A woman was killed when a tornado blew her out of a car


Monica Zamarron was on her way home from work when she was blown out of her car and killed by one of the handful of tornadoes to strike Iowa on Tuesday.
She was working for Southwest Iowa Egg Cooperative which sells “farm fresh eggs at affordable prices” to area food service outlets, according to SWIE’s website.
The business described her as a committed worker who was on her way home from a shift when tornadoes hit in southwest Iowa.
Zamarron, 46, was in a vehicle near Highway 148 and Joshua Tree Avenue north of Corning when a tornado struck the area.
The National Weather Service said Thursday afternoon that Zamarron was killed in the same tornado that struck Greenfield, killing four others there.
The tornado was on the ground for about 46 minutes, traveling 44 miles across southwest Iowa.
Zamarron is the only known fatality from the tornado outside of Greenfield.
‘Lucky again’:Tornado kills one in rural southwest Iowa; neighbors describe near-misses In the news release confirming her death, the sheriff’s office thanked all of the nearby counties who responded to the incident.


One of the few tornadoes to hit Iowa on Tuesday killed Monica Zamarron as she was leaving her job and getting home.

She was employed by the Southwest Iowa Egg Cooperative, which, according to its website, provides local food service establishments with “farm fresh eggs at affordable prices.”.

As per the business description, she was a dedicated employee who was headed home after work when tornadoes struck southwest Iowa.

“Monica was a valued employee who was known for her attention to detail as she provided excellent care for birds,” SWIE stated on Facebook. Her dedication was to guaranteeing that every one of our clients received eggs of the highest caliber. She was a special friend to everyone who knew her, and it was clear that she loved her family. “.”.

When a tornado hit the area north of Corning, Zamarron, 46, was inside a car near Highway 148 and Joshua Tree Avenue. Around 3:30 p.m., her body was discovered roughly 300 yards from the vehicle. m. The Tuesday. Wednesday’s news release from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office verified her identity.

Four people were also killed in Greenfield by the same tornado that struck Zamarron, according to the National Weather Service on Thursday afternoon. After spending roughly 46 minutes on the ground, the tornado crossed southwest Iowa at a distance of 44 miles. The path and intensity may be further adjusted, according to the NWS, which raised its rating to an EF4.

The only confirmed victim of the tornado that happened outside of Greenfield is Zamarron. In Greenfield, an additional thirty-five people were hurt.

The mud-caked and inverted car was lying in the grass. To the uninformed eye, the car appeared to be just a lump of metal, but the storm had broken the windshield and severed the front end.

“Happy again”: Neighbors report near-misses after a tornado kills one in a remote area of southwest Iowa.

Sheriff’s office expressed gratitude to all the neighboring counties that responded to the scene in the news release confirming her death.

On Wednesday, SWIE announced that it would give Zamarron’s family all proceeds from sales and tips. On Thursday, it was stated that tips for the rest of the week would be given to the family.

Additionally, Zamarron’s daughter launched a GoFundMe campaign. Help Monica’s Family in Their Time of Loss is the page’s title, and it has been validated by GoFundMe’s Trust and Safety Team. “.”.

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