The sunscreen debate is taking over social media

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(WXYZ) — Summer weather is here and many metro Detroiters will be spending more time outside, soaking up the sun.
While you’re out there, medical experts are reminding people to wear sunscreen.
The sunscreen debate got the people we spoke with at Lake St. Clair Metropark pretty fired up.
“You’ve got folks that have really no background and you know, the, the sunscreen is full of chemicals and it’s dangerous for you.
I know that Michiganders have a high rate of skin cancer, and so it’s really important to have sunscreen on every day,” one man told us.
“I was just talking with some friends the other day and we determined that cancer has gone up because of sunscreen.
Skin, skin cancer,” one woman told us.
“I wear sunscreen any time I go out, you gotta have it on you.


(WXYZ) — With the arrival of summer, a lot of people in the Detroit area will be spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine.

Medical professionals advise wearing sunscreen when you’re outside. The Orlando Health Care Institute recently released a report in which they found that 1 in 7 adults under 35 believed that regular use of sunscreen was worse for skin health than direct sun exposure.

On social media, these theories are beginning to catch on. The people at Lake St. were enlightened about the sunscreen controversy. Clair Metropark was a blaze of activity.

“You know, sunscreen is dangerous for you because it’s full of chemicals, and you have people with really no background.”. The statement isn’t entirely accurate, according to Dr. Partha Nandi, our Chief Health Editor. As you may be aware, sunscreen contains safe chemicals that shield your skin from UV radiation, which can damage DNA. “.

Sunscreen, in my opinion, is very essential. “It’s crucial to wear sunscreen every day because I am aware that Michiganders have a high incidence of skin cancer,” one man informed us.

“The other day, while having a conversation with some friends, we came to the conclusion that sunscreen use has increased cancer cases. Skin cancer, a woman informed us. “There are other options, and I simply don’t think it’s always necessary.”. Mineral sunscreen products are available that are simply less damaging to the skin. ****.

“Those who are anti-sunscreen are foolish because, even for people of color, sunscreen protects against sun cancer. Like everyone and anti-aging,” uttered a different woman.

Nandi stated, “I use anything over SPF 30 for my boys.”. “I’m going over SPF 50, but I believe that having SPF 30 is still necessary in order to have UVA and UVB broad protection, so you need to get both together for SPF 100 rather than just A or B. “.

Another woman said, “To be honest, this is your world; if you don’t want to wear it, don’t.”.

“Sunscreen is a must-have item; I wear it whenever I go outside. You know, I’m not trying to get rid of cancer, and I can’t get any tanner. My entire life, sunscreen has protected me,” two men said to us.

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