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Customizing your personal Spartan has long been a core component of Halo Infinite, and as we look ahead to our next update, we’re excited to share details of a brand-new system that will give players more agency over earned customization content.
Over the years since launch, we’ve heard feedback around wanting additional avenues to earn customization content and a desire for ways to acquire older content that is no longer actively available in the game.
With next week’s update, Halo Infinite will be adding two new features to directly address this player feedback: “Spartan Points” and “The Exchange.” Players of Halo: The Master Chief Collection probably recognize both of these terms for good reason—they are both based on what’s currently available in MCC today.
“The Exchange” is a new feature that you’ll find within Halo Infinite’s Shop that offers customization content in exchange for “Spartan Points.” The primary focus of The Exchange is offering access to previously released free content that players may have originally missed out on.
Premium content—such as items sold in the Shop or included in a premium Battle Pass reward track—will not be offered in The Exchange.
The available inventory of items in the Exchange is expected to rotate approximately every 4-to-6 weeks (generally timed to Halo Infinite’s Operation cadence).
There will be three primary ways to earn SP in Halo Infinite when the “Banished Honor” Operation and “CU32” arrives next week: Completing your first Daily Challenge will award 250 SP (rather than XP).
We’re eager to get this new feature into your hands and offer another path for players to access content to customize their Spartan and identity in Halo Infinite.


A fundamental feature of Halo Infinite has always been the ability to customize your own Spartan. As we prepare for our upcoming update, we’re thrilled to reveal the specifics of a brand-new system that will give players more control over earned customization content.

Since the game’s release, we’ve received feedback expressing a desire for more ways to obtain customization content and for ways to obtain older content that isn’t currently playable. In response to player feedback, Halo Infinite will be introducing two new features with the upcoming update: Spartan Points and The Exchange. “.

Both of these terms are likely familiar to fans of Halo: The Master Chief Collection because they are based on the current content of MCC. Offering customisable content in return for Spartan Points, “The Exchange” is a new feature available in the Halo Infinite Shop. “.

The Exchange’s main goal is to give players access to free content that was previously released but that they might have missed the first time around. Rewards that were previously connected to the free Event tracks in Halo Infinite, a unique login bonus, or even a previous Twitch drop or partner promotional item are all open to The Exchange.

But it won’t just be classic favorites—there will be some never-before-seen items added as well. There won’t be any premium content available in The Exchange, such as things that are only available in the Shop or on a paid Battle Pass reward track. It is anticipated that the Exchange’s available inventory will rotate roughly every four to six weeks, usually in accordance with Halo Infinite’s operation cadence.

Like bundles once they rotate out of the Shop, items won’t be “going away,” eliminating the opportunity to obtain them, when The Exchange refreshes. Instead, they will still be available to buy with Spartan Points through the customization menus.

The item name, type, and origin of everything that will be initially available in the Exchange when it launches next week are summarized here:.

Armor Coating “Xandadu Falu” – NEW.

The Helmet Attachment “Needle Minder” is new.

New Hip Gear – “Crowd Pleaser”.

Brand-New Emblem: “Yap Pack”.

The new emblem “Yap Splat”.

20th Anniversary of Vehicle Coating’s “Platinum Anniversary”.

“Platinum Anniversary” – 20th Anniversary of Weapon Coating.

Armor Coating’s 20th Anniversary Celebrates Its “Platinum Anniversary.”.

Weapon Charm – 20th Anniversary – “Blue Team”.

The 20th Anniversary Emblem for “I Love Bees”.

The backdrop for the 20th anniversary of “Margaret’s Honey”.

Twenty years of “Fire in Your Heart” as an emblem.

The 20th anniversary emblem is “Assembled.”.

Yappening – Armor Coating – “Citron White”.

The weapon coating “Platinum Marigold” is yappening.

Yappening – Death FX from “The Entropy of Spring”.

Weapon Charm: Yappening – “A Banana”.

“Complimentary Hugs” – Visor – Whipping.

The AI color “Erde Tyrene” is yappening.

“Slippery When Wet” – Yappening backdrop.

Wrist Gear – Ultimate Reward – “Tac/Holodyne Mispec”.

The “currency” that players will acquire and exchange in The Exchange for a preferred customization item is called Spartan Points, or simply “SP”. With this update, a number of current progression systems will advance to directly facilitate Spartan Point additions. When the “Banished Honor” Operation and “CU32” launch next week, there will be three main ways to obtain SP in Halo Infinite:.

Instead of getting experience points, you will receive 250 SP for finishing your first Daily Challenge.

When the weekly Ultimate Reward is completed, 1,000 SP will be awarded (instead of a misc. item for customization).

Up to 15,000 SP (replacing various rewards) will be available on Operations Reward tracks. different rewards).

We can’t wait to introduce this new feature to you and provide players with an additional way to obtain content in Halo Infinite that allows them to personalize their Spartan and identity. After you’ve had a chance to test out the Exchange, please let us know what you think! We’ll be closely monitoring community feedback and in-game metrics!

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