The default wallet app is the apps other than Google Wallet

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Google just released Android 15’s first beta and, with it, a new option to set a default wallet app.
Android has long had the ability to set default apps throughout the system, but not every category is available yet.
Over time, more options have been added, such as settings default assistant and, most recently, a default notes app.
Now, in Android 15, Google is adding the ability to set a default wallet app.
This functionality, which is live by default in Android 15 Beta 1, allows users to set a default app to be their “Wallet” app on the device.
Google describes a “wallet app” saying: Wallet apps can store your credit and loyalty cards, car keys and other things to help with various forms of transactions.
While Android has never outright blocked third-party apps from being used as a wallet app, this setting will seemingly make it easier for other apps to assume the role.
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An additional option to designate a default wallet app was recently included in the first beta of Android 15 released by Google.

Setting default apps across the system has long been possible on Android, though not all categories are supported at this time. A default notes app was added recently, and other options have been added over time, like a settings default assistant. Google has added the option to set a default wallet app in Android 15.

This feature, which is active by default in Android 15 Beta 1, enables users to designate their device’s default app as their “Wallet” app. The app that will manage NFC payments is this one. The AMEX app is the only other app that appears to work with this setting on Pixel devices; however, it is currently limited to using Google Wallet and does not offer any new features as of yet.

Other apps, like credit card and banking apps, might be able to perform this role in the future. A “wallet app” is described by Google as follows.

Wallet apps have the ability to store your credit and loyalty cards, vehicle keys, and other items to facilitate a variety of transactions.

Notably, Apple is currently facing criticism for preventing other apps from functioning as digital wallets on iOS. This setting appears to make it easier for other apps to serve as wallet apps, even though Android has never explicitly prohibited third-party apps from being used in that capacity.

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