The default winner of the artificial intelligence race should have been Google, according to the leader of the company


Satya Nadella said Google should’ve been the “default winner” of the Big Tech AI race.
He said Google can “bring some competition” to Microsoft in the AI race.
Microsoft — not Google — is the AI frontrunner, tech analyst Dan Ives said last year.
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AdvertisementSatya Nadella said Google “should have been the default winner” of Big Tech’s AI race.
The Microsoft CEO said the resources available to Google should’ve made it a frontrunner.
“Google’s a very competent company and obviously they have both the talent and the compute.
They’re the vertically integrated player in this.
They have everything from data to silicon to models to products and distribution,” Nadella said on Norges Bank Investment Management’s podcast “In Good Company.”
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According to Satya Nadella, Google ought to have won the Big Tech AI race “by default.”.

In the race for AI, he claimed that Google could “bring some competition” to Microsoft.

Tech analyst Dan Ives declared last year that Microsoft, not Google, is leading the AI race.

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Google “should have been the default winner” in Big Tech’s AI race, according to Satya Nadella.

According to the CEO of Microsoft, Google ought to have won because of the resources at its disposal.

It is evident that Google possesses both talent and computing power, making them a highly competent company. In this case, they’re the player with vertical integration. On the “In Good Company” podcast from Norges Bank Investment Management, Nadella stated, “They have everything from data to silicon to models to products and distribution.”. “.”.

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