Conservatives defeated the FISA rule after Trump pushed it

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House conservatives revolted against GOP leadership and defeated a FISA rule vote on the floor Wednesday, the latest blow to Speaker Mike Johnson that comes after former President Donald Trump called on Republicans to kill the bill.
“KILL FISA,” Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social.
This marks the fourth time in Johnson’s tenure that the House has defeated a rule vote, a major embarrassment for leadership.
House Republicans have been fiercely divided over how to handle the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reauthorization, putting pressure on Johnson to find a path forward amid competing factions within his conference.
Johnson had previously announced that the House will take up a FISA reauthorization bill this week.
Multiple sources close to Johnson and Trump said allies of the speaker have asked the former president to publicly support Johnson, or at least stay out of the back-and-forth altogether.
Johnson told members at a closed-door conference meeting Wednesday morning that he spoke with Trump Tuesday night.
In his call to “kill FISA,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, “IT WAS ILLEGALLY USED AGAINST ME, AND MANY OTHERS.


Following former President Donald Trump’s call for Republicans to kill the bill, House conservatives rebelled against GOP leadership and defeated a FISA rule vote on the floor on Wednesday. This is Speaker Mike Johnson’s latest setback.

Prior to the crucial procedural vote on Wednesday, Trump had urged House Republicans to reject the reauthorization bill, which caused additional difficulties for GOP leaders who had been trying to push the bill forward despite having trouble garnering support.

On his social media platform Truth Social, Trump posted, “KILL FISA.”.

The House has now defeated a rule vote four times during Johnson’s presidency, which is extremely embarrassing for the leadership.

19 Republicans defied the leadership of the House GOP and voted in favor of Democrats, sinking the procedural vote and eliminating a rule governing the reauthorization bill and several other bills. The final score was 193 to 228.

There is pressure on Johnson to find a way forward among rival factions within his conference because House Republicans are sharply split on how to handle the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The Louisiana Republican’s every move is being closely watched as a vote to remove him looms, and the speaker is at odds with his right flank over the surveillance law once more.

A FISA reauthorization bill is scheduled to be discussed in the House this week, Johnson had previously announced. The Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act is a proposed law that would reauthorize Section 702 of FISA for a period of five years while enacting a number of changes.

However, as a warning of things to come for GOP leaders, Republican Rep. It has already been announced that Matt Gaetz will vote against the procedural vote scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon.

Moreover, Florida Republican Rep. In reaction to Trump’s Truth Social post, Anna Paulina Luna wrote on X, “We are killing FISA.”. Additionally, Tennessee GOP Rep. CNN was informed by Tim Burchett that he would vote against the mandate. Good, he said, when told that would kill it. “.

Concurrently, three sources told CNN that Trump and Johnson are preparing to hold a joint news conference on Friday at Trump’s Florida estate Mar-a-Lago on the subject of what they call “election integrity.”.

The action was taken in response to a move to resign filed by Representative, which comes as the House Republican leader is defending his speakership. Marjorie Taylor-Greene. The Georgia Republican is essentially holding the threat in her back pocket for the time being because she hasn’t taken the required action to force a floor vote on the resolution.

According to several individuals close to both Johnson and Trump, the speaker’s allies have urged the former president to publicly back Johnson or to avoid getting involved in the back-and-forth.

During an early conference meeting on Wednesday, Johnson disclosed to the participants that he had a conversation with Trump on Tuesday evening. However, members claim Johnson told them they didn’t talk about FISA.

The National Defense Authorization Act included an extension of Section 702’s authority through April 19.

Present legislation permits the US intelligence community to obtain the communications records of foreign nationals stationed abroad, but it also permits the FBI to conduct what critics have dubbed a “backdoor” search of the data it gathers, looking for information about Americans.

Critics claim that loopholes allow the FBI to search the data it collects for American information — as opposed to information from foreign adversaries — without proper justification. The FBI’s searches of US persons’ information are governed by a set of internal rules and procedures intended to protect Americans’ privacy and civil liberties.

The complex politics surrounding the law have long produced odd bedfellows: while security-focused Democrats and Republicans have opposed significant new restrictions, some conservative Republicans have teamed up with progressive Democrats to push for changes to the authority.

A significant point of contention is whether the FBI should need a warrant in order to search the database for data pertaining to US citizens.

Within the GOP, leadership in December removed two bills pertaining to surveillance laws from the floor, indicating how difficult the issue has been for them to handle. In order to give lawmakers more time to agree on a course of action, a spokesman for the speaker stated in February that the House would take up FISA reform “at a later date.”.

With the revelation that Trump 2016 campaign aide Carter Page was improperly surveilled using a separate FISA provision, the authority has also grown to be a prominent political target for conservative Republicans.

“It was illegally used against me and many others,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, urging people to “kill FISA.”. I was spilt upon in my campaign.

Johnson wrote a letter to colleagues on Friday, saying, “FISA and Section 702 have been essential to intercepting communications of dangerous foreign actors overseas, understanding the threats against our country, countering our adversaries, and saving countless American lives.”. “Our task at hand is straightforward: keep the tool in working order while sternly forbidding any further misuse. “.

Speaking further, the speaker said that the bill that the House is anticipated to consider contains reforms “that will institute unprecedented transparency throughout the FISA process, impose penalties for wrongdoing, increase accountability at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), and establish new procedures to rein in the FBI so we no longer have to wait years to uncover potential abuses.”. “.

Lauren Fox of CNN contributed to this story.

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