The office design is similar to theBermuda Triangle



Poor Wi-Fi seems to be a major issue at Google’s opulent new “Bay View” campus. Google’s first self-designed office building has, according to six people familiar with the matter, “been plagued for months by inoperable or, at best, spotty Wi-Fi,” according to Reuters. A Google representative acknowledged the issues and stated that the company is attempting to resolve them.

May 2022 saw the opening of Bay View. The site “marks the first time we developed one of our own major campuses, and the process gave us the chance to rethink the very idea of an office,” stated David Radcliffe, Google’s vice president of real estate and workplace services, at the site’s launch. “What’s left is an untamed tent-like building with a dramatic roofline composed of swooping square sections.”. Although the roof is composed entirely of glass and metal, it has a shape akin to squares of cloth supported by poles; each square section has a sag in the center and high points on each of its four corners. Google calls the roof, which is covered in solar cells and lets in natural light and rainwater, the “Gradient Canopy.”. “.”.


The Reuters report claims that the roof “swallows broadband like the Bermuda Triangle,” indicating that all those peaks and parabolic ceiling sections aren’t great for Wi-Fi propagation. In the building, Google employees are utilizing Ethernet cables, turning their phones into hotspots, or working outside where the Wi-Fi signal is stronger. “You’d think the world’s leading Internet company would have worked this out,” an anonymous employee told Reuters. “.

A company that promotes a “return to office” plan that involves spending at least three days a week at Google’s Wi-Fi desert is bound to find it awkward to have an office with barely functional Wi-Fi. A representative for Google told Reuters that the company has already made a number of enhancements and anticipates having a solution in the upcoming days.

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