Along with Russia and China, Biden calls Japan xenophobic


President Joe Biden on Wednesday called close US ally Japan “xenophobic” at a Washington, D.C., fundraiser, just weeks after lauding the US-Japan alliance at a state dinner.
The president made the remark while arguing that Japan, along with Russia and China, would perform better economically if the countries embraced immigration more.
“You know, one of the reasons why our economy is growing is because of you and many others.
Because we welcome immigrants,” Biden said, according to reporters traveling with the president at a fundraiser with Asian American and Pacific Islander supporters.
Why is Russia?” “Because they’re xenophobic,” he said.
Immigrants are what makes us strong.” Biden had similarly cast Japan, Russia and China as “xenophobic” during an interview with a Spanish language radio station in March.
The latest critique of Japan comes less than a month after he hosted Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for a state visit.
Japan and other East Asian nations have largely shied away from using immigration to bolster their populations.


President Joe Biden referred to Japan, a close ally of the United States, as “xenophobic” on Wednesday in a Washington, D.C. a state dinner, a few weeks after praising the US-Japan alliance.

The president said as much, claiming that countries like China, Russia, and Japan would all do better economically if they welcomed immigration more.

You know, you and a lot of other people are responsible for a portion of our economy’s growth. Reporters accompanying the president at a fundraiser for supporters of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders reported that Biden stated, “Why? Because we welcome immigrants.”. “The reason—well, consider it. What causes Japan’s problems, Russia’s economic stagnation, and China’s?

“Because they harbor xenophobia,” he uttered. They are against immigration. We are strong because of our immigrants. “.

In a March interview with a Spanish-language radio station, Biden had similarly characterized China, Russia, and Japan as “xenophobic.”.

“At that time, the president said that the Chinese and Japanese people are xenophobic and that they don’t want any other people—not even Russians or Chinese or Japanese people.”.

The most recent criticism of Japan was made by him less than a month after he received Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for a state visit.

Biden stated that Japan and the US have “the same values, the same commitment to democracy and freedom to dignity” during the state dinner hosted at the White House in April. “.

Biden declared at the dinner that “our alliance is literally stronger than it has ever been today.”.

Japan has been dealing with a long-term demographic crisis that has had a significant impact on the labor force and economy of the nation. For the most part, East Asian countries like Japan have avoided using immigration to increase their populations.

Aside from the political pressure he faces domestically over his own immigration policies, the president’s remarks coincide with a shortage of resources to handle the influx of migrants and harsh criticism from Republicans.

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