3 more tornadoes have been confirmed in Michigan

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As a result, two National Weather Service offices have to evaluate the tornadoes that struck Michigan.
The latest tornado confirmations and damage assessments come from the Northern Indiana National Weather Service office, which forecasts and warns on severe weather for the southern Michigan border counties.
The NWS Northern Indiana says three tornadoes occurred in their southern Michigan counties.
They have finished the damage assessment on two of those tornadoes.
The second assessed tornado was on the ground near Union City.
The National Weather Service at Grand Rapids is also still trying to assess a few more damage areas.
When all the assessments are done, we will probably end up with five individual tornadoes that touched down in Michigan on May 7.
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A number of states were affected by the tornado outbreak on May 7. The tornadoes that hit Michigan must therefore be assessed by two National Weather Service offices. The Northern Indiana National Weather Service office, which forecasts and issues severe weather warnings for the southern Michigan border counties, has the most recent confirmations of tornadoes and assessments of damage.

Three tornadoes were reported in the counties of southern Michigan, according to the NWS Northern Indiana. On two of those tornadoes, the damage assessment is complete. It was the weaker, smaller tornadoes that they evaluated. The evaluation of a larger tornado that passed through the Colon area of St. Joseph, Michigan, will now be completed today. County Joseph. The larger St. has been verified by the NWS. tornado in Joseph County. Simply put, the damage assessment is still incomplete.

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In the vicinity of Dowagiac, they assessed the first tornado.

Look at the width, even though the wind speeds were not very high for a tornado. The tornado had a width of 2,850 feet, or more than half a mile, at certain points. For Michigan, or any other state, that is an extremely wide tornado. Damage was caused along the nearly 12-mile path of the Dowagiac tornado.

In the vicinity of Union City, there was a second tornado that was assessed. It is believed that after a stronger tornado dissipated, a second, weaker tornado formed.

They’re still evaluating what appears to be a more powerful tornado. The tornado in Colon, Michigan that is featured in our video is probably this one.

A few more damage areas are still being evaluated by the Grand Rapids National Weather Service. After all the evaluations are completed, there were likely five distinct tornadoes that made landfall in Michigan on May 7.

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