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Hundreds of islands and cays that comprise the Bahamas have long been a tropical playground for the rich, super-rich, and mind-bogglingly rich.
Shannas Cove Resort, Cat IslandShannas Cove Resort Oyster.comLocated up a dirt path, Shannas Cove Resort is a rambling, relaxed hilltop resort with lovely ocean views and natural grounds full of palms, flowers, and ferns.
Like Pigeon Cay, Shannas’ highlight is its big beach, which has free water sports, ivory sand, and calm, seemingly unnatural turquoise water.
Compass Point Beach Resort, NassauCompass Point Beach Resort Oyster.comCompass Point Beach Resort may be New Providence Island’s most interesting property.
Between studio sessions, many famous artists would crash at Compass Point Beach Resort.
Pineapple Fields Resort, EleutheraPineapple Fields Resort Oyster.comFirst-timers to Pineapple Fields Resort, keep your eyes peeled.
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas, Long IslandCape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Oyster.comStationed at northern end of Long Island, Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas has the sort of show-stopping beach that seems attainable only to made-of-money jet-setters.
An on-site restaurant and bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and between meals and bouts on the beach, guests can fish, dive, snorkel, bike, and nature cruise.
Stella Maris Resort Club, Long IslandStella Maris Resort Club Oyster.comIf you’re looking for casual, cheerful, and cheap, the beachfront Stella Maris Resort Club more than fits the bill.
Paradise Cove Beach Resort, FreeportParadise Cove Beach Resort Oyster.comOn the flip side of the classic big-box beach resort is Paradise Cove.

The Bahamas, a chain of hundreds of islands and cays, have long been a tropical haven for the super-rich and the insanely wealthy. In any case, it is quite feasible for everyone who isn’t on the A-list to locate a secluded area of the Bahamas to call their own—and to do so without experiencing a sharp decline in their savings. Starting point: Check out these 11 dreamy and reasonably priced hideaways, all of which are situated on magnificent beaches with snow-white sand and remarkably bright blue water.

1. On Cat Island, Pigeon Cay Beach Club.

Beach Club Oyster . com Pigeon Cay.

On the pristine island of Cat Island, 130 miles southeast of Nassau, lies the intimate Pigeon Cay Beach Club. You could spend hours strolling along the stunning coastline and never see another person, boat, dock, or Jet Ski. This tiny, quaintly ramshackle hotel has a similar end-of-the-world vibe. Its seven rustic cottages face a stunning beach with vivid teal water that really does deserve the word stunning. The guests can enjoy free use of the island’s bike, canoe, and kayak for exploration, or they can quietly stop by the beach bar that operates on an honor system. TVs, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi are all contently inactive. Meals are served in the cottages, which all have fully equipped kitchens and furnished outdoor areas, at the bar, or on the beach.

2. Resort Shannas Cove, Cat Island.

Oyster.com hosts Shannas Cove Resort.

Shannas Cove Resort is a sprawling, laid-back hilltop resort with a natural setting full of ferns, flowers, and palm trees. It can be found up a dirt path. The five bungalows at Shannas are simple, but they have furnished porches with spectacular views of the ocean. Their TVs have a few channels and mini-fridges, but they don’t have Pigeon Cay’s kitchens or Wi-Fi. Similar to Pigeon Cay, Shannas’ main draw is its expansive beach, which offers free water activities, ivory sand, and serene, almost surreal turquoise water. Generally speaking, the beach is all to ourselves for visitors, and a nature trail leading off the resort leads to even more secluded, breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Despite its seclusion, Shannas does have a social aspect: other patrons frequently congregate in the bar during the evenings.

3. Paradise Island’s Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat.

Yoga Retreat Oyster . com: Sivananda Ashram.

Ignore the Atlantis resort mini-city down the beach, and the cruise ships tooting Disney horn songs in the harbor. Nestled amidst these massive tourist attractions is Sivananda, a serious ashram that follows a strict yoga and meditation schedule. A 5:30 a.m. starts each day. m. gong, awakening visitors for a two-hour yoga class on an open platform on the beach or by the harbor, after which they participate in morning satsang, which includes meditation, chanting, singing, and lectures. Following the first of two lacto-vegetarian meals, guests can attend additional workshops or relax on the white-sand beach during free time. After dinner and the evening satsang, there will be more yoga. From beachfront suites to camping and tent huts, there are a variety of lodging options available (though most rooms have shared bathrooms). It can be incredibly inexpensive for those who are camping or bringing their own tent, as the fee includes twice-daily yoga, meditations, and buffet-style meals.

4. Little Hope Bay Resort, Andros.

Tiny Hope Bay Lodge The Oyster website.

On Andros Island, the largest of the Bahamas, which is primarily composed of impenetrable bush, inland waterways, and mangrove marsh, the eco-friendly Small Hope Bay Lodge offers some of the most affordable rates. All meals, bar drinks, standard beverages, and the evening conch fritter hors d’oeuvres are included in the all-inclusive package at Small Hope, despite its untamed and remote setting. The sixth-largest reef in the world, Andros Barrier Reef, is the starting point for free sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, biking, and dive trips (including wreck and blue hole dives). Beachside cabins at Small Hope have whitewashed walls and wood-beamed ceilings, along with Danish-style lounge chairs, woven rugs, and local Androsia Batik fabrics.

5. Beach Resort Compass Point, Nassau.

Compass Point Beach Resort online at Oyster.com.

Perhaps the most intriguing property on New Providence Island is Compass Point Beach Resort. The resort was established in 1995 by renowned music producer Chris Blackwell, who also owned a recording studio close by where the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and Bob Marley recorded songs. Many well-known artists would stay at Compass Point Beach Resort in between studio sessions. The resort is made up of eighteen rainbow-colored huts that are inspired by Junkanoo, the Bahamian street parade. Its appearance is as remarkable as its history. Every room has a balcony and surround-sound music systems; some even have outdoor dining areas, kitchenettes, and second bedrooms. The trendy, airy restaurant offers continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, self-parking, and stunning views of the ocean in addition to live music every day. Daily housekeeping is charged for. Compass Point is located on the gorgeous Love Beach, one of the island’s most romantic beaches, a mile-long stretch of milky sand. It’s a great place to snorkel, and because of its remote location, it’s rarely crowded.

6. Resort at Pineapple Fields, Eleuthera.

Pineapple Fields Resort – Oyster Dot Com.

Those who have never visited Pineapple Fields Resort before, be alert. This laid-back condo complex is tucked away along a back road in the heart of Eleuthera, a sleepy town known for its extra-chilled-out Bahamian vibe, which is precisely why so many people, including VIPs and royalties, choose the island for vacation. During the day, the property seems almost deserted, as most visitors are either napping by the outdoor pool or horseback riding along the inland trails or one of the many beaches on the island. At night, however, things really get going. Locals and visitors alike head to the lively, welcoming Tippy’s for sunset cocktails on the deck and freshly prepared seafood straight from the open kitchen.

7. Long Island’s Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas.

Oyster Dot Com: Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas, located at the northernmost point of Long Island, boasts the kind of jaw-dropping beach that seems exclusive to wealthy celebrities. It features immaculate white sand and serene turquoise shallows, making it a long, wide, and ridiculously scenic beach. With its 1,800-square-foot villas, the hotel does cater to both wealthy and frugal guests. All of the bungalows are equipped with a private veranda and stunning views of the ocean. Between meals and beach activities, visitors can fish, dive, snorkel, bike, and take a nature cruise. There is also an on-site restaurant and bar that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (It costs nothing to use the bikes and kayaks. ( ).

8. Eleuthera, the Unique Village.

First-rate Village Oyster website.

It can be expensive to stay on Eleuthera, the mogul-magnet. Fortunately, there are a few affordable, cozy properties on the island, such as Unique Village. Overlooking the serene Poponi Beach, which is well-known for its gorgeous pink sands but is rarely crowded, this 14-room hotel stands tall. Simple and bright island decor, free Wi-Fi, and spacious, air-conditioned rooms with outdoor terraces—many of which face the ocean—are features of Unique Village, which also features an outdoor pool and casual restaurant.

9. The Stella Maris Resort Club is located on Long Island.

Oyster Dot Com: Stella Maris Resort Club.

Beachfront Stella Maris Resort Club is a great option if you’re looking for something cheap, cheerful, and casual. With its competitive rates, free activities, and accommodations that can accommodate larger parties (there are 27 hotel rooms, cottages, houses, and villas), this expansive, family-owned complex on picturesque and remote Long Island is a steal. Stella Maris’s beach is unsuitable for swimming due to its rocky shoreline and rough waves, but the pristine, turquoise-blue expanse provides a stunning backdrop. There are also free shuttles to a swimmable beach and three pools on the property. The resort’s abundance of free activities, which include day trips, boating, nature hikes, caving, kayaking, and rum punch parties, is one of its best features.

10. Resort at Paradise Cove Beach, Freeport.

The Paradise Cove Beach Resort on Oyster.com.

Paradise Cove is the beach resort on the other side of the traditional big-box style. There are just two villas at this genuine, family-run resort on Grand Bahama’s western coast. They are both two-bedroom homes with living rooms, kitchens, and screened-in porches that overlook the ocean. The resort is located near Deadman’s Reef, which offers some of the island’s best snorkeling. Look for moray eels, sea turtles, and reef sharks while snorkeling there. There are no resorts in the area, so those seeking seclusion will be delighted to find this undiscovered treasure.

11. Stocking Island’s St Francis Resort.

In St. Go to Francis Resort Oyster.com.

Stocking Island is about as remote as it gets if you’re looking to get away from it all. There are only a few dozen people living on the island, which is only reachable by boat (ten minutes from George Town). There are no roads or cars on the island. It does, however, have unspoiled scenery in the form of deserted white-sand beaches, hiking trails, and blue holes. The serene and rustic St Francis Resort blends seamlessly with its surroundings, providing two beaches, eight roomy rooms with ocean views, and complimentary kayak and Hobie Cat rentals. There’s more than just quiet times here. The hotel has weekly barbeques, poker nights, trivia nights, and karaoke, and the restaurant attracts a lot of boaters and day-trippers. There’s free breakfast in the room, free Wi-Fi, and free transportation from George Town.

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