The Hamas commander was eliminated in the Lebanon strike


Tensions on Israel’s northern border continued to escalate on Tuesday with Lebanese reports accusing Israel of targeting a vehicle in the southern part of the country, leading to the death of at least two people, according to Hezbollah-affiliated news outlet Al Manar.
2 View gallery Scene of strike in Naqoura ( Photo: AFP )Hezbollah-affiliated news outlet Al Manar reported Wednesday that a vehicle was targeted by an alleged Israeli drone in southern Lebanon between Tyre and the village of Naqoura.
According to the Al-Jazeera network, the vehicle was attacked at a junction at the entrance to Tyre.
Al Manar added that according to reports, at least two passengers who were inside of the car were killed in the strike.
Footage from strike in NaqouraThe report didn’t specify the victims’ identities, but said that the second casualty, who rode the motorcycle, was a “Syrian worker”.
Another individual, also riding the motorcycle, was also injured according to Al Akhbar.
Qatari news outlet Al Hadath also reported that the target of the attack was a Palestinian Hamas terrorist who operated within Lebanon.
Shortly after the strike near Tyre, Lebanese media outlets reported further attacks were felt in southern Lebanon.
2 View gallery Hadi MustafaHamas later confirmed one of its senior officials in Lebanon, Hadi Mustafa, was killed in the strike, with Hamas news channels describing him as “one of the leaders” of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades in the country.
Following the alleged Israeli strike, missile fire against Israel resumed from Lebanon, which fell in open fields in the Golan Heights.

According to Hezbollah-affiliated news outlet Al Manar, there were reports from Lebanon that Israel had targeted a vehicle in the southern region of the country, resulting in the deaths of at least two people. This led to further escalation of tensions on Israel’s northern border on Tuesday.

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Over 100 rockets were fired toward Israel on Tuesday, marking the largest missile attack the Iran-backed terror group has launched against Israel since October 7. The IDF and Hezbollah have been engaged in increasingly violent clashes in recent days.

See the gallery for the Naqoura strike scene (Photo: AFP).

An Israeli drone is said to have targeted a car in southern Lebanon between Tyre and the village of Naqoura, according to a report published on Wednesday by the Hezbollah-affiliated news station Al Manar.

The car was attacked at a crossroads near Tyre’s entrance, according to the Al-Jazeera network. Al Manar stated that the impact claimed the lives of at least two of the occupants of the vehicle.

The target of the strike, the driver of the car, and a second person who was riding a motorcycle next to the target’s car were reportedly two of the victims of the purported attack, according to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar.

recording of the Naqoura strike.

According to the report, the second victim—the motorcycle rider—was a “Syrian worker,” though the identities of the other victims were not disclosed. Al Akhbar claims that there was another rider on the motorcycle who was hurt.

Al Hadath, a Qatari news outlet, also revealed that the attack’s target was a terrorist from Hamas in Palestine who was active in Lebanon.

Lebanese media outlets reported shortly after the strike near Tyre that more attacks were felt in southern Lebanon.

2 Hadi Mustafa in the gallery.

Later, Hamas confirmed that Hadi Mustafa, one of its top officials in Lebanon, had perished in the attack. According to Hamas news channels, he was “one of the leaders” of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades operating in the nation.

Following the purported Israeli attack, Lebanon’s missiles fell into open fields in the Golan Heights, resuming their fire against Israel.

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