A presidential candidate was arrested during a protest

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ST. LOUIS — Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein was one of roughly 80 people arrested Saturday night on Washington University St. Louis’ campus.
The protest comes after students were arrested and suspended last weekend during a sit-in protest at a university event for potential students.
Stein spoke with 5 On Your Side minutes after her release, saying she is facing charges of assault.
It also said that some may be charged with resisting arrest and assault for injuries to Washington University officers.
Stein said she faces charges for assault on an officer but claims she was the one assaulted.
The protest comes after students were arrested and suspended last weekend during a sit-in protest at a university event for potential students.
Resist WashU claimed that last weekend’s protest was met with “an outsized police presence and explicit threats of violence and mass arrest by the Washington University Police Department.”
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ST. Louis – About eighty people were taken into custody on Saturday night on Washington University St., including Dr. Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party. The campus of Louis. The demonstration is in response to last weekend’s arrest and suspension of students who staged a sit-in protest at an open house hosted by the university.

At approximately 10 p.m. M. The WashU campus was evacuated, and hundreds of protesters moved to the St. Stein was one of several demonstrators held at the Clayton, Missouri, Louis County jail. While 5 On Your Side was there overnight, they observed about 200 people waiting outside to show their support for the individuals who had been arrested.

Dr. Stein was detained by the police for six hours. At 7:26 pm, she was checked into the jail, and at 1:30 am, she was released. Stein said she is being charged with assault in an interview with 5 On Your Side shortly after her release.

After being taken away from the group, Stein recalled spending a considerable amount of time sitting by themselves in a cell. “Am I going to be in here for a week or there for the rest of the night?” he asked himself.

All those who were taken into custody will face trespassing charges, according to a statement from WashU. Additionally, it stated that some might face charges of assault and resisting arrest in relation to injuries sustained by Washington University officers.

Following a request from the KSDK to WashU regarding the quantity and type of injuries sustained by officers on Saturday night, the university included the information in their statement, indicating that three officers were among the casualties. They sustained a concussion, a groin injury, and a broken finger.

Although Stein says she was the one attacked, she is charged with assaulting an officer.

“You know, I got cut off from the rest of the crowd and at first I thought there was a lot of safety in numbers. It later transpired that I was facing assault charges following my physical assault by an officer who was riding a bicycle and had basically thrown me onto my head. “.

Both the campaign manager and deputy campaign manager were detained, according to the Jill Stein campaign.

Stein questioned WashU’s handling of the protest in an interview with 5 On Your Side.

“It presents a very poor image for the university. In essence, they are apprehending this encampment after calling the police. Stein stated, “That is just the exercise of our constitutional rights.”. “Freedom of speech is the topic here. And freedom of speech on a very important issue that requires discussion and debate, not just any old freedom of speech. “.”.

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According to Stein, neither the arrest nor the charges will have an effect on her campaign.

“I don’t think it really changes anything other than demonstrating to you and me that we are not hypocrites and that we are truly standing by students and young people and genuinely relying on their moral authority to lead us forward on this issue,” Stein said.

Following a sit-in protest last weekend at an open university event for prospective students, several students were arrested and suspended. This is the reason for the protest. According to Resist WashU, the group spearheading the protest, the purpose of last weekend’s event was to make Washington University answerable for a resolution that the student union passed requiring WashU to sever its connection with Boeing Co. In published reports, congressional aides and a U.S. official are cited as saying that the company has given military equipment to Israel during the conflict. s. formal.

The Washington University Police Department responded to last weekend’s protest, according to Resist WashU, “with an excessive police presence and explicit threats of violence and mass arrest.”. “.

Prior to the arrests on Saturday, the group issued a statement stating that they intended to hold the encampment until the university complied with five demands:.

to sever connections to Boeing.

to abstain from funding Israeli educational establishments.

to stop prosecuting protestors, lift suspensions, and stop funding university police.

to cease purchasing land and give all land back to native communities.

and to issue a statement urging a ceasefire and denouncing the genocide against the Palestinian people.

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