A Suburban Seattle woman suspected of being kidnapped was found dead in Mexico


A 54-year-old suburban Seattle woman who had been missing for two weeks was found dead in Mexico, and a man described as a suspect was arrested by Mexican police on unrelated charges, police said.
Police in Renton, Washington, said this week that friends told officers they last heard from Reyna Hernandez on Feb. 26.
Friends told police she said she was running errands before returning to her home.
Two days later Hernandez was reported missing after she didn’t open her hair salon or answer her phone.
Reyna Hernandez Renton Police DepartmentPolice said on Friday they saw a news article about an unidentified body found in a cemetery along the Tijuana Highway in Mexicali, a port of entry between the U.S. and Mexico near the border with California.
Renton investigators contacted Mexicali authorities and provided enough information to identify the body over the weekend as that of Hernandez, police said.
Police didn’t say what led them to believe the body belonged to Hernandez.
Mexican law enforcement officials arrested a 61-year-old Renton man on unrelated charges and recovered Hernandez’s vehicle, according to Renton police.
The name of the man arrested wasn’t released and Renton police didn’t say what relationship he may have had with Hernandez, but described her death as a domestic violence crime.
Police said there is evidence that Hernandez was taken against her will.
“This is the worst possible outcome, and our hearts go out to Reyna’s family and friends,” Renton police Cmdr.
Chandler Swain said in a news release.
He said investigators are working with Mexicali police and U.S. federal partners to determine when and where Hernandez was killed.
He added that U.S. authorities would seek the arrested man’s extradition if they determine Hernandez’ death occurred on American soil.
CBS affiliate KIRO-TV reported a makeshift memorial had been set up outside Hernandez’s hair salon.
“To have this as the outcome is just devastating,” Meeghan Black of the Renton Police Department told KIRO-TV.
“It’s now gone across country lines, not just state lines but country lines and we were working very well with Mexican officials and we’re getting the federal officials involved to try and figure out who takes jurisdiction when we figure out that timeline.”

Two weeks after going missing, a 54-year-old suburban Seattle woman was discovered dead in Mexico, and Mexican police detained a man they described as a suspect on unrelated charges.

The last time friends heard from Reyna Hernandez was February, according to Renton, Washington, police this week. 26. She told friends she was doing errands before going back to her house, according to police reports. Hernandez didn’t open her hair salon or return calls, so two days later, someone reported her missing.

Police Department of Reyna Hernandez in Renton.

The unidentified body was discovered in a cemetery near the Tijuana Highway in Mexicali, a point of entry between the U.S. and Mexico, according to a news article that police saw on Friday. S. and Mexico close to the California border.

Over the weekend, Mexicali authorities were contacted by Renton investigators, who supplied sufficient details to positively identify Hernandez’s body, according to police. The reason why the police thought Hernandez was the owner of the body was not disclosed.

According to Renton police, Hernandez’s car was found and a 61-year-old Renton man was taken into custody by Mexican law enforcement on unrelated charges. Hernandez’s death was reported as a case of domestic violence by Renton police, but they withheld the identity of the man who was arrested and offered no details about any possible relationship between them.

Hernandez was taken against her will, according to evidence cited by the police.

“We sympathize with Reyna’s family and friends, as this is the worst possible outcome,” Renton police Cmdr. stated Chandler Swain in a press statement.

He stated that detectives are collaborating with the Mexicali police and the U.S. s. federal partners to ascertain Hernandez’s death’s date and location. He went on to say that U. s. If it turns out Hernandez died on US soil, the authorities would ask for the arrested man’s extradition.

A temporary memorial has been erected outside Hernandez’s hair salon, according to CBS affiliate KIRO-TV.

Meeghan Black of the Renton Police Department told KIRO-TV, “To have this as the outcome is just devastating.”. In addition to state lines, it has now crossed international borders. We have been collaborating effectively with Mexican authorities, and we are involving federal officials in an effort to determine who will have jurisdiction once that timeline is established. “.

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