The first software update for Pixel 8a has a new feature

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Adamya Sharma / Android Authority TL;DR Pixel 8a receives its first software update, including the May 2024 Android security patch.
The update also brings Google’s AI-powered wallpaper generator to the Pixel 8a.
Amidst the flurry of announcements on Google I/O’s first day, the Pixel 8a quietly received its first software update.
The approximately 190MB update brings some expected improvements to Google’s latest mid-range Pixel.
First and foremost, the update installs the latest May 2024 Android security patch, ensuring the device is protected against the latest vulnerabilities.
However, the highlight of the update is the introduction of Google’s AI-powered wallpaper generator to the Pixel 8a.
Now, Pixel 8a users can also enjoy this feature, just like we had reported last week.
This update further blurs the lines between the A-series and flagship Pixel models, especially with Google’s decision to extend its seven-year software support promise — previously reserved for flagship devices — to the Pixel 8a.


Android Authority / Adamya Sharma.


The May 2024 Android security patch is included in the first software update for Pixel 8a.

The Pixel 8a now has access to Google’s AI-powered wallpaper generator thanks to the update.

Subtly, the Pixel 8a got its first software update amid the rush of announcements on the first day of Google I/O. The roughly 190MB update gives Google’s most recent mid-range Pixel some anticipated enhancements.

To ensure the device is safe from the most recent vulnerabilities, the update first and foremost installs the most recent May 2024 Android security patch. The addition of Google’s AI-powered wallpaper generator to the Pixel 8a, however, is the update’s main feature.

This feature uses generative AI to generate original wallpapers based on user-specified themes and keywords. It was first unveiled at last year’s I/O and was only available on the Pixel 8 series last autumn.

Even though Google first restricted the AI wallpaper app to its premium Pixel 8 series, it did give Samsung a customized version for the Galaxy S24 series. Users of Pixel 8a can now take advantage of this feature as well, as we previously reported.

The boundaries between the flagship Pixel models and the A-series are further blurred by this update, particularly since Google has decided to extend to the Pixel 8a its seven-year software support guarantee, which was previously exclusive to flagship devices.

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