Communities near the San Jacinto River have been ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Harvey approaches

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Mandatory and voluntary evacuations were issued on Thursday for several communities near the San Jacinto River as thunderstorms and flooding left the river at a level we haven’t seen since Hurricane Harvey.
A mandatory evacuation was issued for residents along the east side of the east fork of the San Jacinto River.
Hidalgo said the east fork of the San Jacinto River is usually 40 to 50 feet above sea level.
On Tuesday, the river got up to 70 feet above sea level due to heavy rain Sunday night into Monday.
Though there are multiple ways to get out of the area, Hidalgo said residents will likely be trapped for days if they chose not to evacuate.
In Montgomery County, Judge Mark Keough issued voluntary evacuation orders for residents in the flood-prone areas of River Plantation, Mosswood and Woodloch.
Storm shelters were available in south, east and west Montgomery County.
South Montgomery County: 26777 Glen Loch Dr.


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — On Thursday, floods and thunderstorms caused the San Jacinto River to reach a level not seen since Hurricane Harvey, forcing both mandatory and voluntary evacuations for a number of the communities in the area.

Every resident living near the east fork of the San Jacinto River was ordered to evacuate. The communities around FM 1485, all the way down to Lake Houston, are on the east side of the east fork.

On Tuesday, a voluntary evacuation was imposed on these same residents.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo declared, “We want you out of this area.”. This circumstance poses a serious risk to life. We want you to pay attention to the message we are sending. ****.

The east fork of the San Jacinto River is typically 40 to 50 feet above sea level, according to Hidalgo. Due to heavy rain that continued into Monday, the river rose to a height of 70 feet above sea level on Tuesday.

According to Hidalgo, the river will likely rise to 78 feet above sea level on Friday.

She underlined, “That is just 3 feet below where it was during Harvey.”.

According to Hidalgo, it is anticipated that floodwaters will inundate nearby power lines, endangering first responders in the event that rescue operations are required.

Hidalgo urged everyone to leave the area as soon as possible “for the safety of you, your family, your pets, and our first responders.”.

neighborhoods that have been voluntarily evacuated.

Those who reside in Kingwood near the San Jacinto River’s west fork.

The Forest Cove.

The North Shore.



Point Kings.

The Atascocita Shores.

Riviera Villa.

Residents like these have two choices, according to Hidalgo: either prepare to stay put for two or three days, or leave if you can’t!

According to Hidalgo, Kingwood residents who live closest to the river will be encircled by water. Even though there are several routes out of the region, Hidalgo warned that if people decide not to evacuate, they will probably be stuck there for days. Hidalgo was also concerned about water seeping into houses. The neighborhoods of Bella Wood, Rivercrest, Northshore, and Forest Cove were all mentioned in the same way.

It was predicted that those neighborhoods would experience flooding on Thursday night and throughout the weekend.

Because Wallisville Road—the only route into and out of the communities—is expected to flood, the Kingspoint and Atascocita Shores area, where the east and west forks of the San Jacinto River converge, was placed under voluntary evacuation.

Hidalgo stated that because the flooding in Kingspoint and Atascocita Shores would peak over the weekend, residents had until Friday before sundown to leave their homes.

Judge Mark Keough of Montgomery County issued orders for residents living in the flood-prone communities of River Plantation, Mosswood, and Woodloch to voluntarily evacuate. Water levels were predicted to rise by another 10 to 12 feet, so residents were advised to relocate.

In Montgomery County’s east, west, and south, there were storm shelters.

Montgomery County to the South:.

26777 Glen Loch Drive.

The Woodlands, 77381, Texas.

Montgomery County’s East:.

816 North. Blair Avenue.

Cleveland, TX 77327.

West Montgomery County:.

Lone Star Parkway, 2500.

At Montgomery, Texas 77356.

Judge Mark Keough of Montgomery County has ordered a voluntary evacuation of areas along the River that are prone to flooding.

The Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management published a post on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

How to proceed in an area designated for evacuation.

Based on data from the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

Keep an emergency kit with you and your family. Include all of your prescription medications and other necessary medical supplies.

Include food, medicine, and other supplies your pets need to be happy if you have any.

Bring necessary paperwork: You should bring necessary paperwork, such as your ID, insurance details, and health records.

Verify that these documents are up to date and kept in a dry, secure location. Store duplicates in a secure digital area that is password-protected or a safety deposit box.

When advised to evacuate, act quickly—don’t wait until the last minute. Observe any instructions when it’s time to leave. When it is safe to go back to your house, emergency personnel will notify you.

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