Biden wants to inspire the push for democracy abroad and at home

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POINTE DU HOC, France (AP) — President Joe Biden on Friday summoned Americans to defend democracy from threats at home and abroad — and cast an implicit contrast with Donald Trump — as he drew on the heroism of Army Rangers who scaled the seaside cliffs of Pointe du Hoc in the D-Day invasion 80 years ago.
The same spot was etched in the nation’s political memory in 1984, when President Ronald Reagan honored the “boys of Pointe du Hoc” and drew common cause between their almost unthinkable feat in the face of Nazi Germany’s tyranny and the Reagan-era Cold War struggle against the Soviet Union.
“As we gather here today, it’s not just to honor those who showed such remarkable bravery that day June 6, 1944,” Biden said.
It was their first meeting since Biden signed the legislation authorizing the additional military assistance.
Pointe du Hoc is located on the sheer cliffs between Omaha and Utah beaches.
Army Rangers used ropes, ladders and their hands to scale Pointe du Hoc while under fire.
“These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc,” he said.
“It wasn’t that long ago when a Republican president, Ronald Reagan, thundered, ‘Mr.


POINTE DU HOC, France (AP)— Drawing on the bravery of Army Rangers who scaled the seaside cliffs of Pointe du Hoc in the D-Day invasion eight decades ago, President Joe Biden called on Americans on Friday to protect democracy from threats both domestically and abroad. He also impliedly contrasted himself with Donald Trump in his remarks.

When President Ronald Reagan honored the “boys of Pointe du Hoc” in 1984 and linked their nearly unimaginable achievement against the oppressive rule of Nazi Germany to the Cold War struggle against the Soviet Union, the location became permanently marked in the political memory of the country.

With two exhausting wars on his plate and an election year where former President Trump is continuing to fabricate his loss in the 2020 election and threatening to destroy the United States government, Biden now attempted to use both historic occasions to further his own vision for the nation’s global role. S. obligations abroad should he win back the presidency.

“Today’s gathering isn’t solely to pay tribute to the individuals who displayed such incredible bravery on June 6, 1944,” Biden stated. It is to hear their voices reverberating. in order to hear them. since they are calling upon us. What will we do, they ask us? They are not requesting that we climb these precipices. They’re pleading with us to uphold the ideals that define America. “.

Biden, a Democrat, never mentioned the former president, a Republican, even though it was purportedly an official speech. Yet, his comments were tinged with politics as his campaign seeks to win over Republican supporters who are national security hawks who idolized Reagan and have never warmed to Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

Regarding the “ghosts of Pointe du Hoc,” Biden remarked, “They’re not asking us to do their job.”. They are requesting that we carry out our duties, which include standing up to aggression both domestically and internationally, defending democracy, and defending freedom in our day. “.

A day prior, Biden participated in an emotional ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery honoring the D-Day force, which was also attended by numerous veterans who were in their late 90s or older. A missing-man salute by an F-35 flew past, making the president heavy-eyed and pumping his fist. A Navy officer performed “The Watch,” reaffirming that a new generation was taking up the defense of freedom. A 21-gun salute cast eerie smoke over 9,388 white marble headstones.

Saying, “We’re the fortunate heirs of a legacy of these heroes,” Biden, who is 81 years old and not too different from the fighters in Normandy, positioned himself and his country as their heirs in the eternal struggle between freedom and tyranny. “.

However, as Trump runs for reelection, the nation’s readiness to pick up the mantle has never been in doubt in many respects. As he referred to historical heroes and questioned, “Does anyone doubt they would move heaven and earth to vanquish hateful ideologies of today?” Biden appeared to acknowledge that.

During their Friday meeting in Paris, Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized the U.S. S. commitment to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s invasion and, for the first time, expressed regret to the Ukrainian people in public for the months-long congressional standoff over US military aid, which allowed Moscow to gain military advantage. After Biden signed the bill approving the increased military support, it was their first meeting together. A new $225 million shipment of ammunition, including artillery rounds, rockets, mortars, and air defense missiles, was also announced by him.

Although Biden expressed regret for the weeks that people were uncertain about funding, he emphasized that the American people would support Ukraine throughout the entire process. “We’re still involved. All the way. Fully, he declared.

Along with supporting Ukraine, Biden is attempting to address other global issues, such as putting an end to hostilities between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and reorienting U.S. s. to counter China’s ascent to power in Asia through foreign policy.

Situated on the precipitous bluffs that separate the beaches of Omaha and Utah is Pointe du Hoc. It was thought that the Nazis had placed artillery there prior to D-Day, giving them the ability to bombard vital landing areas for Allied forces.

Under fire, Army Rangers ascended Pointe du Hoc using ropes, ladders, and their hands. Upon reaching the summit, they discovered that the artillery had been relocated, leaving only decoys. The Americans spent two days fending off Nazi counterattacks after finding and disabling the weapons nearby.

On D-Day’s 40th anniversary in 1984, Reagan commemorated the mission.

He said, “These are the boys from Pointe du Hoc.”. These guys are the ones who climbed the cliffs. These heroes contributed to the liberation of an entire continent. These people are the heroes who made a war cease. “.

Reagan’s speech served as a call for the U.S. during the ongoing Cold War with the Soviet Union. S. to keep looking toward Europe.

“Two World Wars have taught us in America some very painful lessons,” he declared. “It is preferable to be prepared to defend the peace here rather than to flee across the sea in blind panic and act only after freedom has been lost. It has become evident to us that responding to despotic regimes with expansionist intentions through isolationism has never been and will never be acceptable. “.

His point of view would probably make him unpopular with the modern Republican Party, which has grown more wary of foreign involvement under Trump’s direction.

In this year’s State of the Union address, Biden emphasized the difference.

“Not too long ago, Republican President Ronald Reagan yelled, ‘Mr. “Tear down this wall, Gorbachev,” was a reference to another well-known Berlin speech. As Putin is told to do as he pleases, my predecessor, a former Republican president, steps in. ‘”.

Trump made that comment at a February rally in South Carolina, warning European allies not to be “delinquent” in their military spending or he would refuse to help them as president.

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