The new Scrabble version wants to make the game less intimidating

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Scrabble, one of the world’s best-loved word games, is to get a new “collaborative” and “accessible” version.
Now, an updated game named Scrabble Together adds “a second side to the board that is collaborative and faster-paced to make gameplay more accessible for anyone who finds word games intimidating,” according to a statement from Mattel published Tuesday.
The aim is that the new game mode “brings people together,” Ray Adler, Global Head of Games at the company, said in the statement.
“Scrabble has truly stood the test of time as one of the most popular board games in history, and we want to ensure the game continues to be inclusive for all players,” he said.
“For anyone who’s ever thought, ‘word games aren’t for me’, or felt a little intimidated by the Classic game, Scrabble Together Mode is an ideal option.” Mattel said it conducted research among British board-gamers that shows that competitiveness is perceived as declining in younger generations.
Scrabble Together will be available across Europe, a Mattel spokesperson told CNN on Tuesday.
The updated version of the game won’t be available in the United States, however, as Mattel does not hold the license there.
While this is the first major change to the look of the Scrabble board, the game regularly adds new words to its official dictionary in order to keep up as the English language evolves.


One of the most popular word games in the world, Scrabble, is getting a new, “collaborative,” and “accessible” version.

Played for over 75 years, the basic idea of the game is to see who can create the highest scoring words out of a randomly selected set of letters, which has both amused and frustrated players in equal measure.

As per a statement released by Mattel on Tuesday, the updated version of Scrabble Together includes a faster-paced and collaborative second side to the board, making the game more approachable for players who are intimidated by word games.

Players work together to complete goal cards rather than competing, and if help is needed, there are helper cards available.

According to Ray Adler, Global Head of Games at the company, the new game mode aims to “bring people together.”.

He stated, “We want to make sure the game continues to be inclusive for all players because scrabble has truly stood the test of time as one of the most popular board games in history.”. “Scrabble Together Mode is the perfect choice for anyone who has ever felt intimidated by the Classic game or thought, ‘word games aren’t for me.'”. “.

It is believed that younger generations are becoming less competitive, according to research Mattel conducted among British board gamers. Three-quarters of the 2,000 respondents thought baby boomers were the most competitive generation, followed by millennials (31%), Gen-Z (29%), and others.

Brett Smitheram, the current UK Scrabble champion and 2016 World Scrabble Champion, said in the statement that the game “speaks to a trend in younger people who want to avoid competitive games, instead favoring teamwork and collaboration working towards a fun goal together.”.

According to a Mattel representative who spoke with CNN on Tuesday, Scrabble Together will be accessible throughout Europe.

Unfortunately, since Mattel does not have a license to operate in the US, the updated version of the game will not be accessible there.

Although this is the first significant alteration to the Scrabble board’s appearance, the game constantly adds new terms to its official dictionary to stay up to date with changes in the English language.

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