Yes, your Rabbit R1 still needs a subscription

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Even better, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to use the R1, so the price you see is the price you pay.
If you want to use the Rabbit R1 outside of the comfort of your home Wi-Fi network, you do indeed have to pay a subscription fee… just not to Rabbit itself.
So, let’s talk about the actual cost of the Rabbit R1.
Would you buy the Rabbit R1?
You might not pay Rabbit, but you’ve got to pay someone for that sweet, sweet data connection.
For better or worse, the Rabbit R1 doesn’t support eSIM profiles, either.
At this rate, you might be slightly put off by the extra hurdles to set up your Rabbit R1, but fear not.
Rabbit R1 Rabbit R1 Lightning-fast responses • Eye-catching design • Approachable price MSRP: $199.99 Push-to-talk AI computing Powered by Rabbit OS, the Rabbit R1 is a compact personal assistant with a custom personalized operating system and a natural language interface.


The Rabbit R1: would you purchase it?

444-04 in favor.

Recall your data plan.

Smartphone Authority / Ryan Haines.

Considering the Rabbit R1 as a connected tablet or smartwatch is the most straightforward way to use it in real life. Although it’s not always the case, you can get by using multiple networks and your home Wi-Fi when you’re out and about. Even the strongest router won’t be enough if you want to use the R1’s eye to identify a plant while you’re out hiking. The R1’s true cost becomes apparent in this situation because it is useless without a data plan.

Even though your carrier’s basic data-only plan probably suffices, it’s still an additional expense. Even so, the data plan offered by your carrier may provide more than what the R1 requires. Whatever 5G speeds your carrier promises, Rabbit’s first AI companion is limited by MediaTek’s Helio G35 chipset, a mid-range LTE-only chip from a few years ago. The device is reminiscent of a Tamagotchi.

Although you may not have to pay Rabbit, you still need to pay for that wonderful data connection.

For better or worse, eSIM profiles are not supported by the Rabbit R1. This makes it simple to insert and remove data-ready SIM cards, but it also means you’ll likely have to wait a little longer to get going. You might have to make do with a Wi-Fi-only R1 until your nano-SIM ships out unless you order your SIM in advance or visit a nearby brick-and-mortar store.

Now, the additional obstacles to setting up your Rabbit R1 may be a little off-putting, but don’t worry. It’s just a matter of selecting the best data plan out of the countless options available. Consider some of the top MVNO providers if your default carrier offers (or charges) more for an unlimited plan than you require or desire. These carriers, such as US Mobile and Mint Mobile, provide nearly identical network support at a lower cost than the industry leaders. We recommend checking out our list of top MVNOs, as we do every time.

Additionally, Midjourney and Spotify are considered services.

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When we take the time to calculate the true cost of Rabbit’s $199 R1, it looks something like this:.

$199 gets you a Rabbit R1.

Monthly data plan: $15–$40 (depending on the carrier).

Spotify Premium (individual plan) costs $11 a month.

Midjourney: $10–$120 a month.

Remember that Rabbit intends to add additional app integrations in the upcoming months (many of which you can see in this roadmap from the launch event). This means that, when these paid services do launch, more of them will end up on your final bill.

Therefore, even though you’ll only have to pay Rabbit $199 in the end, that’s a significant amount less than the total cost. The possibilities for spending are still endless; your money is just going somewhere else.

Rat R1.

R1 the rabbit.

Quick responses; appealing design; affordable cost.

$199 point 99 is the MSRP.

AI with push-to-talk capabilities.

The Rabbit R1, which runs on Rabbit OS, is a small personal assistant featuring a natural language interface and a customized operating system. Let the R1 browse websites on your behalf to take advantage of voice-activated AI computing.

You could enjoy.

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