Biden addresses debating Trump and protecting abortion rights

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President Joe Biden addressed potential debates with former President Donald Trump, changes in the Republican Party and personal perseverance in an unexpected interview on the “Howard Stern Show.”
The president did say that, as the presumptive Democratic nominee, he’d be willing to face off against Trump in debates later this year.
“I don’t know when, but I am happy to debate him,” Biden said.
For weeks, Trump has expressed his desire to debate Biden and criticized him for not committing earlier, even calling to move up the debate schedule.
Biden addresses Supreme Court, abortion rights The president during the interview also discussed the Supreme Court, and Stern asked Biden about Republicans in Congress blocking former President Barack Obama’s appointment to the Supreme Court in 2016.
However, activists trying to protect abortion rights have notched several victories with state-level ballot measures, even in ruby-red areas.
While discussing Ukraine, Biden took the opportunity to differentiate himself from Trump once more over the former president’s recent comments about NATO.
“Trump thinks we should not have NATO,” Biden alleged in the interview.


In an unexpected interview with Howard Stern, President Joe Biden talked about possible debates with former President Donald Trump, shifts within the Republican Party, and individual tenacity. ****.

Biden didn’t discuss U.S. policy with the divisive radio host. S. , but he expressed pride in having approved $61 billion in U.S. funding for Israel or the anti-war demonstrations occurring on college campuses in the interview that was made public on Friday. s. support to Ukraine was a part of the $95 billion foreign aid package that he signed last week.

As the presumed Democratic nominee, the president did indicate that he would be open to debate Trump later in the year. However, he also talked about his plans for the remainder of his presidency and, should he beat Trump in the fall, his prospective second term.

These are the five things I learned from the interview.

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Proud to engage in a debate with Trump, Biden says.

While it had seemed that Biden would not commit to debates before the November election, he told Stern that he would be open to a debate with the presumed Republican nominee.

“I’m willing to debate him, but I’m not sure when,” Biden remarked.

No confirmation of Biden’s participation in any debates had been made by his campaign until this past Friday. Trump has been expressing his desire to debate Biden for weeks. He has even called to move up the debate schedule and criticized Biden for not committing sooner.

There are three dates in September and October that the Commission on Presidential Debates has set. On September, the first presidential debate is scheduled to occur. 16 in San Marcos, Texas, at Texas State University.

Biden talks about the Supreme Court and women’s rights.

Stern questioned Biden about Republicans in Congress obstructing former President Barack Obama’s 2016 nomination to the Supreme Court. The president also touched on the Supreme Court during the interview.

Biden cautioned, “I have to be careful what I say about the court. It’s the most conservative court in modern history and it’s really, really conservative. Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in 2016, even though the court’s composition was still similar at the time and four justices had not yet been confirmed.

Even after the court’s 2022 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Biden stated that if he is elected to a second term, he thinks more states will enact legislation protecting abortion. Wade.

Abortion has become illegal in over a dozen states since the historic ruling was reversed. However, even in ruby-red areas, proponents of abortion rights have won a number of state-level ballot initiatives.

According to Biden, “They haven’t seen nothing yet.”. It will be possible to make Roe v. Wade the government’s laws once more. “.

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“This Republican Party is not your father’s.”.

Biden berated Trump for being the head of the Republican Party throughout the entire interview.

Trump’s passivity on January was criticized by Biden. 6, 2021, when his supporters rioted violently in the U. S. capitol, “virtually unlawful.”. He denounced Trump for referring to those involved in the disturbance as “patriots” and promising to pardon them if reelected.

“This is not the Republican Party of your father,” Biden declared. “Joe, I agree with you, but I can’t [say] it,” said seven Republican senators who were in office at the time—two of whom have since left. He will succeed in getting me. ‘”.

Citing Trump’s alleged 2020 remarks demeaning fallen military personnel as “losers” and “suckers,” Biden claimed he and the president had “fundamentally different value sets.”. Reported remarks by Trump have been refuted.

According to Biden, “a significant portion of military personnel supported me in 2020 and are not overly fond of Trump.”.

In 2020, the Associated Press discovered that approximately 60% of military veterans and slightly more than half of those residing in households headed by veterans reported supporting Trump in the election.

Biden highlights NATO and Ukraine’s support.

Throughout the interview, Biden underlined his backing for NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Ukraine against Russia.

He claimed to have spent “hours and hours” getting Congressmen to back him in order to guarantee U.S. s. The $95 billion foreign aid package he signed last week included aid to Ukraine.

“I believe that the disintegration of NATO would have started sooner if we hadn’t completed this task,” stated Biden.

During the conversation about Ukraine, Biden used the occasion to set himself apart from Trump once more in light of the former president’s recent remarks regarding NATO. At a campaign stop earlier this year, Trump stated he had told a foreign leader that if members of the international alliance weren’t keeping their end of the bargain, Russia could “do whatever the hell they want.”.

During the interview, Biden claimed that Trump believed NATO was unnecessary.

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Biden says his family helped him through difficult times.

Much of Biden and Stern’s talk was centered around his family; they spoke about Biden’s recollections of his parents, how his loved ones had pushed him to run for office, and the passing of three of his children and his first wife.

According to him, he briefly considered taking his own life after the death of his first wife and young daughter in a car accident in 1972, but his extended family’s support helped him get through the difficult period.

According to Biden, “many heroes have faced similar challenges as me and even more, without the support of their families.”. “Every day, thousands of heroes rise and walk forward, but they have no one to thank but themselves. “.

Even though he has never attended therapy, he told Stern that he still urges Americans who are having mental health issues to see a therapist.

Biden declared, “The people of America are unwavering.”. “They never surrender. We live in the world’s most unusual country. Indeed, we are. We will not let it get away from us. With God’s grace. “.

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