the Justice Department “somehow controlled” Bragg’s case.
“The whole Democratic Party over there is corrupt right now … Well, look at what they’ve done to President Trump.
Example number one, President Trump,” Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) said during his opening statement.
The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
For Biden, Garland’s efforts to maintain independence cut both ways.


“I refuse to be scared. In an effort to defend the Justice Department and himself from Republican attacks, Garland declared, “And the Justice Department will not be intimidated,” to Republican members of the House Oversight Committee.

Garland’s insistence that the criminal justice system is fair was especially noteworthy at a time when Trump is questioning the system in the wake of his conviction by a Manhattan jury. Additionally, he was forthright about how seriously he took Republican attacks.

“We shall carry on performing our duties impartially toward politics. Garland stated in his speech, “And we will not back down from defending democracy.”.

As a result of his tenure, Garland has gained a reputation on both sides of the aisle for being one of the most despised individuals in Washington and the target of jokes from late-night TV hosts. Bill Maher dubbed Garland “Attorney General Barney Fife” and quipped, “when we needed a pit bull, we got a purse dog.”. “.

However, Doug Jones, a former Democratic senator and a close ally of Joe Biden who was the president’s first choice for attorney general before Garland was chosen, supported the nominee.

The nature of the beast, according to Jones, is that you frequently have to make difficult choices and go in paths that aren’t going to be well-liked by everyone, and you’ll be targeted for it.

Beyond Jones, Garland has supporters from D.C as well. ‘s broad legal circles and among former DOJ employees. However, he hasn’t demonstrated political acumen. And from the left, the right, and all points in between, he has experienced blowback.

Not only did Biden suffer political fallout over whether his memory was failing as a result of his failure to control special counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into his handling of classified documents, but he was also chastised by his closest advisors for being slow to act on the DOJ’s investigation into whether Trump meddled in the 2020 election. Democrats have gone so far as to label Garland’s appointment as a “mistake” and claim he is “by far Biden’s worst appointee.”. “.

Republicans attacked him on Tuesday for withholding Hur’s interview tapes, which Democrats believe will be exploited to criticize the president. (Garland defended the DOJ, claiming transcripts were made public. They also attacked him regarding Trump’s criminal prosecution for hush money, despite the fact that the Justice Department had nothing to do with the case, which was brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“Somehow controlled” Bragg’s case is what Garland referred to as a “conspiracy theory” from the Justice Department. However, that did little to appease his critics in the GOP.

Naturally, he is dishonest, said Rep. Representative Mike Collins (R-Ga. stated to POLITICO. “Dot, the entire Democratic Party is currently corrupt.”. Let us examine the actions they have taken against President Trump. dot. It is corruption because they are all rowing in the same direction and are in the same boat. “.

Republicans attacked Garland right away during his yearly hearing. In America, justice is no longer blind. These days, politics is in charge. In his opening remarks, Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) cited President Trump as the first example.

Rep. Eli Crane, a Republican from Arizona. ), a representative for the House Freedom Caucus, claimed to POLITICO that Garland is “100%” dishonest. “Dot, it’s just so unbelievable. I never imagined that one day a political party in the United States of America would attempt to imprison its opponents. Nevertheless, here we are. “.

Rep. Dustin Johnson, R-S. D. ], the Republican Main Street Caucus chair, stressed that the DOJ chief must turn over the interview recordings but refrained from labeling Garland corrupt. “I find it surprising that he hasn’t.”. It’s not excessive to ask for this. It is already possible to access the transcripts. This is the kind of information that legal counsel frequently requests and has access to. The Attorney General’s refusal to cooperate is beyond my comprehension. “.

Defending both himself and his department, Garland gave a tough testimony. “Some members of this committee and the Oversight Committee are requesting contempt in order to obtain sensitive law enforcement information for no justifiable reason, which could compromise the integrity of future investigations,” Garland stated.

A request for comment from the Justice Department was not immediately answered.

Garland’s attempts to uphold his independence were perceived by Biden as reciprocal. After the Jan., he declared his nomination. 6 Attack on the Capitol. According to Biden, “Your loyalty is not to me.”. “You are not going to work for me. It is not your role to represent the president or vice president. “.

Many at the time perceived Biden’s remarks as a jab at Trump, who had relied on Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions, his attorneys general, to support him.

Garland, according to Jones, delivered.

Jones stated, “I believe that the Biden administration was searching for someone who would be cautious, prudent, deliberate, professional, and non-political. And he’s definitely fit the bill, in my opinion. This was the appropriate moment for him to strongly defend the Department of Justice. Furthermore, based on what I observed, today’s testimony vigorously defended democracy, the rule of law, the Department of Justice, and its employees. “.

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