The commercial was released by the bank to explain the Halving and Promoting of Exchange Traded Funds

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TD Bank subsidiary TD Direct Investing recently uploaded a video on its YouTube channel explaining in detail the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, expected around April 19 or 20.
The commercial serves to educate viewers on the significance of this event within the context of Bitcoin’s supply and demand dynamics.
The video underscores this year’s approval of spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States, resulting in a surge in demand for bitcoin while the supply remains fixed.
With the impending halving, the issuance of new bitcoins per day is set to decrease by half, highlighting the deflationary nature of Bitcoin’s supply schedule.
After this halving, Bitcoin’s inflation rate is set to be lower than gold’s inflation rate of ~1.5% on average.
TD Direct Investing elaborated on the halving process, explaining that it occurs approximately every four years (or every 210,000 blocks) until the year 2140, by which all 21 million bitcoins will have been mined.
The release of this educational content by TD Bank signifies a broader acknowledgment and interest in Bitcoin’s economic fundamentals among traditional financial institutions and investors.
As market participants in Bitcoin prepare for the upcoming halving, TD Direct Investing’s initiative to explain this complex concept through an easy to understand media like a commercial is a testament to the evolving discourse around Bitcoin within mainstream finance.


The Bitcoin halving event, which is anticipated to occur around April 19 or 20, is thoroughly explained in a video that TD Bank subsidiary TD Direct Investing recently posted on its YouTube channel. The purpose of the advertisement is to inform viewers about the importance of this development in light of the dynamics of supply and demand for bitcoin.

The video emphasizes how the US government’s approval of spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) this year has led to a spike in demand for bitcoin despite a fixed supply. The fact that the number of new bitcoins being issued each day will be cut in half due to the upcoming halving emphasizes the deflationary nature of the supply schedule for bitcoin. Following this halving, Bitcoin’s inflation rate is expected to be less than the average inflation rate of ~15% for gold.

About every four years, or every 210,000 blocks, until the year 2140, when all 21 million bitcoins will have been mined, is how TD Direct Investing described the halving process in detail. The ad also discusses past trends that have been seen following previous halvings and notes a rise in Bitcoin’s price following the event.

The fact that TD Bank is making this educational content available shows that traditional financial institutions and investors are starting to recognize and care about the economic principles of Bitcoin. It signifies a rising consciousness regarding the finite supply of Bitcoin and how it might affect its value proposition as a store of value.

TD Direct Investing’s effort to simplify this difficult concept through easily understood media, such as a commercial, is a testament to the changing conversation surrounding Bitcoin in mainstream finance, especially as market participants get ready for the impending halving.

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