At a fund-raiser, Trump said he wants immigrants from good countries

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Former President Donald J. Trump, speaking at a multimillion-dollar fund-raiser on Saturday night, lamented that people were not immigrating to the United States from “nice” countries “like Denmark” and suggested that his well-heeled dinner companions were temporarily safe from undocumented immigrants nearby, according to an attendee.
Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, made the comments during a roughly 45-minute presentation at a dinner at a mansion owned by the billionaire financier John Paulson in Palm Beach, Fla., a rarefied island community.
Dozens of wealthy donors helped write checks that the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee claim totaled more than $50 million, an amount that would set a record but had not been verified.
Campaign finance reports encompassing the date of the event won’t be available for months.
Some of Mr. Trump’s comments were standard fare from his stump speeches, while other parts of the speech were tailored to his wealthy audience.
About midway through his remarks, the attendee said, Mr. Trump began an extensive rant about migrants entering the United States, at a time when President Biden has been struggling with an intensified crisis at the Southern border.
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Former US President Donald J. Speaking at a multimillion dollar fund-raiser on Saturday night, Trump bemoaned the lack of immigration to the US from “nice” countries “like Denmark” and implied that his affluent dinner guests were temporarily safe from nearby undocumented immigrants. An attendee of the event said that Trump made these remarks.

Dear Mr. The remarks were made by the presumed Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, during a roughly 45-minute speech at a dinner held at the Palm Beach, Florida, mansion of billionaire financier John Paulson. a privileged island society.

According to an attendee who was not allowed to speak publicly about the private event but gave a detailed readout of Mr. Trump’s remarks, guests were seated outside at white-clothed tables under a white tent, with views of the waterway separating the affluent town from the more diverse West Palm Beach, a mainland city.

The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign have claimed that checks totaling over $50 million were written by dozens of wealthy donors; however, the amount claimed has not been independently verified. Reports on campaign finances covering the event date won’t be accessible for several months.

While some of Mr. Trump’s remarks were borrowed verbatim from his stump speeches, others were catered to his affluent audience.

At a point when President Biden has been grappling with a worsening situation at the Southern border, the attendee said that approximately halfway through his speech, Mr. Trump launched into a lengthy tirade about migrants entering the country.

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