The summer update has everything new

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A ton of content has been introduced to Hogwarts Legacy following the summer update.
Below, we have listed all the major additions to Hogwarts Legacy from the summer update so you know exactly what to expect when you hop into the Wizarding World again.
The piece of content that most fans were looking forward to in the summer update is the Minding Your Own Business quest.
Following the summer update, though, it’s now in the game for all players, regardless of platform.
You can start it once you complete Professor Weasley’s first quest assignment in Hogwarts Legacy.
Either way, Hogwarts Legacy now features complete freedom with how you go about your build.
While the summer update introduced a large number of cosmetic items, one that stands out on its own is the Lavender Borealis Broom.
You can claim the Lavender Borealis Broom as soon as you start Hogwarts Legacy after downloading the summer update.


Since the summer update, Hogwarts Legacy has seen an enormous amount of content added to it. Although certain content has technically been present in the game since its launch, the majority of the update is entirely new for every player. This consists of cosmetics, a much-anticipated feature, and an eerie quest that challenges players to battle a poltergeist in Hogsmeade.

In order for you to know exactly what to expect when you visit the Wizarding World once more, we have listed all of the major additions to Hogwarts Legacy from the summer update below.

The Minding Your Own Business quest was the feature of the summer update that most fans were most anticipating. This quest, which was formerly exclusive to PlayStation users, was also known as “Haunted Hogsmeade.”. However, as of the summer update, all players—regardless of platform—can access it in the game.

The entire quest Minding Your Own Business is located in Hogsmeade. After you finish Hogwarts Legacy’s first quest assignment for Professor Weasley, you can begin it. A poltergeist, jumpscares, a riddle-filled dungeon, and the chance to open a store in Hogsmeade are all part of the quest. If you would like to finish Minding Your Own Business, we have a complete quest walkthrough available. Although the quest is short—about an hour—it’s unlike any other side quest in the game and is a truly memorable experience.

The desire for a photo mode in Hogwarts Legacy has been strong since the game’s release, as it allows fans to preserve their most treasured Wizarding World moments. The feature is finally here, 1.5 years after it was first announced. It includes quite a few features, such as various filters, time and season adjustments, character poses, and more. Even though the photo mode still needs some work, you can now fully document your character’s journey as they avoid the traps of Hogwarts and the surrounding areas.

After completing the main quest that grants you access to the Field Guide, you can enter photo mode. When that happens, hit the keyboard key “Esc” or the controller key “Options/Start.”. Next, glance at the lower-right corner of the screen. A button labeled “Photo Mode” with the letter “K” on the keyboard by default should be next to the text. The Photo Mode menu appears when you click the button that appears next to the text.

Another previous exclusive feature for PlayStation players in Hogwarts Legacy was the ability to brew the Felix Felicis potion. Now, for one in-game day, every player can brew the “Liquid Luck” potion and experience good fortune. Your character will have good fortune in “certain endeavors” after consuming Liquid Luck, but you won’t be able to succeed at everything. “.

In order to brew Felix Felicis, you must complete the main questline’s Potions Station and Tool Wheel unlocks. You can then brew the potion in the Room of Requirements or the Potions room. To brew the potion, one Fluxweed stem and one Lacewing fly are needed. Felix Felicis is a potion that you can only use once every day.

Ability to respec Talent Points has been another eagerly anticipated addition to Hogwarts Legacy. The ability to reset all of a player’s Talent Points by going to the Talents menu was added in the summer update. It’s all or nothing because, as far as I can tell, there is no way to respec specific Talent sections. If you’re a high level player in Hogwarts Legacy, it can take a while to reselect all of your Talent Points, but you can now completely change the build of your character.

If you’re going to be playing through to the next stage of the game, you can put more points into the Room of Requirement menu, or you could want to go for a more covert build and put all of your points into the Stealth menu. In any case, Hogwarts Legacy offers total customization options for your build.

A lot of new cosmetics were added in the summer update, but the Lavender Borealis Broom is one that really sticks out. You can really stand out from other Hogwarts students when you fly with this unusual broom because it leaves a purple trail behind. After downloading the summer update and starting Hogwarts Legacy, you can claim the Lavender Borealis Broom. Once you’ve claimed it, navigate to the Gear menu’s Brooms section to equip it.

For those who finish the Hogwarts Legacy quest Minding Your Own Business, the Shopkeeper’s Set is a sophisticated and elegant outfit. You get your own store when you finish that quest, so you can dress the part by donning this new makeup set. A Cloak/Robe and Outfit are included in the Shopkeeper’s Set, which complements the new Ciruclar Taped Spectacles very well.

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