The Don Lemon Show was canceled by Musk after he sat for the first interview


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Elon Musk abruptly canceled “The Don Lemon Show” on his social media network X after the former CNN anchor recorded an interview with the billionaire for its as-yet unaired first episode.
In a later CNN discussion with Lemon on Monday, anchor Erin Burnett played clips of his Musk interview in which the Tesla and SpaceX CEO grew testy when asked about content moderation and the spread of hate speech on the X platform.
In the clip, Lemon asked Musk if he believed that he and his social platform held any responsibility to moderate hate speech on X.
“The only reason I’m in this interview is because you’re on the X platform and you asked for it,” he said.
“Otherwise I would not be doing this interview.” When Lemon followed up with a question about the criticism Musk has faced over the issue of hate speech, the CEO replied, “I’m criticized constantly.
I could care less.”X announced in January a “new content partnership” with Lemon for the show, saying it would post 30 minute episodes three times a week on subjects including politics, culture, sports and entertainment.
That deal was part of the struggling platform’s efforts to bolster its content offerings and attract advertisers.
X also announced shows hosted by former member of Congress Tulsi Gabbard and sports radio host Jim Rome.
Lemon was fired by CNN last year after a 17-year run with the network.
His ouster came a little over two months after he apologized for on-air comments about then-Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley not being in “her prime” that he made during his short run as a morning show host.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Elon Musk abruptly canceled “The Don Lemon Show” on his social media network X, following the former CNN anchor’s recording of an interview with the billionaire for the show’s yet-to-be-aired premiere.

Self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist,” Musk is the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter. The San Francisco-based business simply stated that it “decided not to enter into a commercial partnership with the show” after giving it considerable thought in a post on X. It went on to say that Lemon’s show “is welcome to publish its content on X, without censorship, as we believe in giving creators a platform to scale their work and connect with new communities.”. “.

Elon Musk is mad at me, said Lemon in a video uploaded to X. He also announced that he will be releasing his interview with the CEO of Tesla on Monday on both YouTube and podcast.

Lemon wrote, “Throughout our conversation, I kept reiterating to him that although it was tense at times, I thought it was good for people to see and hear our exchange and that they would learn from our conversation,” without providing any details about the alleged cause of Musk’s dissatisfaction. “.

“But it seems that when it comes to inquiries about him from individuals such as myself, free speech absolutism does not hold true,” he continued.

Later on Monday, during a CNN conversation with Lemon, anchor Erin Burnett showed clips from Musk’s interview, in which the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla became irritable when questioned about the X platform’s content moderation policy and the proliferation of hate speech.

Lemon questioned Musk in the video clip about whether he thought it was his or his social media platform’s duty to control hate speech on X. He specifically called attention to the growth of the “great replacement theory,” a racist notion that, in its most extreme form, holds that Jews are masterminds of a scheme to lessen the power of White people in the United States. s.

Sharply, Musk retorted that he was under no obligation to respond to inquiries from the media. “You’re on the X platform, and you asked for it, which is the only reason I’m here for this interview,” he stated. “I wouldn’t be doing this interview if not for that. The CEO said, “I’m criticized constantly,” in response to Lemon’s follow-up inquiry regarding the criticism Musk has received regarding the problem of hate speech. I don’t really care. “.

Three 30-minute episodes a week on topics ranging from politics and culture to sports and entertainment, were to be released by X as part of a “new content partnership” with Lemon, which was announced in January. The agreement was a component of the struggling platform’s attempts to draw in advertisers and improve its content offerings. X also revealed programs featuring sports radio host Jim Rome and former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

After serving the network for 17 years, CNN fired Lemon last year. His resignation occurred just over two months after he issued an apology for remarks he had made during his brief tenure as a morning show host regarding then-Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley not being in “her prime.”.

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