The gun trial of Hunter Biden is live


Hunter Biden had reached out to her to come visit him amid his stint in rehab.
Hunter Biden offered to arrange the trip and Naomi Biden said she agreed to go, even though she had not seen him in quite some time.
Prosecutors have rested their case in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial, wrapping up Friday after several days of presenting evidence on Biden’s addiction to crack cocaine and the 2018 gun purchase at the center of his charges.
Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden, then was on stand as court went to a break for lunch.
First lady Jill Biden has traveled to great lengths to show support for her son Hunter as his federal gun trial is underway this week.
Hallie Biden “panicked” and threw out the gun: Hallie Biden described how events spiraled out of control after she found Biden’s gun on October 23, “panicked” and drove to a grocery store to throw the pistol in a trashcan.
Hunter Biden quickly discovered that his gun was missing and things went south, according to text messages shown to the jury.
Hallie Biden’s drug use: Early in her testimony, Hallie Biden testified to using drugs, saying that Hunter Biden introduced her to crack cocaine in 2018.


Even though Naomi Biden attended Columbia Law School, it was evident that talking about her father caused her great pain. When the defense called her to testify in Hunter Biden’s trial, she looked extremely uncomfortable.

When first lady Jill Biden saw Naomi Biden and her husband arrive at the courtroom, she motioned for him to sit next to her, joining the ranks of the Biden family and friends who occupy at least the first two rows of the courtroom.

The two occasions in 2018 that Naomi Biden saw her father were the main subject of her testimony.

She first traveled to Los Angeles to see her dad in August or September. During his time in recovery, Hunter Biden had invited her to visit him. Even though she hadn’t seen Hunter Biden in a while, Naomi Biden said she agreed to go when he offered to organize the trip.

As the daughter of an addict, Naomi Biden was compelling and sincere when she testified.

Next, she described in court a trip to New York City, where he went to pick up a car. She talked about how she had seen him at the end of October and said she appeared “hopeful.”. According to Naomi Biden, she last saw her father in Los Angeles, and he appeared to be the same.

She repeated her testimony under prosecutor Leo Wise’s cross-examination, saying that “things got bad” around 2015 and she hadn’t seen her father since.

She had not seen him for a long time, so the prosecution was able to get her to admit that she had no idea what he was like when he was doing drugs.

In response to texts that seemed to portray her father as being a little unpredictable and uncommunicative when attempting to arrange the handoff of his car, Naomi Biden appeared a little bewildered and reserved.

She didn’t recall the conversation and began to come across as uneasy when discussing texts her father had sent her in the early morning regarding trading in his car.

Naomi Biden walked out of the courtroom, shivering and wiping away tears, and she gave her dad a cool embrace and a cheek kiss.

After several days of presenting evidence regarding Hunter Biden’s crack cocaine addiction and the 2018 gun purchase that is at the center of his charges, prosecutors rested their case on Friday in his federal gun trial.

Following the court’s lunch break, Naomi Biden, the daughter of Hunter Biden, remained on the witness stand.

As of now on the fifth day of the court hearing, the following has occurred:.

Naomi Biden is the daughter of Hunter Biden.

Statement of Naomi Biden: In her testimony, Naomi Biden expressed her satisfaction at seeing her father in treatment in 2018 and that he refrained from drug use in front of her. In October 2018, she also stated in her testimony that he “still seemed good” at the time he bought the gun. It is anticipated that the defense will utilize her evidence to mitigate the effects of previous testimony provided by Hallie Biden, the prosecution’s star witness and Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, who talked about some of the couple’s most difficult times while testifying.

Interrogating gun store personnel: Ronald Palimere, the proprietor of the gun store, and Jason Turner, a worker at the establishment where Hunter Biden purchased the firearm, served as the defense team’s initial witnesses. The men and defense lawyer Abbe Lowell, who has worked to discredit store personnel, occasionally got into heated arguments as they examined the federal form that Biden filled out to buy the gun, on which he is alleged to have lied about using drugs.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys moved for his acquittal after the prosecution rested their case, as is customary in criminal trials. Judge Maryellen Noreika seemed dubious, but the prosecution’s argument included the Second Amendment’s guarantees of gun ownership. She has not yet made a decision on the prosecution’s motions.

Yet to come: James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, is present at the courtroom on Friday and is anticipated to be called by the defense.

Before taking a Friday afternoon nap, the prosecution called two more witnesses.

Takes the stand: Jason Brewer, an FBI forensic chemist, was called by the prosecution to testify that powder found on a pouch containing Hunter Biden’s gun tested positive for cocaine. The defense points out that the case was recovered in 2018, but it wasn’t tested until 2023. They also speculate that Hallie Biden, who testified about her own drug use on Thursday, may have been the owner of the pouch.

DEA special agent Joshua Romig also testified. In order to help the jury understand various drug terms connected to cocaine in text messages from Hunter Biden, the prosecution called him.

Hunter Biden is charged with three crimes, including possessing a firearm while under prohibited status and making false statements on a federal firearms form.

An arms purchase in 2018 is the basis for the indictment. Even though Biden was battling a crack cocaine addiction at the time of the purchase, he lied on a federal form he filled out while purchasing the revolver in Delaware, claiming he was not using or addicted to any illegal drugs.

Lying on the ATF form or having a gun while using drugs is a federal offense. In 2018, he was the one with the gun for 11 days.

According to court documents, Biden might potentially receive a sentence of up to 25 years in prison and fines of up to $750,000 if found guilty on all counts.

But, particularly in situations like these where there is an accused first-time offender and non-violent crimes were committed, defendants almost never receive the maximum sentence.

The allegations came after a disastrous deal that Weiss unveiled in June of last year. Under the terms of the deal, Biden would admit guilt to two federal tax misdemeanors and enter into a “diversion agreement,” which would see the gun charge dismissed in two years provided he continued to pass drug tests and avoided trouble with the law.

The deal, however, fell apart during a July 2023 hearing when the judge expressed her “concerns” about the parties’ apparent connection between the tax plea deal and the resolution of a felony firearms charge. The next month, Weiss was appointed special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

This article was written with assistance from CNN’s Holmes Lybrand, Hannah Rabinowitz, Marshall Cohen, and Kara Scannell.

As her son Hunter’s federal gun trial begins this week, first lady Jill Biden has gone to considerable measures to support him.

Throughout the first three days of this week’s felony trial, the first lady was present at the Wilmington, Delaware, courthouse, listening to testimony that described events from her son’s most difficult time in life. She took a red-eye flight to France on Wednesday after leaving court to attend the commemorative events for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

She left for Wilmington, where she is scheduled to appear in court again on Friday, on a military plane less than twenty-four hours later at the Paris-Orly airport. This coming weekend, Dr. Biden and her husband, President Joe Biden, will return to Paris for an official state visit.

The president and first lady have been keeping their only living son close despite his legal entanglements playing out against the backdrop of the presidential campaign, as evidenced by the hours they spent in the Delaware courtroom relistening to the details of a turbulent saga in her family’s history and the back-and-forth travel.

As the court proceedings got underway, the Bidens desired to be near each other, and the president spent the majority of Monday at his Wilmington home, only a few miles away. As her official responsibilities required her to be in Washington, DC, and overseas, the first lady made it clear that she would be present at the courtroom to support her son during the trial.

According to Elizabeth Alexander, the first lady’s director of communications, “she wants to be there as much as humanly possible because she’s his mother and he’s on trial.”.

“Many parents, and perhaps mothers in particular, feel that no matter how old your kids get, they’re still your kids and you should always be there to support them,” the speaker continued.

Learn more about Jill Biden’s continual attendance at Hunter Biden’s trial.

In October 2018, the month that Hunter Biden claimed to be drug-free on a federal background check, Hallie Biden, his sister-in-law turned girlfriend, was the prosecution’s key witness against him. She testified on Thursday.

The following is what was learned on the fourth day of the trial in Wilmington, Delaware:.

Hallie Biden, the star witness for the special counsel, was set up for success in many ways. She was the widow of Beau Biden, who later dated his brother Hunter. She is the only witness who is anticipated to testify that she saw Biden when he returned to Delaware in October 2018 and purchased the Colt Cobra revolver in the caliber of.38. She stated in court that she thought Biden was using crack cocaine on October 22 and 23, a few days after he bought the pistol, based on her observations and his actions. On cross-examination, though, she admitted that she didn’t witness Biden using drugs in October—a point the defense team has focused on in an attempt to discredit October and raise doubts.

Hallie Biden drove to a grocery store to throw the pistol in a trashcan after discovering her husband’s gun on October 23. She described how things got out of hand after that. Based on text messages presented to the jury, Hunter Biden quickly realized that his gun was missing, and things went south. She testified that he was very angry.

Drug use by Hallie Biden: Hallie Biden acknowledged using drugs early in her testimony, stating that in 2018, Hunter Biden got her hooked on crack cocaine. August 2018, she stated, was her quit month. She later claimed to have entered a Pennsylvania rehab center at the beginning of October 2018.

Lt. Delaware State Police found the gun. After Hallie Biden reported Biden’s gun missing, Millard Greer went on to testify about the sequence of events that resulted in its recovery. Investigators discovered through surveillance footage and witness interviews that the gun that Hallie Biden had dropped in the trashcan might have been removed by an old man who enjoyed fishing through trash cans for recyclables. Greer said that he watched the man from a nearby Fidelity Investments storefront and then went up to speak with him.

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