The iPhone Challenger broke a record on the first day


Nothing, the London-based tech company, has just released its third cellphone, the Nothing Phone (2a).
It went on sale on Tuesday, March 12, and in just a matter of hours it has hit its first landmark, 100,000 sales.
Nothing Phone (2a).
David PhelanSince the brand is eager to be taken seriously as a challenger to iPhone, this is a moment the company will savor.
It’s just over a week since the phone was announced, in a keynote event in Delhi on Tuesday, March 5.
MORE FROM FORBES Nothing Phone (2a): Snappy Design And A Very Keen PriceNothing has a lively and supportive community, and a special event called The 100 Drop took place in the company’s Soho, London store last Saturday when fans lined up around the block to be the first people in the world to get the phone in their hands.
It also showed the community had been inspired to create T-shirts which riffed on the look of the Phone (2a) with its two rear cameras that resemble eyes peeping out at you.
Crowds outside the Nothing store in London’s Soho.
Nothing.techIt became available to purchase in the U.K. and Ireland on Tuesday, through its website,, in its classy London store and selected retail partners.
Those who pre-ordered their phones started receiving them from that day, the company said.
Nothing’s Phone (2a) has sold 100,000 units already.
Nothing TechCarl Pei, CEO and Co-Founder of Nothing, speaking exclusively to me, said, “Phone (2a) is redefining a category often overlooked, delivering Nothing’s unique innovations to millions of new users around the world.
Selling a record-breaking 100,000 units in just 24 hours is proof of that.
A big thanks to our community, partners, and team for believing in us!”T-shirts evoking the Nothing Phone (2a)’s eye-like cameras.
Nothing.techOf course, Nothing still has to go on to prove that pre-sales and the first day’s sales aren’t a flash in the pan, but it’s certainly a remarkably strong start.
I reviewed the phone here, and what most impressed me was how much Nothing had crammed in for the money.
Not only does it have those two peeping 50-megapixel cameras, one of which has image stabilization built in, but it also includes a 6.7-inch OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and great brightness.
There’s also a decent processor, good battery life and a stylish look to the operating software.
Prices start at £319 in the U.K., which is the equivalent of $408, or 349€ in Ireland, for instance.
This is a high-mid-range phone at a budget price, so no wonder it’s flying off the shelves.

The third smartphone from London-based tech startup Nothing is called the Nothing Phone (2a). It went on sale on Tuesday, March 12, and in a few short hours, it achieved its first milestone: 100,000 sales.

No Phone (2a). David Phelan.

This is a moment the company will cherish because it is keen to be considered seriously as an iPhone competitor. It has been slightly more than a week since the phone was unveiled on Tuesday, March 5, at a major event in Delhi.

MORE FROM FORBES Nothing Phone (2a): An incredibly competitive price paired with a sleek design.

Nothing has a more vibrant and encouraging community than Soho, London, where fans flocked to be the first in the world to hold the phone last Saturday at a special event called The 100 Drop. Furthermore, it revealed that the Phone (2a)’s two rear cameras, which resemble eyes staring back at you, had served as inspiration for the community to design T-shirts.

throngs outside the Nothing shop in Soho, London. Nothing at all. tech.

It was made available for purchase in the U.S. G. and Ireland via its website on Tuesday, nothing. tech, in its elegant London location and with a few chosen retail partners. According to the company, those who placed preorders for phones began receiving them on that day.

Already, 100,000 pieces of Nothing’s Phone (2a) have been sold. Nothing technological.

Speaking exclusively to me, Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing, stated, “Phone (2a) is redefining a category often overlooked, bringing Nothing’s unique innovations to millions of new users worldwide.”. That’s demonstrated by the record-breaking 100,000 units sold in just one day. We are really grateful to our team, partners, and community for their unwavering belief in us.

T-shirts featuring the cameras on the Nothing Phone (2a) in the shape of eyes. None at all. technology.

Pre-sales and the first day’s sales, of course, are just the beginning; plenty more work needs to be done to confirm that they represent a steady growth trajectory. The phone’s impressive feature set was how much Nothing could be had for the money, according to my review.

Along with those two sly 50-megapixel cameras (one with image stabilization built in), it also has a brilliant 6×7-inch OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Additionally, the operating software has a stylish appearance, a good battery life, and a respectable processor.

With the U.S., prices begin at £319. G. is the same as, for example, $408, or 349€, in Ireland. Why is this phone flying off the shelves? It’s a high-mid range phone at an affordable price.

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