A Brooklyn tow truck driver has been charged with assault


A Brooklyn tow truck driver has been charged with misdemeanor assault for throwing a punch that killed a 61-year-old man arguing to keep his car from being impounded, police said Monday.
Thomas’ family said the fatal confrontation was over a $10 parking fee at a gas station where the victim regularly helped out.
Johnson’s lawyer, Howard Schwartz, said Thomas was the aggressor and attacked his client in his tow truck.
“We thought the gas station guys and him were cool because he was in there helping and unpacking with them,” the victim’s nephew, Dominic Graham, 37, said Sunday.
“We didn’t think they’d ever call a tow truck and do that.”About 8:45 p.m. on Saturday, Thomas saw his Honda Odyssey being hooked to a tow truck and confronted Johnson, police and his family said.
The gas station charges local residents $10 to park overnight if they can’t find on-street parking, the victim’s family said.
“He’s verbally arguing with the tow truck guy and what I heard next, the guy hits him so hard he fell to the floor and his heart stopped,” she said.
Peters pointed out that Thomas was such a regular presence in the gas station most of his social media photos were taken there.
What hurts to know is that he spent so much time supporting this gas station,” she said.
To call the tow truck and not call the person first, it doesn’t make sense.”The Shell station parking lot was the scene of a horrific screwdriver stabbing on July 24, 2022.

After a 61-year-old man died from a punch he took while trying to prevent his car from being seized, a Brooklyn tow truck driver has been charged with misdemeanor assault, according to police on Monday.

After being arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Monday morning, Kevon Johnson, 30, was released without posting bail. According to police, he struck Carlyle Thomas in the face, causing the elderly man to fall to the ground.

According to Thomas’ family, the fatal altercation happened at a gas station where the victim frequently assisted because of a $10 parking fee.

According to the police, Johnson has never been in trouble before. Police said the victim had been taken into custody seven times in the past, three of which were for felonies.

Howard Schwartz, the attorney representing Johnson, claimed that Thomas was the one who attacked his client in his tow truck. He insisted that there was video evidence of the encounter supporting his claim that Johnson had not broken any laws.

Although Thomas’s death has been ruled a homicide, “one-punch” homicides are not usually charged with murder or manslaughter. According to police, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office will determine whether or not to press additional charges.

Initially, in one-punch cases, suspects are usually only charged with assault; prosecutors must consider the victim’s behavior, the attacker’s intent, and whether any underlying medical conditions may have contributed to the death.

Thomas resided on Clarkson Avenue, just a block away from the Shell station. where he congregated, occasionally helped out for free, and frequently left his car, according to his family.

Dominic Graham,37, the victim’s nephew, said on Sunday, “We thought the gas station guys and him were cool because he was in there helping and unpacking with them.”. “We didn’t think they would ever do that and call a tow truck. “.

roughly 8:45 p.m. me. Police and Johnson’s family said that Thomas confronted Johnson on Saturday after he noticed his Honda Odyssey being tethered to a tow truck.

Johnson struck Thomas in the face as the argument got more heated, sending the victim to fall and hit his head on the sidewalk, according to the police.

Thomas passed away at Brookdale University Hospital at 9:17 p.m. after being taken by ambulance. M.

According to the victim’s family, if locals are unable to find on-street parking, the gas station charges them $10 for overnight parking.

Andrele Peters, Thomas’s stepdaughter, said, “He came around and was enjoying the nice weather yesterday.”. He must not have paid the $10. He’s been here for a long time and is friendly with them. They have both his and my mom’s contact information, even though he didn’t pay right away. “.

According to Peters, when Thomas did receive a call, he hurried to the station where he discovered his vehicle was already connected to the truck.

“He’s fighting with the tow truck driver verbally, and then I heard that the guy hit him so hard that he collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness,” the woman claimed.

Thomas worked as a horse trainer and feeder at the Aqueduct racetrack in Queens. He was a former jockey in his home Jamaica, according to his family.

According to Peters, Thomas frequented the gas station so much that it served as the backdrop for the majority of his social media posts.

He is genuinely a nice man. The fact that he devoted so much time to supporting this gas station stings to know,” the woman remarked. He makes an effort to support them at all times. It makes no sense to call the tow truck without first phoning the individual. “.

On July 24, 2022, a horrible screwdriver stabbing occurred in the Shell station parking lot.

A witness said that a man who had been drinking and passed out in the parking lot, without a shirt on, woke up and confronted a man who was pushing a Citi Bike. The other man pulled out a screwdriver and stabbed the 47-year-old shirtless man when he claimed the cyclist had stolen something from him and demanded it back. The victim’s lungs collapsed twice.

along with Roni Jacobson.

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