European voters reject socialism and far- left policies

The results of the European Parliament elections saw voters – in Germany and France, especially – largely reject socialism and left-wing policies.
Experts who weighed in on the election told Fox News Digital the results should put President Biden’s administration on notice.
“They were a massive rejection of open borders, mass migration, the far left, green agenda that is being pushed by many European governments.
And so, voters across Europe rejected the ruling socialist or progressive liberal elites from Germany to France to Spain … to Belgium, to the Netherlands.
“European voters who are rejecting open borders are rejecting the extreme green agenda, rejecting wokeism, they don’t want high crime.
They don’t like, you know, the left wing socialist agenda.”
“The EU election results prove our data was right on the money,” Mowers, who served in former President Trump’s administration, told Fox News Digital.
“Voters decisively rejected the far-left ideology at the EU in the recent European parliamentary elections.


Voters overwhelmingly rejected socialism and left-wing policies, according to the results of the European Parliament elections, particularly in Germany and France.

According to election experts who spoke with Fox News Digital, the outcome should cause President Biden’s administration to pause. It was said that voters in the EU elections demonstrated a rejection of leftist agendas that have gained traction on both sides of the Atlantic. In general, voters in Europe and America share similar concerns regarding border security and mass migration.

The head of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, Dr. Nile Gardiner, told Fox News Digital, “First of all, the elections were a political earthquake in Europe.”. These represented a broad rejection of mass immigration, open borders, and the extreme left’s green agenda, which is supported by many European governments. The statement also expressed opposition to the European Union’s increasing centralization. And in a great number of European countries, the vote was strongly anti-euro. Voters in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other countries throughout Europe thus rejected the socialist or progressive liberal elites in power. Thus, in the recent history of Europe, this was one of the most consequential electoral results. “.”.

The Europeans are voting on the exact same issues that American voters are voting on, so I believe that the Biden White House should be extremely alarmed about what’s happening across the Atlantic. The lack of border security and mass migration are currently the biggest problems facing Europe. It’s America’s most pressing problem, according to Gardiner. “What you observed in Europe is a successful opposition to liberal, left-wing ruling classes, led by the Biden White House, naturally. Thus, Biden shares many characteristics with both French President Macron and German Chancellor Schultz. Biden is a liberal, progressive, elitist, and, well, disconnected from the great majority of everyday people. As a result, Joe Biden ought to be extremely anxious as he watches what’s happening in Europe. “.

As far-right momentum sends France’s leader reeling, Germany’s conservatives emerge victorious in the EU election.

Dr. Alan Mendoza, the founder and executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, told Fox News Digital that the results of the European elections were “in fact much more, say, a rejection of the left wing parties, versus should we say, you know, an enthusiastic rush to the far right.”. He contended that, in terms of positioning within the EU, the center right is actually holding the most ground.

Looks like Gardiner agreed.

“The term “far right” didn’t sit well with me. Because the concerns of voters in Europe, as evidenced by support for right-wing parties across the Atlantic, are precisely the same as those of U.S. s. Voters have as well, according to Gardiner. Voters in Europe who oppose open borders also oppose wokeism, the extreme green agenda, and high crime rates. The Islamization of Europe bothers them. In the end, the great majority of voters in Europe who supported right-wing parties are not radicals. All they want is for things to be altered at home. They have an objection to the left-wing socialist agenda, you know. “.

After the country’s far-right party, Alternative for Germany, or AfD, came in second place and the main conservative bloc came out on top, the governing coalition led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats in Germany came in third.

It therefore demonstrates how the left is collapsing and is unable to meet the needs of the people of Europe. It seems to me that immigration is the primary focus of this issue. People have kind of lost faith in what the left wing can offer because I think that’s such a big issue on the European continent these days,” Mendoza stated. Right-wing parties, in my opinion, will be the ones to supply these clarifications in the years to come. “.”.

Following his Renaissance party’s crushing loss to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party in the EU elections, French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly and announced an early legislative election. According to Mendoza, Macron’s decision to call a national election on the assumption that voters would prefer him over Le Pen’s party was a risky one, given that the EU elections are perceived more as a “protest vote” than anything else.


“Political developments in Europe can also have a big effect on America. Consider the Brexit vote that took place in the UK in 2016 preceding Donald Trump’s election win in that same year. As European and American electorates are ultimately not all that dissimilar in their priorities, what occurs in Europe does have an impact on America as well, according to Gardiner. The vast majority of people dislike the radical green agenda. They also object to left-wing attempts to undermine Western civilization and culture, including wokeism. “.

The EU-US Forum’s founding board member Matt Mowers revealed that the non-profit polled EU voters in May and discovered that most of them “do not think the EU headed in the right direction under its current left wing leadership.”. The survey also revealed, according to him, “that Europeans have serious concerns about skyrocketing costs of living, increased government censorship, and excessive regulations.”.

Mowers, a former member of President Trump’s administration, told Fox News Digital, “The EU election results prove our data was right on the money.”. “The current EU status quo is wearing on Europeans. The European public does not want the far-Left agenda to be imposed on them for decades, as demonstrated by the clear message that voters sent to the globalist elites in Brussels. There will be change. ****.

The EU needs to change, he continued. “Europe is waking up.”. In the most recent European parliamentary elections, voters soundly rejected the far-left ideology within the EU. The American left ought to be alarmed and taken notice of by this. November will see the rejection of the policies that leftists have been promoting in the US, including unrestricted regulation, reckless spending, and open borders. “.”.

Thomas Corbet-Dillon, a former adviser to former prime minister Boris Johnson, told Fox News Digital that “the right wing has risen across Europe, after years of left wing rule.”. The majority of French voters supported so-called ‘far right’ parties, clearly rejecting President Macron’s leftist platform of unchecked immigration, to the point where he suspended parliament in a panic. “.”.

“We see Geert Wilders leading the fight in the Netherlands, and Nigel Farage leading the charge against the Conservative Party in the UK,” Corbet-Dillon continued. However, it should be noted that the UK left the EU.

He declared, “Today has shown they have the support of the people. The right wing is rising across Europe.”. “The true conservative movement is still being referred to as far right by the left-wing media, but in actuality, regular men and women who are patriots and think that their country has a future are still being called far right. Because of what they have permitted to occur in Europe, the current governments in that continent deserve to be classified as far left. “.

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