A girl is critically injured in a New Mexico park

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An infant girl who was abducted from a park near Clovis, Mexico, has been found safe, and a suspect is in in custody, the FBI in Albuquerque said Monday.
Clovis police said 10-month-old Eleia Maria Torres has been taken to a Clovis-area hospital as a precautionary measure.
New Mexico State Police had issued an Amber Alert late Friday for the baby.
Authorities still are investigating the deaths of two women whose bodies were found at the park Friday along with a 5-year-old girl who was critically injured.
Police have identified the dead women as Samantha Cisneros and Taryn Allen, both 23 years old and from Texico, New Mexico.
They said Cisneros was the mother of the baby and the 5-year-old girl who remains hospitalized.
At least one of the women was fatally shot and the 5-year-old girl had a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said.
Clovis is located in eastern New Mexico close to the Texas border.


According to the FBI in Albuquerque on Monday, a suspect is in custody and the baby girl who was kidnapped from a park close to Clovis, Mexico, has been found safe. Eleia Maria Torres, age 10 months, has been taken to a hospital in the Clovis area as a precaution, according to Clovis police.

There was no other information available at the moment. An Amber Alert was sent out for the infant late on Friday by the New Mexico State Police.

Two women’s bodies were discovered at the park on Friday, along with the critically injured 5-year-old girl. The deaths of the two women remain under investigation by the authorities.

Samantha Cisneros and Taryn Allen, both 23-year-old residents of Texico, New Mexico, have been identified by the police as the deceased women.

Cisneros was identified as the mother of the 5-year-old girl who is still in the hospital and the infant.

The 5-year-old girl sustained a gunshot wound to the head, and at least one of the women was shot and killed, according to the police. Her identity remains unknown.

A witness “believed he had heard gunshots, but it was not immediately reported to law enforcement,” according to police, according to CBS affiliate KLBK-TV. The witness was strolling through the park.

According to the New Mexico State Police, the fathers of the girls were assisting the investigation and were not thought to be potential suspects in the double homicide case.

Authorities said the women were discovered at a city park approximately five miles north of Clovis, with their possessions, including purses, close to their bodies. One of the women’s silver Dodge minivans was also discovered at the scene.

At the scene, officers also found a stroller, a tiny baby bottle, and an infant car seat.

Authorities said, “Officers started looking for the baby right away.”.

The initial Amber Alert suggested that the suspect may have been driving a maroon Honda.

FBI Special Agent Raul Bujanda said that no detail was “too small,” and the FBI and Clovis police had previously urged the public to come forward with any tips or leads. KLBK-TV reported on this. Bujanda referred to the murders as “horrific acts.”. “.”.

East of New Mexico, near the Texas border, is where you’ll find Clovis.

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