There are 3 new features coming to the rumored new Apple tablets

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The iPad Air 2024 is arguably the most highly anticipated tablets of the year.
iPad Air 2024 release date The iPad Air, according to Bloomberg’s popular Apple prognosticator Mark Gurman, will launch in early May.
More specifically, per a recent edition of Gurman’s Power On newsletter, expect the iPad Air to drop some time during the week of May 6. iPad Air 2024 price Like Macworld, we’re expecting the iPad Air 2024 to launch its 10.9-inch variant at $599, similar to its current-gen model.
To reiterate, rumor has it that the iPad Air 6 will have a 10.9-inch model and a 12.9-inch model that matches the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro on the market.
As MacRumors pointed out, if Apple is feeling particularly generous, it may opt to pack iPad Air 2024 with the more advanced M3 chip.
However, I’m leaning towards M2; it’s a logical way to distinguish the iPad Air from the iPad Pro (if it gets the M3 chip).
The iPad Air, compared to the iPad Pro, has always been slightly thicker with wider bezels — and that design language is expected to continue with the iPad Air 2024.
As aforementioned, the new iPad Air 2024 is expected to drop on May 6.


One of the most anticipated tablets of the year is definitely the iPad Air 2024. It might also be among the 2024 consumer goods with the longest delays.

DigiTimes, which cited Apple’s suppliers, claimed that the new iPads, both the Air and Pro models, were set for release in March (possibly concurrently with the M3 MacBook Air). But throughout March and April, it has been repeatedly postponed.

So the real question is, when will the iPad Air finally be released? We have the inside word on when it might happen, along with three new features you can anticipate seeing in the tablet.

iPad Air release date: 2024.

iPad Air 2024 cost.

We predict that the iPad Air 2024 will retail for $599 for its 10.9-inch model, same like Macworld did.

It’s more difficult to estimate the cost of the anticipated new 12 point 9-inch model, though. The 12 point 9-inch model will cost $799, according to MacRumors, $200 more.

An even more optimistic prediction comes from Macworld, which states that the 12in. model will start at $699.

Three new features for the iPad Air 2024.

The next iPad Air model is expected to be the sixth generation, and leaks and rumors suggest that it will include the following additional features:.

According to Bloomberg, there will be two display sizes: a new 12-inch model and the anticipated 10-inch model.

According to ShrimpApplePro, a reliable source of X leaks, the front camera was moved from the top bezel to the side.

Bloomberg says there’s a new M2 chip.

To sum up, we anticipate two iPad Air models from Apple rather than the one that we usually get, which is comparable to the two iPad Pro models. In summary, there are rumors indicating that the iPad Air 6 will be available in two sizes: a 10 inch model and a 12-inch model that will be identical to the 12-inch iPad Pro that is currently available in the market.

Second, when held in portrait orientation, the iPad Air currently has a camera positioned on top. To improve the camera experience when in landscape orientation, Apple is apparently shifting that camera to the side.

The iPad Air will reportedly come with an M2 chip, according to Bloomberg. By comparison, the M1 chip was present in the most recent iPad Air, which was updated in 2022.

As MacRumors noted, Apple may decide to include the more sophisticated M3 chip in the iPad Air 2024 if it feels especially giving. I’m leaning toward the M2, though, since it makes sense to differentiate the iPad Air from the iPad Pro (assuming the latter receives the M3 chip).

We haven’t heard any rumors about any notable design changes, aside from the larger iPad Air and the moved camera. The iPad Air has always had wider bezels and a slightly thicker profile than the iPad Pro, and the iPad Air 2024 is anticipated to carry on this design philosophy.

It’s not important to mention that Apple is supposedly releasing a new Magic Keyboard and an updated Apple Pencil with a squeeze gesture.

As previously mentioned, the new iPad Air 2024 is anticipated to launch on May 6. Watch this space for Mashable’s coverage of the upcoming tablets (should they ever be released).

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