The new emoji reaction effects are coming from Google Messages


What You Need To KnowEmoji reaction effects are available for SMS or RCS messages.
Ten total reactions are available to users, and each will send a unique animated effect.
Currently, the feature cannot be disabled for users who are not interested.
Google is introducing emoji reaction effects that are set to enhance the conversational experience on Google messages.
For example, a thumbs-up reaction sends several animated thumbs-up icons, while a crying face emoji reaction sends an animated umbrella complete with rain effects.
To take advantage of this newly deployed feature, users simply need to long-press on a message, either SMS or RCS, and they will be able to select the appropriate reaction from a designated list of 10.
The 10 reactions are as follows: thumbs up, thumbs down, red heart, face with tears of joy, face with open mouth, enraged face, angry face, crying face, party popper, and more.
(Image credit: Future (Derrek Lee))This new update follows Google’s introduction of Photomoji, animated emojis, and screen effects.
While it was initially revealed back in November as part of a larger message update to celebrate Messages’ 1 billion RCS users, it took a bit to actually make its way to handhelds.
At the time, Google said, “This feature, designed to add a dynamic twist to your chats, embraces the power of expression with all ten of these popular emoji.”While these effects may be appealing to many users, other users may not see the same benefit.
As it stands, those users are unable to disable the reactions, though that might change in the future.
In all, the latest update brings Google Messages more in line with the competing iMessage, which is available on Apple’s ecosystem.
Previously, iMessage carried such effects, albeit with a different deployment mechanism.
Regardless, this update will help add more fun to chats, and fun is always worth celebrating.

What You Must Understand.

Text messages sent through SMS or RCS can use emoji reaction effects.

Users have a choice of ten reactions in total, and each one will send a different animated effect.

Users who are not interested can’t currently disable the feature.

With the goal of improving the conversational experience on Google Messages, Google is rolling out emoji reaction effects.

An emoticon representing a crying face is sent along with an animated umbrella with rain effects, whereas a thumbs-up reaction sends multiple animated thumbs-up icons.

Users can choose the right response from a list of ten by simply long-pressing on an SMS or RCS message to utilize this recently introduced feature.

Thumbs up, thumbs down, red heart, happy face with tears streaming down, mouth open, angry face, crying face, party popper, and more are the 10 reactions.

(Photo courtesy of Future, Derek Lee).

Screen effects, animated emojis, and Photomoji were all introduced by Google before this most recent update. It was first made public in November as a part of a bigger message update honoring Messages’ one billion RCS users, but it took some time for handhelds to actually receive it.

“This feature, designed to add a dynamic twist to your chats, embraces the power of expression with all ten of these popular emoji,” Google said at the time. “.

Even though many users might find these effects appealing, not all users may benefit equally from them. It is currently not possible for those users to turn off the reactions, but that could change later on.

All things considered, the most recent update puts Google Messages closer to the rival iMessage, which is accessible within Apple’s ecosystem. iMessage had similar effects in the past, but it used a different deployment mechanism. In any case, this update will contribute to making chats more enjoyable, and enjoyable things are always reason to celebrate.

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