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Video content has gotten so popular that even elder Millennials like myself have taken a turn on TikTok — where I quickly learned the limits of a two-handed filming crew.
And that’s why Belkin’s impressive Auto-Tracking Stand Pro was one of my favorite highlights of CES 2024.
It utilizes a wireless connection and Apple’s new DockKit standard to turn your iPhone into a camera person.
Available for $180, and perfect for everyone from vloggers to TikTokkers showing off what they’re wearing today, the Stand Pro can turn 360 degrees and even charge your phone while you film.
But it’s not without its limitations — so let’s break down everything I love about it, and also the aspects that should give you pause.
What we liked about itEasy to useMolly Flores/CNN UnderscoredTrying to do anything remotely complicated with camera work can get tricky and make you feel like you’re in way over your head, especially when video is involved.
The Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is different, though: its big features are its simplicity.
Setup is really easy — you just turn it on, hold your phone against its pairing symbol and tap through a few simple menus.
Then, open any video app on your phone, and make sure your face is visible to the camera (whether you smile for said camera, or not, is your choice).
The only way you could get confused is by remembering to turn its power on or off, via the subtle power button on the front.
Now, your phone will track you as you move left and right, up and down.
Of course it has its limits, and we’ll get to those later, but the Stand Pro’s simple design makes it feel ingenious to use, as if you’ve unlocked some form of the Pixar lamp that’s also your videographer.
Testing it in the wild, there was a little bit of trial and error switching the team member who it was supposed to follow around, but it didn’t take much time to relearn my actual camera guy’s face.
It even goes unplugged and 360 degreesMolly Flores/CNN UnderscoredThanks to an internal battery (rated for five hours of usage) that charges over USB-C, the Stand Pro is not tethered to your desk or any power supply.
If you are able to plug in while you’re using it, you get wireless charging thanks to the Stand Pro’s MagSafe charging pad that will power your phone, too.
But the internal battery will let you record your video on the go, and on the scene.
Still, if you plan to be gone for a weekend, think about packing a battery pack or to make sure you’ve got another way to charge via USB-C.Henry T. Casey/CNN UnderscoredTo test it out for myself, I brought the Stand Pro out in the field with me to record myself in front of the Metrograph movie theater in downtown New York City.
I’ve taken plenty of first-person footage in front of and inside this theater before, but the Stand Pro let me actually go on camera without the awkward selfie angle.
Also, its ability to rotate 360 degrees means I can show not just the theater’s facade, but also more of the neighborhood, all without moving my tripod.
I’m not going to say that walking in circles is necessarily fun, that freedom of movement is exciting.
Works with a ton of appsOh, and this is the kicker.
No matter if you’re recording footage in Apple’s camera app, using one of the excellent third-party apps or going live on Instagram or TikTok, the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro has you covered.
It also works with FaceTime calls, Canva, YouTube, Zoom, WebEx, WhatsApp, Filmic Pro and even (for those whose bosses require it) Microsoft Teams.
The big caveat Belkin provides is that apps must support Apple’s new DockKit technology.
So, if your favorite video recording app isn’t shown above, you might want to reach out to its developer to make sure or request the feature support.
What we didn’t like about itIt could go fasterEarly in my testing, I quickly noticed how easily I could outspeed the Stand Pro when I was walking around it.
While I was always in the frame, you could only see a fraction of the side of my head during those moments when I was accidentally walking too fast.
So, if you’re using it while you walk around your bedroom, or show off a neighborhood, you’ll want to make sure your pace is steady.
Maybe I’ve always been a bit too energetic for my own good, but it’s kind of annoying to have to move a little slower when that’s not my standard pace.
For a first-of-its-kind product like this, though?
I’ll allow it.
Height is a limiting factorMolly Flores/CNN UnderscoredWhile the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro can “look” up and down as you move around, its relatively short eight-inch height makes it a little limited on its own.
Yes, some people love to shoot video from the street-level; I’ve seen the TikToks.
But that height is why I’m happy that Belkin’s added a little mounting slot that lets you screw a tripod into its base.
And while I could gripe that I don’t want to need to buy another thing, I’m betting most content creators worth their salt already have a tripod (heck, I have two).
Another s

Even more mature Millennials, like myself, have dabbled in the world of video content, discovering the limitations of a two-person filming crew on TikTok. That’s why one of my top picks for CES 2024 was Belkin’s amazing Auto-Tracking Stand Pro. It makes use of Apple’s new DockKit standard and a wireless connection to transform your iPhone into a camera device.

The Stand Pro is a great option for vloggers and TikTokpers who want to showcase their current wardrobe. It costs $180 and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and charge your phone while recording. Let’s examine the features I adore about it as well as the ones that should make you think twice because it is not without its drawbacks.

The aspects of it that we enjoyed.

simple to operate.

CNN Underlined by Molly Flores.

Especially when video is involved, attempting anything even slightly complex when working with cameras can become challenging and leave you feeling beyond your capabilities. But the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is unique in that its main selling points are its ease of use. Turning it on, holding your phone up to the pairing symbol, and tapping through a few straightforward menus is all that is required for setup. Next, launch any video app on your phone, and make sure the camera can see your face. You can choose to smile at the camera or not. The only way it could confuse you is if you forget to use the small power button on the front to turn it on or off.

Your phone will now follow your every move as you go up, down, and left and right. The Stand Pro’s straightforward design gives it an clever feel to use, as though you’ve discovered a version of the Pixar lamp that doubles as your videographer—of course, it has limitations, but we’ll talk about those later.

It took a little while for it to retrain itself to recognize my real camera guy’s face when testing it in the wild. This was due to some trial and error as to which team member it should follow around.

It even rotates 360 degrees and stays unplugged.

CNN’s Molly Flores underlined.

The Stand Pro is not dependent on your desk or any power source because it has an internal battery (rated for five hours of use) that charges via USB-C. Because the Stand Pro has a MagSafe charging pad that charges your phone as well, you can use it wirelessly if you can plug it in while using it. However, the built-in battery allows you to capture your video while on location and while moving about. Nevertheless, consider bringing a battery pack or making sure you have an alternate USB-C charging option if you will be gone for the entire weekend.

Henry T. Underlined by Casey and CNN.

I took the Stand Pro into the field with me and recorded myself in front of the Metrograph movie theater in downtown New York City to see how it performed for myself. The Stand Pro allowed me to go on camera without the awkward selfie angle, even though I’ve taken a lot of first-person footage in front of and inside this theater in the past. Furthermore, I can show more of the neighborhood in addition to the theater’s facade without having to move my tripod thanks to its 360-degree rotation.

I’m not going to argue that having unlimited mobility is fun or that going around in circles is inherently enjoyable.

Interoperates with an enormous number of applications.

The best part is right here, too. The Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is compatible with all recording methods, including Apple’s camera app, top-notch third-party apps, and live streaming on Instagram or TikTok. Additionally, it functions with FaceTime calls, Microsoft Teams (for those whose bosses require it), Canva, YouTube, Zoom, WebEx, WhatsApp, and Filmic Pro.

Apps must support Apple’s new DockKit technology, which is the main disclaimer Belkin makes. For that reason, you may want to get in touch with the developer of your preferred video recording app to confirm or ask for feature support if it isn’t listed above.

What about it we didn’t like.

That might move more quickly.

As I was moving around the Stand Pro early in my testing, I rapidly realized how easily I could outpace it. Even though I was always in the frame, there were times when I unintentionally walked too quickly, so you could only see a small portion of my head. Therefore, you should keep a steady pace if you’re using it to tour your neighborhood or stroll around your bedroom.

I suppose I’ve always been a little too gregarious, but having to move a little more slowly when that’s not how I normally move gets to be kind of annoying.

But I’ll let it go for a product like this, a first of its kind.

One constraining factor is height.

Underlined by Molly Flores and CNN.

Despite having the ability to “look” up and down as you move, the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is a little limited due to its relatively short eight-inch height. Indeed, there are individuals who enjoy filming from street level; I’ve seen TikToks.

However, because of its height, I’m glad Belkin included a small mounting slot that allows you to screw a tripod into the base of the device. Although I could complain that I don’t want to have to buy anything else, I’m willing to bet that the majority of credible content creators already own a tripod—in fact, I own two. However, it would be great to have an additional hardware-integrated solution.

It is limited to iPhone support.

I apologize to the green bubble community for leaving them out of this discussion. Yes, the Stand Pro simply isn’t compatible with Android devices because it depends on Apple’s DockKit technology. Android users are probably envious of everything and are hoping that someone will develop their own technology to support Android or else they will be forced to adopt it themselves.

However, there is a substitute that works with both iOS and Android. Starting at $110, the Pivo Pod can rotate 360 degrees, track your motion in videos, and do a lot more. It also has face tracking capabilities. That being said, I like that the Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro simply integrates with the camera applications you currently use.

In summary.

Underlined by Molly Flores and CNN.

I have to give Belkin credit for the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro’s occasional feeling of magic, though, because it’s so easy to use and works with all of my iPhone apps. The iPhone camera integration on this stand is exactly what I want to see, even though it’s not the first of its kind and I wish the price were a little lower. My hands would get too greasy to use my phone in the kitchen, so even though I don’t create a lot of videos, the Stand Pro is the kind of thing that could help me start creating some footage there.

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