The new item from Costco drew praise for its flexibility


For anyone who needs more space for a home office, gym or entertainment, but only has space in their backyard, one new item at Costco is drawing attention.
Just last week, the retail giant unveiled the SunVilla Milton Outdoor Suite with a price tag of $4,499.99.
“Transition seamlessly from your yard to your fully enclosed outdoor room through the grand sliding tempered glass double doors,” the Costco Wholesale website states.
“Cutting-edge aluminum composite panels paired with shatter-resistant tempered glass offers the durability and elegance of a custom-build right in your backyard.”
The outdoor suite does not offer a floor, so it is recommended it be constructed on concrete or a “similarly solid foundation.”
The suite’s set of sliding double doors do include key locks, and removable tempered glass windows that can be swapped out for screens to allow breezes.
It also notes the suite could be an art studio, an office or a dining room.
The company says their mission is to offer premium outdoor patio furniture at an unmatched value.


One new item at Costco is gaining attention from people who only have space in their backyard but need more for a home office, gym, or entertainment.

The retail behemoth just revealed the $4,499.99 SunVilla Milton Outdoor Suite last week.

The Costco Wholesale website describes the grand sliding tempered glass double doors as a “smooth transition from your yard to your fully enclosed outdoor room.”. Cutting-edge aluminum composite panels combined with tempered glass that is resistant to breakage provide the strength and style of a custom-built outdoor space right in your backyard. “.”.

Since there is no floor provided by the outdoor suite, it is advised that it be built on concrete or a “similarly solid foundation.”. Nevertheless, Costco claims that through their partnership with the BILT App, customers will have access to “step-by-step, detailed 3D instructions,” turning the assembly process into a “weekend project” instead of requiring expert assistance.

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A snow load of up to 20 pounds per square foot is something the structure’s roof has been tested to withstand, according to the product specifications, guaranteeing that your outdoor space stays safe and secure no matter what the weather does. “.”.

The sliding double doors in the suite have key locks and detachable tempered glass windows that can be replaced with screens to let in fresh air. On chilly days, the area can also be sealed off to receive plenty of sunlight.


A Peloton and other exercise equipment could fit inside, according to Domino, a lifestyle and home publication, which praised the room’s adaptability. It further mentions that the suite could serve as a dining room, office, or art studio.


According to their website, SunVilla has been “designing and creating Simply Refined outdoor furniture” for almost ten years. Offering high-quality outdoor patio furniture at an unbeatable price is the company’s stated goal.

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According to Costco, there is a shipping and handling charge for deliveries of the room in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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